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Dental clinic
👍👍 Of course, it is very important to go to a good doctor for braces treatment, which is a long process that requires patience and hardship. Thanks to my doctor Ms. Ayşe, I got through this process in the easiest and shortest time possible. My braces treatment started in December 2021 and finished in...
5.00 (196 reviews)
White Wolves eSpor ve Oyun Merkezi image
White Wolves eSpor ve Oyun Merkezi
Internet shop
👍👍 Mükemmel mekan valorant 700 fps cs go 400 fps rust 250 fps uçuyor resmen makineler mükemmel
5.00 (167 reviews)
Protek OSGB image
Protek OSGB
Occupational safety and health
5.00 (55 reviews)
Esenler Nostalji Evi image
Esenler Nostalji Evi
Family restaurant
Dine-in · Delivery
5.00 (35 reviews)
Güden Olimpik Spor Kulübü image
Güden Olimpik Spor Kulübü
👍👍 Cok başarılı bir yer 1 seneye yakındır kızım gidiyor güvenilir ve Burak hocamızın eğitimide cok iyi tavsiye ederim herkese
5.00 (31 reviews)
Esnan Oral and Dental Health Center-Esenler Branch image
Esnan Oral and Dental Health Center-Esenler Branch
Dental clinic
👍👍 I have been referred to the clinc by my friend, I traveled here to get the same results my friend got. When I finally came to the clinic, I was surprised by how nice everyone was, how welcoming and very clear about every step of the treatment plan. The doctors were all super professional. My doctor...
4.90 (1.4K reviews)
H & M Dent oral and dental health clinic image
H & M Dent oral and dental health clinic
😠 Annem implant yaptırdı yusuf bey'e kendisine 3 veya 4 ay süre içerisinde biticegi denildi aradan yaklaşık 5,6 ay geçmesine rağmen tam biticekken gecici olarak takılan implantı tamamen takılması için gittiginde implantını yusuf beyin KIRDIGINI ve masada 4 saat başka bir diş hekimi tarafından müdahale...
4.90 (779 reviews)
Beyaz Işık Diş Polikliniği Esenler image
Beyaz Işık Diş Polikliniği Esenler
Dental clinic
4.90 (366 reviews)
Avicenna Hair Transplant Center image
Avicenna Hair Transplant Center
Hair transplantation clinic
4.90 (148 reviews)
Neslim Güngen Esenler image
Neslim Güngen Esenler
Beauty salon
4.90 (63 reviews)
Beyaz Köşe Özel Ağız Diş Sağlığı Kliniği image
Beyaz Köşe Özel Ağız Diş Sağlığı Kliniği
Dental clinic
👍👍 It is the best clinic I have seen recently, both with its attention and professional experience. They provide very nice and high-quality service with their interior design and state-of-the-art technological equipment. I definitely recommend :)
4.90 (58 reviews)
Şahin Nami image
Şahin Nami
Orthopedic surgeon
4.90 (53 reviews)
Ta - Fu GYM image
Ta - Fu GYM
👍👍 The teachers take care of you one by one when you start well. It shows you if there is a move you cannot do. The programs they provide are very affordable. The place is spacious and you don't have to wait long in line. As you get to know the environment very well, you get family intimacy. You should...
4.90 (48 reviews)
Diş Hekimi İnci Topçu image
Diş Hekimi İnci Topçu
👍👍 He did my filler treatment years ago. He is an extremely caring and kind person, and I was very pleased with the treatment. As a family, we do not see any dentist other than him. When I met him as a child, I decided to become a dentist, and now I am studying dentistry. I thank him very much for ever...
4.90 (45 reviews)
FIRAT BOKS kulübü image
Boxing gym
👍👍 Hocam, Salam aleyküm... ýaş sınırları varmı?
4.90 (41 reviews)
Newface Estetik Akademi image
Newface Estetik Akademi
Beauty salon
👍👍 Paranızla rezil olmak istiyosanız doğru adrestesiniz 12 seans epilasyon yaptırdım çok düşük bi sonuç aldım ve tüy çıkacak dendi hala siyah siyah kıl çıkıyor ve şikayette bulunucam dedim git nereye şikayet edersen et dendi tavsiye etmiyorum ginede siz bilirsiniz .
4.90 (36 reviews)
Avicenna Hastanesi Saç Ekim Merkezi image
Avicenna Hastanesi Saç Ekim Merkezi
Hospital department
👍👍 They did a good job at all stages from the first examination stage. Doctors meticulously determine your forehead line and plant it meticulously. I would also like to thank Director Muhammet net. I will share my long hair with you in a few months.
4.80 (150 reviews)
Beraliva image
Jewelry store
👍👍 I bought my engagement watches from here. There are very nice models. I recommend them.
4.80 (64 reviews)
15 Temmuz Spor Kulubü - Esenler Karate image
15 Temmuz Spor Kulubü - Esenler Karate
👍👍 Hello.
4.80 (63 reviews)
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