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Experience the best that Havana has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 27 places from Food & Drinks category.

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Cafetalex image
👍👍 Teniendo en cuenta lo complicado que es encontrar restaurantes decentes en La Habana, Cafetalex es una joya escondida. Fuimos dos veces y alucinamos con la calidad de sus platos. A destacar la Langosta Joyville. El servicio tal vez demasiado atento y con ansias de agradar. Quizás una atención más re...
4.90 (63 reviews)
Otramanera image
👍👍 It was a perfection !!! Gracias !
4.70 (90 reviews)
Amigos del Mar image
Amigos del Mar
👍👍 This restaurant for me was the best I've visited in Havana, it had traditional Cuban foods as well as a twist on other foods familiar to me as an American, an example being shrimp cocktail, however, it was more like a creamy shrimp salad with I wedge of lettuce, in more of a dessert glass, this mayo...
4.70 (50 reviews)
La Cocina de Lilliam image
La Cocina de Lilliam
Cuban restaurant
👍👍 Nothing short of incredible food and a perfect setting; it was the best food we had during our week in Havana hands down! Lilliam is truly delightful and a fabulous chef! Absolutely worth the drive from downtown.
4.60 (87 reviews)
Vistamar image
👍👍 Great restaurant, great food and great staff. Enjoyed the food by the sunset at the sea
4.50 (259 reviews)
Nero di Seppia image
Nero di Seppia
Italian restaurant
👍👍 During my stayings in Habana this is the best place for great food. This place offers great food, excellent service and good prices! Habana and Cuba is nice but they are lacking a bit on the food part. This place makes up for it! ill be there more than once at my next staying in Habana.
4.50 (92 reviews)
👍👍 Great Spanish food. I strongly recommend the black paella
4.50 (82 reviews)
7 Dias image
7 Dias
🫤 A beautiful view. I’ve visited twice. I’d go there again to drink and watch the sunset over the water, but I wouldn’t eat there again. Note: had originally given 5 stars but after the second visit, I had to revise. Food was terrible and service was slow.
4.50 (52 reviews)
El Aljibe image
El Aljibe
Cuban restaurant
👍👍 The best chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life. And NOT even joking !!! It was sooooo good. All the pieces were very big. Their rice with beans was so tasty. I still have the taste of their food. One word: YUMMY !!
4.40 (276 reviews)
Dulcería Assukkar Café image
Dulcería Assukkar Café
4.40 (73 reviews)
Dos Gardenias image
Dos Gardenias
Cuban restaurant
👍 Nice place. Reasonable prices. Average attention, but not bad. And the food is very delicious. That is beyond reproach. Delicious and good quantity. A place to go as a family and enjoy an afternoon, a lunch all together.
4.40 (49 reviews)
Cafe Fortuna Joe image
Cafe Fortuna Joe
👍👍 This is my favorite place to chill, they have coffe, alcoholic drinks, food. You can sit inside, but I prefer outdoor downstairs because they have a happy hour from 6 to 10pm. Please keep in mind that the bill takes several minutes. This is my favorite place to share with friends, they have coffee,...
4.20 (120 reviews)
El Tocororo image
El Tocororo
👍 This is a nice restaurant. The food was good and the staff was kind and gentle. In my opinion the cocktails were very very good, but the best of this place is the live music, a Cuban band, that plays songs from Cuba and other Latin American countries. It was a good experience. In my opinion the pric...
4.20 (86 reviews)
Espacios image
😐 I've been in this place two times. One inside, one outside. It is hard to describe it as just a bar since it tries to be so much more. The indoor section is more like a night club with music extremely loud and the outdoor section is more of a place to just sit a chill, talk to people while sharing a...
4.20 (69 reviews)
Frees image
😐 Un lugar agradable y de buen precio , pero no puedo dejar de resaltar que estuve el domingo 22 de agosto tenía una reserva para las 12 pm, el restaurante abrió a las 12 Y 22 minutos, no me dieron ni una disculpa la representante que se encontraba alli me dijo , si nos cojio tarde , pedí una carta d...
4.20 (44 reviews)
Pollo Bell image
Pollo Bell
😠 Quantity of food. I bought a natural juice and they gave me half a cup. Unacceptable.
4.20 (33 reviews)
Casa Gelato-ice cream image
Casa Gelato-ice cream
Ice cream shop
😠 Overpriced food. Bad service very loud. Ice cream tastes like iced water. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. very poor service provided by cuban employees
4.10 (300 reviews)
Betty Boom image
Betty Boom
👍👍 It's been a long time since we ate something so good and of such quality. The food is excellent, each dish you try makes you want to try another one that brings out other diners. Magnificent treatment and impeccable decoration. A highly recommended site.
4.10 (103 reviews)
Bar 2.45 image
Bar 2.45
😠 A wonderful bar, including Soto Mayor, very attentive to its customers, however, the security guards are super aggressive and rude to the point that by recording them they take your phone and blow it up on the floor, having to report it to the police and they as if nothing were making up stories To...
4.00 (54 reviews)
Amalfi image
Italian restaurant
😠 Unfortunately we chose this place to eat, so far it has been the worst customer service I have ever seen. The pizza dough was moist, with the minimum ingredients, small and the price did not do it justice (1000 pesos for 1 pizza). The main problem was the pasta, the staff are full of "Italian authe...
4.00 (45 reviews)
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