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Goody's image
Sandwich shop
No-nonsense strip-mall sandwich shop serving Greek gyros, salads, pitas & hot subs.
4.90 (763 reviews)
Spencer Smith Park image
Spencer Smith Park
Waterfront park featuring a promenade, a pond, a playground, a Japanese garden & monuments.
4.70 (10.4K reviews)
Brant Street Pier image
Brant Street Pier
Scenic spot
4.80 (677 reviews)
Lowville Park image
Lowville Park
Natural park on a creek with open green spaces for picnics, a playground & baseball field.
4.70 (1.8K reviews)
El Inka Peruvian Cuisine image
El Inka Peruvian Cuisine
Peruvian restaurant
👍👍 WOW WOW WOW WOW Everything was amazing. The staff, the decoration, the music, the location, and of course the food. Everytime our amazing waiter JAVIER brought a new dish we all were amazed. The food presentation was excellent and the taste was supper delicious. Javier explained to us with details e...
$$ $$
4.70 (1.4K reviews)
Luk's Diner image
Luk's Diner
4.80 (489 reviews)
Pepe and Lela's Eatery image
Pepe and Lela's Eatery
👍👍 Five stars for Pepe and Lela's Eatery! My family, brother's family and my parents recently had dinner at Pepe and Lela's Eatery on December 22 and it did not disappoint. The food, service and ambience were top notch. The owners Ricardo and Sue are gracious hosts and you could see all the love and ha...
4.80 (465 reviews)
Peach Coffee Co. Aldershot image
Peach Coffee Co. Aldershot
Coffee shop
👍👍 My first visit was not up to the expectations and had some issue with the barista and coffee preparation, the coffee manager took that in consideration and after that it become my first choice when I want a specialty coffee (flat white) in Burlington, all the experience has changed to the best, I to...
4.90 (291 reviews)
50 Pesos Kitchen & Food Truck image
50 Pesos Kitchen & Food Truck
Taco restaurant
4.80 (451 reviews)
Paletta Lakefront Park image
Paletta Lakefront Park
👍👍 This is such a wonderful park! I went here with my dog and had such a great time. It has a fantastic view of the lake, plenty of places to sit, very well maintained, and best of all not too many people visit here compared to other parks on the lakefront. The "Discovery Path" is a beautiful trail you...
4.70 (1K reviews)
Stag Shop - Adult Sex Store image
Stag Shop - Adult Sex Store
Adult entertainment store
👍👍 Sorry it's late, but did want to write in an actual review but clicked it off by mistake. So anyways the store clerk was respectful of my space when I said I needed to look around. Helpful, when telling me how everything was placed so I could find what I was looking for faster. Knowledgeable, whe...
4.90 (254 reviews)
Royal Botanical Gardens Canada image
Royal Botanical Gardens Canada
Botanical garden
Sprawling gardens with different flowers blooming from May to October, plus events & an arboretum.
4.60 (6K reviews)
Cherry House Restaurant image
Cherry House Restaurant
Steak house
👍 Our family of 4 recently dined at Cherry House in Burlington and it was a wonderful experience. Loved our booth and the overall ambiance is warm and elegant. We kicked off our meal with a delightful seafood chowder that set the tone for the evening. The toasted bread with butter was a delicious pre...
4.80 (365 reviews)
LaSalle Park image
LaSalle Park
Waterfront community gathering place with a historic pavilion, trails, a wading pool & a splash pad.
4.60 (1.9K reviews)
Oxygen Yoga & Fitness North Burlington image
Oxygen Yoga & Fitness North Burlington
Yoga studio
👍👍 I started at Oxygen Yoga in Burlington a week ago, amazing workout for sure, unlike any other yoga place I've been to. This gives you an amazing workout for toning, losing weight, building muscle, they focus on the full body. The staff is great and the place is very peaceful and super clean. Really...
4.90 (225 reviews)
Mount Nemo Lookout image
Mount Nemo Lookout
Scenic spot
👍 Frankly I was a bit disappointed when I reached this lookout, as the edge was covered with vegetation that limited full visibility. There were far more spectacular natural lookouts along the eastern trails leading up to this point, but still this lookout offers some benches to sit and interesting si...
4.70 (448 reviews)
MY Chinese DISH image
MY Chinese DISH
Chinese restaurant
4.70 (436 reviews)
Burloak Waterfront Park image
Burloak Waterfront Park
4.60 (1K reviews)
Lettuce Love Café image
Lettuce Love Café
Vegan restaurant
Vegan, gluten-free restaurant for meals, a juice bar & raw desserts, with a farm-to-table approach.
$$ $$
4.60 (979 reviews)
Hidden Valley Park image
Hidden Valley Park
4.60 (893 reviews)
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