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Chebika Oasis image
Chebika Oasis
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Worth a trip. A lot of hiking. Not made for wheelchairs and handycaped people. But once at the spot, it's very nice. Especially when you wait a bit until everyone is gone. Then you can even hear frogs😊
4.70 (1.7K reviews)
Ong Jmal image
Ong Jmal
Tourist attraction
😐 A site for the fan boys of Star Wars. The abandoned film sets leave a sense of nostalgia and fantasy. There were many hawkers setting up tables selling star wars related souvenirs. As with many desert related attractions, camel rides were always offered.
4.60 (677 reviews)
Anantara Sahara Tozeur Resort & Villas image
Anantara Sahara Tozeur Resort & Villas
Resort hotel
😠 The reason I put one star is because of the bad experience we had with the concierge, Nizar. From the car rental to the tours.. nothing worked out! The room was only available for check-in at 7pm when there was a total of 10 guests in the hotel. The manager, Aziz was professional but definitely unr...
4.60 (370 reviews)
Café Berbère ⵜⴰⴱⴰⵔⵏⴻⵜ ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ image
Café Berbère ⵜⴰⴱⴰⵔⵏⴻⵜ ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ
Coffee shop
👍👍 Cafe Berbere is delightful! Friendly service, great traditional Berber tea, and fun atmosphere. Stroll through the Medina and get a tea here- the people are amazing!
5.00 (111 reviews)
Star Wars: Mos Espa image
Star Wars: Mos Espa
Tourist attraction
👍👍 The place was not something amazing except it had shops and was pretty crowded however the jeep safari to it was simply amazing and something you have to try. The driver was very kind and crazy and on the way you can see mirage. The local people try to push you to buy all kinds of stuff but negotiat...
4.40 (970 reviews)
Mides Oasis image
Mides Oasis
Tourist attraction
👍👍 We walked in the canyon on our own, we didn’t need a guide. It was extremely beautiful, 100% would recommend! We met a shepherd whose sheep were really cute and the dogs weren’t aggressive at all. Afterwards we looked down on the canyon from the old village and then had drinks and sat in the shade c...
4.70 (153 reviews)
Medina of Tozeur image
Medina of Tozeur
Historical landmark
👍👍 Medina of Tozeur (as known as Ouled El Hadef) is a historical Medina Quarter in Tozeur governorate, you can recognize that by the uniqueness of its buildings , this place is charmed by the desert , i absolutely love it. PS: I hope that Medina of Tozeur (مدينة توزر العتيقة) will be listed as a World...
4.50 (202 reviews)
Tamaghza Oasis image
Tamaghza Oasis
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Great views of the Canyon!
4.70 (113 reviews)
Ong Jmal image
Ong Jmal
4.50 (176 reviews)
Taxi Pizza image
Taxi Pizza
Pizza restaurant
😠 I ordered “Pizza Mexicaine” and it was overly cooked which I didn’t like, it just tasted burned and felt dry.. It would have been perfect if they didn’t overcook it because I really liked the topping!
4.70 (97 reviews)
Tozeur City Centre image
Tozeur City Centre
👍👍 It's a special place of the world just you have to visit it . My pics describes everything
4.40 (199 reviews)
Chak Wak Park image
Chak Wak Park
😠 I’m disappointed with service quality and park condition! Please government or who ever responsible of the park to upgrade or at least take care of the park and avoid any damages! it’s shameful to have a such park visited by foreigners or even Tunisian citizen to enjoy the park! I would give zero st...
4.20 (625 reviews)
Dar Cherait Museum image
Dar Cherait Museum
Museum in a restored mansion, showcasing traditional Tunisian costumes, art & artifacts.
4.20 (439 reviews)
Diar Abou Habibi image
Diar Abou Habibi
Guest house
👍👍 Great resort, location, service and rooms. Will be awesome to have also a fully functioning F&B (need to book 24h ahead for dinner and breakfast is usually cold when delivered to room).
4.50 (122 reviews)
Eden Palm image
Eden Palm
👍👍 It was a beautiful afternoon. We got to the oasis in horse-drawn carriages. We took a ride and a walk in the palm grove - an oasis. Wonderful place! Finally, we went to the date museum. An interesting place where the guide explained to us about the history, importance and use of dates. There was a t...
4.30 (207 reviews)
Grand Falls of Tamaghza image
Grand Falls of Tamaghza
Scenic spot
👍👍 Ancient waterfalls flowing through the Sahara Desert, bringing greenery and livelihood to a very unlikely area.
4.50 (115 reviews)
Dar Saida Beya Tozeur - Guest House image
Dar Saida Beya Tozeur - Guest House
Guest house
👍👍 Lovely little hotel, the room was spacious and everything needed was there. The staff and reception were incredibly friendly and accommodating. Breakfast was top notch!
4.70 (79 reviews)
مطعم الشمس image
مطعم الشمس
Tunisian restaurant
👍 Very tasty food and very friendly staff. We are the chicken in a jar and mixed grill. Everything is very tasty but portions are a small. It is a pitty because the rest is just perfect. We were hungry at the end. They offer a few small snacks while you are waiting for your food. Anyway I would defin...
4.20 (275 reviews)
Lars Homestead (exterior) | Chott el-Djerid image
Lars Homestead (exterior) | Chott el-Djerid
Cultural landmark
👍👍 Nice quiet neighborhood. A little remote but if you can deal with the occasional sandpeople raids, it can be relaxing to sit back and watch the suns set. Droids are super cheap and the local cantinas serve the *best* blue milk you've ever had. Convenient shopping (10 minutes from Tosche Station by l...
4.80 (62 reviews)
Café Berbère ⵍⵇⵀⵡⴰ ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ image
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