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Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show image
Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show
Tourist attraction
Lumberjacks compete at log rolling, tree climbing, axe throwing & more with audience participation.
4.70 (2.6K reviews)
Creek Street in Ketchikan image
Creek Street in Ketchikan
Historical landmark
👍👍 Interesting part of town that used to be the red light district. The creek is literally the street that runs between the businesses. Now there are vendors and artists along with the restaurant or two. It's very picturesque.
4.70 (857 reviews)
Waterfall Resort Alaska image
Waterfall Resort Alaska
Resort hotel
Warmly decorated quarters in a secluded fishing resort with a restaurant, a bar & a general store.
4.80 (310 reviews)
Alaska Crêpe Co image
Alaska Crêpe Co
Breakfast restaurant
Laid-back counter-serve operation dishing up crepes & wraps with sweet & savory fillings.
$$ $$
4.70 (478 reviews)
The Alaska Fish House image
The Alaska Fish House
Seafood restaurant
Casual waterfront eatery serving Dungeness crab & simple seafood plates like tacos & chowder.
$$ $$
4.60 (1K reviews)
Totem Heritage Center image
Totem Heritage Center
History museum
Museum with preserved Tlingit & Haida totem poles, plus exhibits of contemporary native art.
4.60 (706 reviews)
Ketchikan Cruise Ship Docks image
Ketchikan Cruise Ship Docks
Cruise terminal
👍👍 So easy to be on and off the docks here. Port security uses facial recognition but ship is close and easily accessible to town. Most tourist things are right off the ship in easy walking distance. Hit Mount Roberts Tram early or the lines get long! Lots of shopping and restaurants at the docks....
4.70 (353 reviews)
The Stoney Moose image
The Stoney Moose
Cannabis store
👍👍 Customer Service drives reviews. Shawn provided me exemplary service today. Not only good service, but good service with stellar positivity and informational knowledge regarding your products. Keep up the "Positive Attitude" and Magnum Opus service. Mark Johnson Florida
$$ $$
4.70 (312 reviews)
Arctic Bar image
Arctic Bar
👍👍 This place is a blast! Home of the Happy bears! ✨
$$ $$
4.60 (438 reviews)
Ketchikan Visitors Bureau image
Ketchikan Visitors Bureau
Tourist information center
👍👍 The Ketchikan Visitors Bureau is right on the terminal walking distance from the ship. They are well knowledgeable about the area you like shopping,restaurants,sites and many other things including excursion trips. You can get a discount book it's free it have so many deals you can imagine.
4.50 (1K reviews)
Asylum image
👍👍 Probably the best place in Ketchikan by far. Great service, great atmosphere , great location, great selection of beers and liquor!
$$ $$
4.60 (363 reviews)
Tongass Historical Museum image
Tongass Historical Museum
History museum
👍👍 The Tongass Historical museum is amazing it have the history of Alaska like the gold rush and the Alaska Purchase and many wonderful displays and real native items. We enjoy it but we also went the gift shop they very nice items..
4.60 (314 reviews)
Burger Queen image
Burger Queen
Fish 'n' chips, big burgers & old-school milkshakes served up in no-frills spot with just 4 tables.
$$ $$
4.60 (258 reviews)
New York Cafe image
New York Cafe
American restaurant
An array of American comfort food & drinks in a rustic setting with warm interiors & bar seating.
$$ $$
4.50 (346 reviews)
Ketchikan Harbor image
Ketchikan Harbor
4.80 (132 reviews)
Cape Fox Lodge image
Cape Fox Lodge
Woodsy-chic hotel adorned with native artwork offering simple rooms, water views & upscale dining.
4.40 (686 reviews)
Salmon Market image
Salmon Market
Seafood market
👍👍 Found this great little shop on a cruise stop to Ketchikan. Stopped in to have a couple of bagels and loved it so much I had to order something when we got home. My son was looking for a souvenir from Alaska and what better option than the beautiful wooden boxes with smoked salmon inside. I order...
4.70 (162 reviews)
108 Tap House & Burger Bar image
108 Tap House & Burger Bar
👍 Nice place but limited seating. Their cheese curds and beer were very tasty. However the burger was bit dry. Great service by the staff.
4.50 (289 reviews)
Deer Mountain Trailhead image
Deer Mountain Trailhead
Hiking area
👍👍 We stopped in Ketchikan for a cruise and this was a great find. It's a bit of a walk uphill to get to the trailhead, but it's very peaceful and well laid out. The sound of the birds while hiking is great and the path is well maintained with steps built into the harder terrain areas. There are a few...
4.80 (113 reviews)
Salmon Landing Market image
Salmon Landing Market
Shopping mall
👍👍 Awesome time loved it
4.40 (378 reviews)
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