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Khoiyachara Waterfalls image
Khoiyachara Waterfalls
Tourist attraction
A hiking trail leads to the base of this broad, multilevel waterfall surrounded by verdant slopes.
4.60 (3.6K reviews)
Mohamaya Lake image
Mohamaya Lake
😐 It's an beautiful place for tourism. Open place. But as tourists place,it's also same as others. Wash room also not standard. No arrangement for pure drinking water. We did not see any dustbin there. Boat cost also high. Lot of beggerars are there Lot of street child. This place only for one ti...
4.50 (1.6K reviews)
Napittachora Waterfalls image
Napittachora Waterfalls
Tourist attraction
4.60 (427 reviews)
Muhuri Project Tourist Spot and Sluice Gate image
Muhuri Project Tourist Spot and Sluice Gate
Tourist attraction
👍 This Place is Nice, Its good to enjoy the sound of the river and its natural view, there wind electricity field beside it , unfortunately its broke. In afternoon there is decent amount of fresh air which may cheer your mind.
4.30 (1.4K reviews)
Boalia Waterfall image
Boalia Waterfall
Tourist attraction
👍 Risky trail, dnt go on rainy weather.
4.50 (197 reviews)
নাপিত্তাছড়া জলপ্রপাত image
নাপিত্তাছড়া জলপ্রপাত
Tourist attraction
👍👍 The experience was best ever my life.Here have 4 waterfall,these waterfalls are unique one by one. I recommend you please go and explore the experience.Go in the Rainy season and get much water ❤️❤️. thank you
4.50 (193 reviews)
Mohamaya Irrigation Dam Regulator image
Mohamaya Irrigation Dam Regulator
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Mohamaya lake is a blissful combination of hilly terrain and crystal clear waters. The surrounding environment presents enthralling fountains, mountain caves, and rubber dams. Taking a boat ride across the lake bestows a heavenly experience. The cool water springs splashing down from the mountains f...
4.30 (363 reviews)
Driver Hotel image
Driver Hotel
👍👍 Excellent food, excellent behavior of staff. And also price are so reasonable.
$ $$$
4.20 (706 reviews)
Sonaichora Bikram Kishore Manikya Waterfalls image
Sonaichora Bikram Kishore Manikya Waterfalls
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Adventure place for trackers. Specially in rainy season. Flow of water is very fast. Though it is the tough trail but happy to see the waterfalls. There have real taste of hill track with different kind of animal's and fruits tree. Calm and green environment make the day enjoyable. Best for day lon...
4.50 (143 reviews)
Bawachhora Lake image
Bawachhora Lake
Tourist attraction
👍👍 BawaChhora Lake and Waterfalls
4.40 (184 reviews)
Mohamaya Eco Park image
Mohamaya Eco Park
Ecological park
👍 Mohamaya Lake is the second largest artificial heart of Bangladesh located in Mirsarai, Chittagong. Its area is about 11 square kilometers. Mahamaya Lake consists of an artificial lake of 11 square kilometers built at the foot of the hill two kilometers east of Thakurdighi Bazar in Durgapur Union No...
4.30 (268 reviews)
Mohamaya Park Gate image
Mohamaya Park Gate
👍👍 Its an man made lake constructed by BWDB for irrigation purpose. The lake also facilitate recreation. This lake is surrounded by small hills cover with greenery ( reserve forest of Chattogram hill tract) I had visited this place in a gloomy day, also the time was near to sunset. I had enjoyed a boa...
4.30 (266 reviews)
Mohamaya Waterfalls image
Mohamaya Waterfalls
Tourist attraction
👍👍 It’s overall good place. You can go over there for qualify full time Spend. Natural Place.
4.50 (103 reviews)
Mahamaya Eco Park - মহামায়া ইকো পার্ক image
Mahamaya Eco Park - মহামায়া ইকো পার্ক
Ecological park
👍 A beautiful ecological park situated in mirsarai, Chittagong... There is a lake here and the lake is covered with large tilas! You will have a wonderful time here and also there is a kayak point here so you can do kayaking here
4.40 (109 reviews)
Bag Biani Waterfall image
Bag Biani Waterfall
Tourist attraction
4.70 (60 reviews)
Horin Mara Waterfalls image
Horin Mara Waterfalls
Tourist attraction
😐 This waterfall is known as Horinmara Kundo Waterfall (হরিনমারা কুন্ড ঝরনা). The waterfall has a beautiful basin underneath with pristine green water that was slightly colder. The waterfall was dropping directly on that basin. And it doesn’t have any space at the front side (blocked by a small mound)...
4.50 (73 reviews)
Kupikata Waterfall কুপিকাটা জলপ্রপাত image
Kupikata Waterfall কুপিকাটা জলপ্রপাত
Tourist attraction
👍👍 This is a most wonderful and natural place
4.40 (87 reviews)
Sonaichori Waterfall image
Sonaichori Waterfall
Tourist attraction
👍👍 It was a great experience. This is an underrated trail. One of the most inaccessible trails in Sitakunda-Mirrasarai hill range. It is better not to go in the rainy season. There is a chance of flash flood at any moment. And at the beginning of the trail you have to climb 100-120 high steep mountain...
4.80 (45 reviews)
Bandar khum image
Bandar khum
Nature preserve
👍👍 Easier than the other to visit.
4.60 (56 reviews)
Shopping mall
4.80 (43 reviews)
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