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F3GG+87P, Montego Bay, Jamaica




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3.80 (1798 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Sunday: 10 am to 1 am
  • Monday: 10 am to 12 am
  • Tuesday: (Emancipation Day), 10 am to 12 am, Hours might differ
  • Wednesday: 10 am to 12 am
  • Thursday: 10 am to 12 am
  • Friday: 10 am to 1 am
  • Saturday: 10 am to 1 am


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  • 3Kenneth H. 2 months ago
    My cashier was awesome but witnessed one of the servers being very unprofessional to another customer. Was very busy and more chaotic than it should be. The food delivery operation needs to be streamlined.

  • 2Anthony S. 2 months ago
    This one of if not the busiest kfc in jamaica. Some of the staff are lazy, poor management to have one or two persons on the service line while a bunch of 4 or 5 persons are visible just standing. My last visit I waited approximately 3 hours (this includes ordering and being served)

  • 5Sherona B. 2 months ago
    Honestly, I am not a chicken 🍗 person but KFC does a good job when you want something different from you being in the kitchen. Their coleslaw is delicious 😋🤤 and the potato 🥔 salad. Not to mention the corn 🌽 🤤. I tried the (hot and spicy 🥵 Zinger combo) and it was good 👍. The chicken was actually done well. As they say, "Jamaican KFC is the best".

  • 4David C. 2 months ago
    Just know that if you visit here on any particular evening, Mondays to Thursdays then you're going to be in for a LONG WAIT, took me 1 hour to get through with two simple orders which when I checked was WRONG. Ensure that you have a lot of time before you visit.

  • 4shae c. 3 months ago
    The lady that took my order in the drive through seemed like she was tired why she seem so bothered 😞. Drive thru line was a long wait. Better I did go inside to place my order 😔

  • 2Jacqueline M. 3 months ago
    Went here because of the hype, everyone was boasting that KFC in Jamaica was so much better than anywhere. The food was okay, ordered spicy chicken and it was barely spicy and served almost room temperature. Fries were like any resort fries, kinda soggy and tasteless. Two kinds of pop (Pepsi or champagne kola) ordered the champagne also just mediocre. Ice would have been nice. Service suuuuuper slow, took over an hour from the line to food in hand.

  • 3Felix G. 3 months ago
    The chicken is delicious, but the service is not great. We ordered popcorn chicken, and three piece big deal. The big deal was soooo tasty, from the crunchyness to the seasoning. The ladies working there are probably very overwhelmed because there’s no structure. People cut in line, and people are constantly just waiting. You can do express. The “express” service cost a little extra by an external party. If you are hungry, I would recommend it.

  • 1Lee A. 5 months ago
    Nobody seems to care too much about the customers. The people that work here are slow and the toilets are something comparable to a festival porta-loo. They only had Pepsi and nothing else, not even water. Went on a Monday morning around 10.30 and the lines were already starting to form. Poor.

  • 5Evabless A. 6 months ago
    Long line at the drive thru as usual. But good that someone was outside taking orders so it went much smoother.

  • 5Gary Tallawah W. 6 months ago
    It is KFC fast food chicken but loved by many. Also as many say Jamaican KFC is better and tastier than anywhere else in the world. Service was okay and quick enough.

  • 1Naisha C. 7 months ago
    Used the drive thru service, the girl taking our order had poor customer etiquette and they gave us whatever drink they pleased and all of the mash potatoes had gravy even we wanted it without...

  • 5Your Royal Highness M. 8 months ago
    It will take you back to that finger lickin good days as a kid. Jamaica still have The Colonel Sanders recipe but America don’t. They are always crowded but with the wait. Find any KFC in Jamaica and I promise you that you will not be disappointed

  • 3Telecia G. 8 months ago
    Drive thru review: the food was amazing as always, chicken well cooked and fries were hot, only thing wish the coleslaw wasnt such small portion. Service not so wonderful because they did get one order mixed up but nonetheless was bad 3/5

  • 3Gena H. 8 months ago
    It took 45 minutes to get the food. I've passed this location a few times and it's had the same level of business. While the food was fresh, hot, and delicious the wait is not for me.

  • 3Don H. 8 months ago
    We waited and waited and waited and waited ever more. It appears that priority wss bring given to bulk orders possibly for work parties few days before Christmas. The food was good when it came eventually after waiting 45 minutes

  • 5Kim P. 8 months ago
    KFC in Jamaica is a hot spot. The lines where so long... but we were told multiple times the chicken was better then in the states so we had to try it. It was definitely good. The breading almost seems to be freshly done. We waiting a long time but it was worth the wait. The fries were better in the states though.

  • 3Shanika B. 9 months ago
    Personally this location could use a major refurbishing/renovations. The place looks run down. Not many seating available on the ground floor for dining but lots available upstairs. The bathroom is broken and messy as usual but not to blame the company at all, the people can do better. Overall the building was clean. It didn't take long to get my order, food was hot however we did not get any napkins and had to share the one that the fork came in...We only got 1 ketchup each and we bought 9 piece hot wings each. Servers should be more focused. I enjoyed the wings tho and the pepsi

  • 4Fatima M. 9 months ago
    Ordered this through food app and it was about 20-25 mins from our hotel. I really liked the taste of this and the chicken portions are much bigger compared to our Canadian KFC. Would recommend 👌

  • 5J. 9 months ago
    The BEST KFC in all the world 1- great customer service 2- wait time 10-40 minutes very good 3- the food exceptional 4- prices very reasonable Don’t miss out this is your chicken haven

  • 4Denton P. 11 months ago
    The food was good cant go wrong with KFC in Jamaica. But the service needs to be looked at more closely. If the people dont want to work i think the job is not for them and they need to be replaced with someone who actually want to help serve the customer what they are paying for. But instead like to argue over something that was paid for (fruit punch bottle) and i plane sight but they said they dont have any and there was a 24 pack near the ground. So the cashier was nice enough to exchange my bottle of Ting for one. The lady handing over the orders needs to customers at the counter needs to go im sorry just my experience. I would of giving 5 stars otherwise

  • 1Celine W. 11 months ago
    The cashiers are fine, however the ones that serve have no manners. More over kfc is always raising prices but stil gives slow service . Do better man

  • 1Floyd P. 11 months ago
    The service is very very poor and not mention the drive thru, not so sure why it exists when people just walk up the window and buy food. Doesn't matter what time u go always a wait even if 5 cars are in line, I remember at the old location service for KFC was the greatest even in a small overcrowded location now it nothing. I wish they can change what's not working and try something different. Also not sure why we don't have a KFC inside the airport 🤔 instead a Wendy's

  • 3lattyboo S. 1 year ago
    It was oki had no problem apart from i wanted more drink's

  • 2Christian V. 1 year ago
    If you wanna wait for over an hour and a half just to get the wrong order with everyone yelling and upset at how long it’s taking then enjoy. Practically felt like an excursion with how long everything took.

  • 5Santana P. 1 year ago
    Chicken was great had to get me some after 4 years of not having it for so long

  • 1Kazz B. 1 year ago
    They have indoor and outdoor seating but don't let diners use them, they literally stopped me from eating inside and told me to eat outside on the step, in the blistering sun surrounded by chicken bones from all of the other customers told to eat in the gutter. This is despite them having empty seating (maybe they don't want to pay a cleaner?), it is disgusting though and the staff so rude. My friend who ordered 30 minutes ago is still waiting for his food. Avoid this place at all costs, I'm just amazed by their rudeness and crazy policy of making customers eat on the steps outside.

  • 4Eric P. 1 year ago
    While in Jamaica we stopped in... And the number of cars using the drive thru was crazy.. this means the was good.. however we went inside.. it didn't talk long for us to get in and out... The price was moderate.. and the do have spicy flavor I which we had in the State's... If you one who has to have you home town food .. run in a give it a try.

  • 2JKAR 3 L. 1 year ago
    They were to be opened at 10am. Although you could see the workers inside, nobody came to the door until 10:15am to say that they need 15 more minutes. Very unprofessional workers and security.

  • 5krishina c. 1 year ago
    So much better over the years big up Jamaican KFC it rules. Sweet and juicy chicken All the time. Quick service with a little waiting time, no jam up and COVID-19 protocol excellent, recommend to all.

  • 4Shanice W. 1 year ago
    I visited on a Sunday. The walk-in or drive thru line was short. During the week it's the opposite especially on a Friday.

  • 5Taedra R. 1 year ago
    Customer service has been good everytime I go here, have never had a problem with bad service. The only problem I had, I've only experienced once and it was taking way too long to get my order, many came after me and got through before me, but regardless the service is great, beware though, the lines are always long so be prepared to wait.

  • 5Anna S. 1 year ago
    i was very pleased at how fast service was during this crazy time of covid-19. i joined a very short line which built up almost massive behind me thank god!!! A lady came outside and took my order through a tablet and next i got to go inside and not even 2 minutes later after leaving the cashier i was out the door. its as if they are working hard to limit your time in the store which was amazing and not usually expected at KFC on a weekend after drivetime hours.

  • 5Paula W. 1 year ago
    Although the lines were long (took me more than an hour to get inside), the service was good and the food did not disappoint. They initially got my order wrong but were good about correcting it quickly.

  • 5Adrienne M. 4 years ago
    For a KFC, this was really good. Chicken was not too greasy, fries were crisp, coleslaw was tasty. Order was ready in a reasonable time considering the crowds. Tables could have been cleaned between customers but didnt see any staff for that.

  • 1Jr J. 4 years ago
    Long lines and long wait time...if you're really hungry or want food on time...this is not the place to go...very HORRIBLE customer service! Wait for food for over an hour to not get what you ordered only to be told that what you ordered is out...then get an attitude from the workers...horrible crowd...did I mention POOR HORRIBLE DISTASTEFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE?!

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