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Experience the best that Havana has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 45 places in the city.

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Cuba Unbound image
Cuba Unbound
Tour operator
👍👍 Just got back from a Parks of Cuba tour. It was well organized, full of interesting activities and experiences, and had fabulous guides as well as a driver who was a delight. It was a five-star experience all around. There is so much depth to Cuba and its people and Cuba Unbound has found the ess...
5.00 (54 reviews)
Tech Diving Cuba image
Tech Diving Cuba
Dive club
👍👍 Great experience! I went on holidays to Cuba with my friend who is a dive instructor as well. We decided to dive in Havana and we were lucky to meet such great professionals! Thank you very much!
5.00 (34 reviews)
CoordinateCuba image
Wedding planner
👍👍 We hired Coordinate Cuba a few months to our wedding celebration, and had both Mariam and Ivis as our Coordinators, with Isis as an assistant on the final day. Guests were impressed with the details of the day, under Ivis’ direction and everyone had SO much fun. Our expectations were met and exceede...
5.00 (32 reviews)
Cafetalex image
👍👍 Teniendo en cuenta lo complicado que es encontrar restaurantes decentes en La Habana, Cafetalex es una joya escondida. Fuimos dos veces y alucinamos con la calidad de sus platos. A destacar la Langosta Joyville. El servicio tal vez demasiado atento y con ansias de agradar. Quizás una atención más re...
4.90 (63 reviews)
Centro De Buceo/Dive Center : Cuba Blue Diving image
Centro De Buceo/Dive Center : Cuba Blue Diving
Boat club
👍👍 The best experience and the best professional diving group is in Cuba, they are Cuba Blue Diving. They show you and know the most spectacular sea beds on the island.
4.90 (38 reviews)
Otramanera image
👍👍 It was a perfection !!! Gracias !
4.70 (90 reviews)
Amigos del Mar image
Amigos del Mar
👍👍 This restaurant for me was the best I've visited in Havana, it had traditional Cuban foods as well as a twist on other foods familiar to me as an American, an example being shrimp cocktail, however, it was more like a creamy shrimp salad with I wedge of lettuce, in more of a dessert glass, this mayo...
4.70 (50 reviews)
La Cocina de Lilliam image
La Cocina de Lilliam
Cuban restaurant
👍👍 Nothing short of incredible food and a perfect setting; it was the best food we had during our week in Havana hands down! Lilliam is truly delightful and a fabulous chef! Absolutely worth the drive from downtown.
4.60 (87 reviews)
Salón Rosado Benny Moré image
Salón Rosado Benny Moré
Live music venue
Big outdoor disco with a festive vibe & live music, plus terraces with tables for drinks.
4.60 (49 reviews)
Finca Vigía image
Finca Vigía
This restored house-turned-museum of celebrated author Ernest Hemingway offers guided tours.
4.50 (587 reviews)
Vistamar image
👍👍 Great restaurant, great food and great staff. Enjoyed the food by the sunset at the sea
4.50 (259 reviews)
Teatro Karl Marx image
Teatro Karl Marx
Performing arts theater
Spacious performing arts venue with 5,000+ seats, hosting local & international concerts & shows.
4.50 (129 reviews)
Nero di Seppia image
Nero di Seppia
Italian restaurant
👍👍 During my stayings in Habana this is the best place for great food. This place offers great food, excellent service and good prices! Habana and Cuba is nice but they are lacking a bit on the food part. This place makes up for it! ill be there more than once at my next staying in Habana.
4.50 (92 reviews)
👍👍 Great Spanish food. I strongly recommend the black paella
4.50 (82 reviews)
7 Dias image
7 Dias
🫤 A beautiful view. I’ve visited twice. I’d go there again to drink and watch the sunset over the water, but I wouldn’t eat there again. Note: had originally given 5 stars but after the second visit, I had to revise. Food was terrible and service was slow.
4.50 (52 reviews)
El Aljibe image
El Aljibe
Cuban restaurant
👍👍 The best chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life. And NOT even joking !!! It was sooooo good. All the pieces were very big. Their rice with beans was so tasty. I still have the taste of their food. One word: YUMMY !!
4.40 (276 reviews)
Dulcería Assukkar Café image
Dulcería Assukkar Café
4.40 (73 reviews)
Dos Gardenias image
Dos Gardenias
Cuban restaurant
👍 Nice place. Reasonable prices. Average attention, but not bad. And the food is very delicious. That is beyond reproach. Delicious and good quantity. A place to go as a family and enjoy an afternoon, a lunch all together.
4.40 (49 reviews)
Coyula image
😐 Quiet place but the wi fi connection is bad!!!!!
4.40 (45 reviews)
Cuba on the Road image
Cuba on the Road
Tourist attraction
🫤 We rented a Jeep from Spain for a few days in Cuba. Daikiri tours, Cuba on the Road... they are the same. The car is very modified. The gears... very hard, you have to have 4-wheel drive, because if not, it won't move forward. The rear window, if you lowered it, came out of the frame and we had a ha...
4.30 (31 reviews)
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