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Experience the best that Havana has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 26 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Iglesia Del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus y San Ignacio de Loyola image
Iglesia Del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus y San Ignacio de Loyola
Catholic church
👍👍 Beautiful church in Havana, found while exploring Havana Nueva on foot. Grand interior, worth a visit!
4.80 (57 reviews) (~9.73 km from centre)
Cuban Art Factory image
Cuban Art Factory
Cultural center
Contemporary cultural center with unique offerings, such as films, concerts & art exhibitions.
4.70 (1.8K reviews) (~5.95 km from centre)
Church of Jesus of Miramar image
Church of Jesus of Miramar
Catholic church
👍👍 Un lugar hermoso, sencillo y muy acogedor... Te invita a la oración, a la introspección y a una conexión directa con Cristo Rey... No deje de visitarla... Como católico, una gran bendición estar ahí, como turista de cualquier otra religión o agnóstico... Una experiencia cultural de 500 años de evang...
4.70 (76 reviews) (~1.96 km from centre)
Fusterlandia image
Extensive public-art installations by local artist José Fuster, with colorful, whimsical mosaics.
4.60 (824 reviews) (~2.97 km from centre)
José Martí Memorial image
José Martí Memorial
Heritage museum
Marble star-shaped tower & statue honoring writer José Martí, advocate for independence from Spain.
4.60 (501 reviews) (~7.68 km from centre)
Cristóbal Colón Cemetery image
Cristóbal Colón Cemetery
Vast cemetery with around 1 million graves & ornately designed mausoleums & memorials.
4.50 (263 reviews) (~6.59 km from centre)
John Lennon Monument image
John Lennon Monument
Historical landmark
👍👍 I'm his and Beatles fan, a week ago before Havana I visited Strawberry Fields in NYC, Imagine mosaic and glimpsed at Dakota building. So being here I couldn't let this statue pass by me. The image, likeness to real J.L. is unbelievable ! Congrats to the artist. PS The funny thing is that it started...
4.50 (116 reviews) (~7.06 km from centre)
Monumento a José Miguel Gómez image
Monumento a José Miguel Gómez
👍 This is one of the most majestic monuments in Havana. Very beautiful, very big, is totally worth it to spend some time visiting this place. In my opinion the place was a little dirty, with trash and some graffiti on the walls. It's a shame that something so historic and so important looks like a lit...
4.50 (102 reviews) (~8.36 km from centre)
Quinta de los Molinos image
Quinta de los Molinos
Historical former residence of General Máximo Gómez & gardens featuring many plant species.
4.50 (99 reviews) (~8.73 km from centre)
Grand Lodge of Cuba image
Grand Lodge of Cuba
Masonic center
👍 Grande edificio storico in stile neoclassico moderno... Bisogna ricordarsi che all'habana prima della rivoluzione c'erano moltissimi ebrei... Quasi tutti massoni e mafiosi a cominciare da Mayer Lansky propietario dell'hotel Nacional e associato al sindicato ebraico che qui aveva la sua sede non uffi...
4.50 (67 reviews) (~9.67 km from centre)
San Lazaro Tower image
San Lazaro Tower
Historical place
This 17th-century watchtower once served as a critical lookout point for the city.
4.50 (60 reviews) (~9.83 km from centre)
Beth Shalom's Synagogue image
Beth Shalom's Synagogue
Conservative synagogue
👍👍 My Jewish friend and I (not Jewish) had a wonderful experience at Beth Shalom. We pre-arranged a tour and meeting with the Cuban Jewish Community's president. The temple restored in the 1990s after decades of neglect was simple. But it was the people who greeted us and the stories of what this commu...
4.50 (39 reviews) (~8.57 km from centre)
Russian Embassy image
Russian Embassy
👍👍 Stunning Architecture by a major Soviet architect! This extraordinary piece of brutalist/constructivist architecture was designed by the famous Russian architect Aleksandr Rochegev and completed in 1985. Originally the Soviet, but now the Russian embassy. Rochegev also designed the Moscow Leningr...
4.50 (37 reviews) (~2.89 km from centre)
Parque Almendares image
Parque Almendares
Riverside city park with lush vegetation, an amphitheater & large dinosaur sculptures.
4.40 (189 reviews) (~5.46 km from centre)
Callejon de hamel image
Callejon de hamel
Art center
Colorful alley with art installations, murals & performances celebrating Afro-Cuban culture.
4.30 (808 reviews) (~9.56 km from centre)
John Lennon Park image
John Lennon Park
This green space features a bronze sculpture of the Beatles' John Lennon.
4.30 (423 reviews) (~7.03 km from centre)
Torreon de la Chorrera image
Torreon de la Chorrera
Completed in 1646, this stone fortification, equipped with cannons, served as a defensive structure.
4.30 (142 reviews) (~6.31 km from centre)
Che Guevara wall Monument image
Che Guevara wall Monument
Historical landmark
👍👍 Being in the square of the revolution manifests a pleasant sensation that transports you to the memory, observing the image of Che fills you, the new man who fought for ideals, is in front of you. The walk through these places, full of history, is magnificent. and the world famous and applied phras...
4.30 (73 reviews) (~7.86 km from centre)
Museo de Artes Decorativas image
Museo de Artes Decorativas
Art museum
Elaborate neoclassical mansion housing a decorative arts museum with art, furniture & figurines.
4.30 (67 reviews) (~8.01 km from centre)
Monument to the Victims of the USS Maine image
Monument to the Victims of the USS Maine
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Great place to sit in the evenings with a beer and just watch the sunset and the old cars roll by.
4.30 (50 reviews) (~9.36 km from centre)
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