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Bazra Shahi Masjid image
Bazra Shahi Masjid
Archaeological site
👍👍 The mosque is located 20 kilometers (12 mi) north of Noakhali in the village of Bajra. The mosque is surrounded by a wall, the entrance to the mosque is on the eastern side. The mosque is built on a high foundation on the western side of the Dighi. The Bajra Shahi Mosque has three doors on the eas...
4.50 (711 reviews)
Nijhum Dwip National Park image
Nijhum Dwip National Park
National park
👍👍 Nijhumdwip is one of the most crucial spots for adventures. It's located at Hatiya Upazila in Noakhali District! Every year's a lot of tourists visited this place for mental peace. It has two natural attractive view. It has not only a big sea beach but also some mangrove too! So that's why the most...
4.40 (709 reviews)
Noakhali Super Market image
Noakhali Super Market
Shopping mall
👍 Biggest market of Noakhali. You may find only few brand shops here. Most shops are local. There are variety of small and medium restaurants here. You may find the price little heigher but average quality of foods. Variety of clothings, shoes, kids shops and jewellery shops can be found here. Don't f...
4.30 (5.4K reviews)
Sonaimuri Bazar image
Sonaimuri Bazar
👍 One of the famous rural market on the way of noakhali Lakshmipur highway.
4.20 (3K reviews)
বসুরহাট বাজার image
বসুরহাট বাজার
Produce market
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
4.20 (2.3K reviews)
Shaheed Bhulu Stadium,Noakhali image
Shaheed Bhulu Stadium,Noakhali
👍👍 Shaheed bulu stadium is a large Stadium of the Noakhali district. In our childhood we observed all national events were held there like district football league, Inter school football, volleyball, independent day & victory day parade and sports etc. But one thing is most remarkable is that an Exhibi...
4.20 (550 reviews)
Birsreshtho Shaheed Ruhul Amin Circle image
Birsreshtho Shaheed Ruhul Amin Circle
Historical landmark
👍👍 Noakhali is the busiest place because it takes four roads to reach Chaumuhani Maijdi Laxmipur Sonaimuri. If the traffic police work properly in this place, it is possible to overcome this traffic jam.
4.20 (536 reviews)
মাইজদী পৌর পার্ক image
মাইজদী পৌর পার্ক
👍👍 Very beautiful. Perfect for an evening walk. But people have already polluted the pond.
4.10 (2.4K reviews)
সি ভিউ পয়েন্ট image
সি ভিউ পয়েন্ট
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A great place to spend leisure time..
4.40 (167 reviews)
Musapur Sea Beach image
Musapur Sea Beach
Tourist attraction
👍👍 It's so beautiful place day, by day the beauty of this beach is increasing...
4.30 (237 reviews)
ছোট ফেনী নদী পর্যটন স্পট image
ছোট ফেনী নদী পর্যটন স্পট
Tourist attraction
😐 "Chot Feni Nadi Tourist Spot" is a picturesque location in Feni, Bangladesh that offers a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is a popular tourist spot for people from Feni, Noakhali, Companyganj, and Sonagazi, and is frequently visited by locals and tourists alike. The sp...
4.40 (163 reviews)
Escape Cafe image
Escape Cafe
👍 Above average food with reasonable price. Friendly and helpful staffs. Clean environment with nice decorations. Only two cons- location is bit off and no upto the mark toilet. You can take cng or auto rickshaw from chowmohuny to get there.
4.20 (383 reviews)
Bangla Bazar image
Bangla Bazar
4.20 (365 reviews)
Somir Munshir Hat image
Somir Munshir Hat
😠 Hotel Shajalal-A very old hotel. Fair in terms of taste. Low income people are its main customers. Its director is Kefayet Ullah
4.10 (910 reviews)
Sky View Restaurant image
Sky View Restaurant
Chinese restaurant
👍👍 Sky View Restaurant is located in Maizdi, Noakhali. These photos were taken from the bank of the district big mosque pond
$$$ $
4.10 (814 reviews)
Musapur Closure Dam image
Musapur Closure Dam
Tourist attraction
👍 a very awesome tourist place.enjoy the sea beach much.
4.20 (308 reviews)
Nice Guest House ,Training Hall & Dolna Food Heaven (Hotel in Noakhali) image
Nice Guest House ,Training Hall & Dolna Food Heaven (Hotel in Noakhali)
Modest rooms & suites, some with a/c, in an informal city centre hotel offering a casual restaurant.
4.10 (678 reviews)
হানিফ আমেরিকান সিটি - Hanif American City image
হানিফ আমেরিকান সিটি - Hanif American City
Tourist attraction
👍👍 This is my house. It is build for my parents. Hanif American City. #BOSS #RAJBOSS
4.30 (183 reviews)
Hotel Al Farhan Mini Conference and Convention Hall /Hotel in Noakhali Maijdee-Food Zone & Party Center image
Hotel Al Farhan Mini Conference and Convention Hall /Hotel in Noakhali Maijdee-Food Zone & Party Center
Down-to-earth hotel offering breakfast & Wi-Fi, plus a rooftop terrace & event space.
4.20 (266 reviews)
মুছাপুর সমুদ্র সৈকত Musapur beach image
মুছাপুর সমুদ্র সৈকত Musapur beach
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Nice visiting place.
4.20 (257 reviews)
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