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Stikine Inn & Restaurant image
Stikine Inn & Restaurant
Inn offering simple, contemporary rooms & suites with kitchens, plus a cafe & a seasonal restaurant.
4.50 (195 reviews)
Petroglyph Beach State Historic Site image
Petroglyph Beach State Historic Site
State park
πŸ‘ Cool place to visit in Wrangell. Short hike from town. Not a lot of petroglyphs but the the rocky beach is great for photos. A black labrador retriever was on the beach and insisted I play with him. Through a stick I. The water numerous times for him.
4.60 (133 reviews)
J&W's Fast Food image
J&W's Fast Food
Fast food restaurant
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Probably the best burger I’ve ever eaten! The waterfront park with picnic tables next to the museum makes for a nice spot to take your burger to picnic too!
4.70 (68 reviews)
Wrangell IGA image
Wrangell IGA
Grocery store
πŸ‘πŸ‘ An excellent store to visit, prices are fair and some are definitely comparable to yhe other stores in town. Highly recommended, staff are super nice and the store is well established for most shoppers needs and wants. Would return to shop again.
4.50 (79 reviews)
City Market image
City Market
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The selection of food at City Market really surprised us. They have a number of items we thought we wouldn't be able to find except near a larger population. Availability sometimes depends on the day(s) their deliveries arrive. The folks working there are super, so it really is a "super" market. The...
4.30 (90 reviews)
Michelle's Taste of Asia image
Michelle's Taste of Asia
Filipino restaurant
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Michelle’s place was a bit difficult to find but well worth the hunt! Her sushi rolls are amazing. Hands down the best we have had in Southeast Alaska. What a find in this charming Alaskan town.
4.60 (47 reviews)
Wrangell Museum image
Wrangell Museum
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Very nice museum. Lots of interesting info and artifacts. Quite surprising for such a small town and well worth the entry fee
4.70 (39 reviews)
Rayme's Bar Inc image
Rayme's Bar Inc
Cocktail bar
4.60 (38 reviews)
Wrangell Airport (WRG) image
Wrangell Airport (WRG)
Regional airport
πŸ‘ could have been way more PAWGS but not bad
4.60 (38 reviews)
Zaks Cafe image
Zaks Cafe
4.60 (37 reviews)
Hungry Beaver Pizza image
Hungry Beaver Pizza
Pizza restaurant
😐 They botched our pizza order to hell and back but it was still pretty dang good. Dont order the calamari strips..... you get like...... a tiny handful worth of it.... for the amount they charge you kind of expect an actual appetizer amount. We were hungry and so cold being in the shipyard getting ha...
4.20 (62 reviews)
Marine Bar image
Marine Bar
Cocktail bar
😠 Brought our pizza home, tasted moldy so we called and asked to trade it out and was told ok and they will make another. 2 pieces were missing due to my wife and I grabbing a slice, which we never finished. Was told by the owner that we would have to pay for a whole new pizza even though we brought b...
$$ $$
4.20 (47 reviews)
Totem Bar & Liquor Store image
Totem Bar & Liquor Store
😐 Darkly lit, no food but you can bring food in from next door.
4.40 (31 reviews)
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