PizzaBurg Uttara Branch image
PizzaBurg Uttara Branch
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 I went their with some of my friends and we had so many numbers there. There service is good and taste according to budget is amazing. People of all level can come and taste their pizza’s. They have other items as well. Fries, chicken lollipops, drinks, juice and so on. Highly recommend place.
$$ $$
4.80 (11.9K reviews)
Fame Fitness GYM image
Fame Fitness GYM
Fitness center
👍👍 Going here since the start of February . This place feels like home . The machines are swift but somewhat difficult to use as they require very high Mind-Muscle connections . The staffs are friendly but there's only one drawback about this place ; NO PROPER TRAINERS ARE AVAILABLE !
4.90 (402 reviews)
Dim Sum Town image
Dim Sum Town
Pan-Asian restaurant
👍 Whole environment was too much peaceful and decorative. All staffs behv are too good. The way they suggest people to choose their food is too much impressive. Food taste was good but little bit spicy for me. Steamed white snapper with lime was spicy but yummy. Corn fried rice with sea food just mes...
4.70 (473 reviews)
Taz Garden House image
Taz Garden House
Serviced accommodation
👍👍 This is a perfect hotel for a stay up to 7 days. Owner is very nice and down to earth person and other staff as well. You'll not get any hotel in Uttara at this price. It is really very cheap. Also it is very near to the Airport.
4.70 (325 reviews)
Uttara, Sector 7 Park image
Uttara, Sector 7 Park
👍👍 Nice place. Naturally view. As like a village. If stay here sometimes you feel fresher.
4.40 (1.6K reviews)
Babuland Uttara (House Building) image
Babuland Uttara (House Building)
Indoor playground
👍👍 Such a wonderful place for kids. In north Tower Uttara model town Babuland Uttara branch is one of the best play zone for kids. Entry ticket for kids 300 bdt and guardian 100 bdt. Different times and different occasion they have different promotional package. Let's bring your kids in Babuland Uttara...
4.40 (1.3K reviews)
Sector 13 Play Ground image
Sector 13 Play Ground
👍 Lots of improvement needed. Some excercising instruments could be set up before the Kallyan Samity Office setup. However, the field is very lucrative with having lots of trees and a good shape. Convenient location although there is only one side entrance. Best wishes to this park! Go ahead with regu...
4.40 (958 reviews)
Cooper's Bakery image
Cooper's Bakery
👍👍 How can you not love a place which asks you to talk more and use WiFi less! Well they don’t display that message anymore but it will always remain with me. We love their products very much. Whole grain bread is pure love. They make some baked samusa and shingara which are very good healthy alternati...
$$ $$
4.40 (890 reviews)
Indulge Uttara image
Indulge Uttara
👍👍 Absolutely awesome and I am indulged! Great ambience, delicious food, a neat restaurant with a good collection of pastry. You can have all-day-breakfast, salad you can buy by per gram (.99 taka per gram) and many more! Everything was top notch. Just servers' need to be bit more professional. Just fo...
4.40 (580 reviews)
Sector 13 Park image
Sector 13 Park
👍👍 This is a beautiful park, there is a playground for kids to play and do different activities. Safe for everyone. Clean environment and friendly people. You can hangout with your friends and family. Come visit here anytime. Uttara Sector 13 Park. The location was convenient and easy to find. The sta...
4.30 (4.3K reviews)
PITZA - Rooftop Pizza Restaurant image
PITZA - Rooftop Pizza Restaurant
Pizza restaurant
👍 I have visited there several times. It is one of my favourite restaurants in uttara city. Their behaviour was so professional and humble and the environment was outstanding. If you wanna get some special time with your friends and family members it can be the best place. This place is specially desi...
4.40 (558 reviews)
Takeout Uttara image
Takeout Uttara
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Went there after a l o n g time but they've the same taste. We tried the BBQ Chicken Burger and Double Beef one along with potato wedges. The patty, sauce, taste portion everything was great!
$$ $$
4.30 (3.5K reviews)
Ajo Idea Space image
Ajo Idea Space
Asian fusion restaurant
International recipes, cocktails & smoothies served in an industrial space with a leafy terrace.
$$ $$
4.30 (3.2K reviews)
Beans & Aroma Coffees image
Beans & Aroma Coffees
Coffee shop
👍👍 Awesome restaurant with delicious foods. I really loved the ambience of this place! Lot of rooms with decent and simple decoration. They have a smoking zone. They have parking place or their guards are very helpful to find one. Food was delicious and price is reasonable. Staffs were smart and well-b...
4.30 (2.8K reviews)
Crimson Cup Uttara image
Crimson Cup Uttara
Coffee shop
👍 I think one of the best coffee in Dhaka city. Their red velvet cake is sooooo yummy and the whole environment is just awesome.
$$$ $
4.30 (2.7K reviews)
Hobnob Coffee image
Hobnob Coffee
👍👍 Cozy place for hanging out with friends/family. Coffee is really good and comparatively cheaper. Some of their dessert items are unique. We also tried their fetuccino, it was yummy. We tried the cheese cake, it wasn't that good. They introduced some new items like caramel pudding etc.
$$ $$
4.30 (2.2K reviews)
Domino's Pizza Uttara image
Domino's Pizza Uttara
Pizza restaurant
👍 Domino's pizza uttara Good environment well behaviour. Food and service also good.
$$ $$
4.30 (2.1K reviews)
উত্তরা সেক্টর ১৪ পার্ক image
উত্তরা সেক্টর ১৪ পার্ক
👍👍 Perfect for a morning walk, less crowded and calm place with flower garden setup. There are few benches you can rest in between your walk.
4.30 (2K reviews)
Uttara Sector 3 Playground image
Uttara Sector 3 Playground
👍 A beautiful park, with different types of matches going on all the time. Most of the Friends Club games are served here.
4.30 (1.6K reviews)
Herfy - Uttara image
Herfy - Uttara
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Great food. Great Hospitality and Environment. Absolutely loved it Food was tasty and fresh. But too much noisy when kids zone is full.
4.30 (1.6K reviews)
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