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Darvaza Gas Crater image
Darvaza Gas Crater
Tourist attraction
Natural gas field with a collapsed crater thought to have been burning continuously since 1971.
4.60 (1.2K reviews)
Ertugrul Gazi Mosque image
Ertugrul Gazi Mosque
👍👍 EXCELLENT Ambience 10/10 Ease of access 7/10 Entry ticket PLEASE DONATE £2 FRIDAY PRAYER Helpfulness of staff NA Staff Friendliness NA Construction Elegance Under construction Access for People With Disability 10/10 Food Quality and presentation WHO CARES>>IFTAR FOOD IS ALWAYS DELICIOUS Value for Do...
4.80 (249 reviews)
Nescafe Karaoke-Bar image
Nescafe Karaoke-Bar
👍👍 Самое лучшее заведение в городе Мары, наилучшее обслужевание, очень вкусные блюда, хорошая обстановка. Советую всем сходить и убедиться. И ещё доставку мы долго не ждали как сказали мне по телефону что через 30 минут будет готово и где-то через 45 минут мой заказ приехал. Спасибо вам👍💪💪💪
4.90 (186 reviews)
Alem Sport Berkarar MALL image
Alem Sport Berkarar MALL
Sporting goods store
👍👍 Недавно приобрела у вас корсет. Мне очень понравился 🤗, очень удобный, спокойно можно двигаться и качество отличное 💯. Качество для меня самое главное, особенно для тех кто страдает аллергией. До этого два раза заказывала в другихместах, но не подошёл. Ни сколько не жалею, что выбрала именно вас...
4.90 (154 reviews)
Yyldyz Hotel image
Yyldyz Hotel
Polished quarters in an upmarket hotel offering 3 restaurants & 4 bars, plus indoor & outdoor pools.
4.60 (420 reviews)
Berkarar image
Shopping mall
😠 Once in Ashgabat there was an excellent Turkish shopping center Yimpash, which gave local people work in which there was fresh meat and minced meat, there was always fresh bread of different varieties, dairy products, toys, sweets. And the prices, for example, for meat were lower than in other plac...
4.50 (586 reviews)
Gujurly Bilim Merkezi image
Gujurly Bilim Merkezi
Education center
👍👍 No words to say👌. You should study here... In GN there are very good teachers🔥🔥🔥 And they teach very good. But my favorite teacher is Mr Aman😋. The weeks are good too, very funny and very interesting!!Thank you for alll😊)
4.60 (215 reviews)
Soltan Sanjar Mausoleum image
Soltan Sanjar Mausoleum
Historical landmark
👍👍 I am also türkmen from Iraq and I just knew about this sultan because of Turkish serie uyanış buyuk Selçuklu and I became to know all our roots and grandfather's and rases and how we as Türkmen came to Iraq , Syria and Iran and other countries , I am Türkmen from Baghdad but our city is Kerkük in no...
4.80 (120 reviews)
Aýly Agşam Kafe & Bar image
Aýly Agşam Kafe & Bar
👍👍 Побывала в Туркменистане. Друзья посоветовали перекусить в Aýly Agşam Kafe & Bar. Очень довольна! Красивые места! И ОЧЕНЬ ВКУСНАЯ КУХНЯ! Рекомендую всем посетить это место!
4.90 (97 reviews)
International Oil and Gas University image
International Oil and Gas University
👍👍 Yagshygeldi Kakayev International University of Oil and Gas Faculty of Oil and Gas
4.80 (109 reviews)
Mary chief mosque image
Mary chief mosque
👍👍 Beautiful mosque in Mary city.
4.80 (107 reviews)
Darvaza Gas Crater - "Door to Hell" image
Darvaza Gas Crater - "Door to Hell"
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Hands down one of the (if not THE) most bizarre and incredible site I've seen so far. It's truly a freak of 'nature', and its 'Gates to Hell' moniker is, I think, appropriate. Definitely worth seeing, but this place is virtually impossible to get to if you don't hire a local professional driver. I c...
4.50 (219 reviews)
Hezzet Restaurant image
Hezzet Restaurant
Turkmen restaurant
👍👍 We had an amazing meal here. There was so much food we couldn't eat it all. The service was excellent. The decor is interesting too!
4.50 (213 reviews)
Ashgabat Olympic Stadium image
Ashgabat Olympic Stadium
👍👍 A wonderful stadium with cutting edge technology and great facilities. The primary stadium amidst the Olympic Complex that housed the Asian Indoor Martial Art Games 2017. A grand official opening was held with many performances and parades. Truly a great sporting event of international magnitude. Th...
4.60 (153 reviews)
Парк Дружба image
Парк Дружба
👍👍 I like there!
4.60 (140 reviews)
Ashgabat International Airport image
Ashgabat International Airport
International airport
👍👍 The airport building opened in 1994 and the terminal has a capacity of 1,600 passengers per hour. In Soviet times, the airport was used exclusively for domestic flights. Currently, the airport serves a number of foreign airlines, operating for both passengers and cargo. As part of Saparmurat Niyazo...
4.30 (430 reviews)
«15 ýyl Garaşsyzlygyna» söwda merkezi image
«15 ýyl Garaşsyzlygyna» söwda merkezi
Shopping mall
👍👍 Gaty gowy ýer sizem geliñ
4.50 (173 reviews)
Independence Park image
Independence Park
👍👍 Wonderful landscape developed in center of the city. Very good sculpture standing in park presenting the local heros. Beautifully managed greanry in a semi desort area
4.60 (132 reviews)
Торгово-развлекательный центр «Белент» image
Торгово-развлекательный центр «Белент»
Shopping mall
👍👍 The largest and most popular shopping center in the city of Mary. Lots of friendly and helpful people around. There are 2 elevators and escalators. If you want to eat delicious shawarma (doner) then I advise the Belent restaurant on the 4th floor.
4.60 (125 reviews)
Yacht Club Yelken image
Yacht Club Yelken
Boat club
👍 There is good place to go to holiday with family but there is one problem WI FI dont work at all you cant download or watch anything
4.50 (158 reviews)
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