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Experience the best that Prague has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 7.3K places in the city.

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Free Walking Tour Prague image
Free Walking Tour Prague
Sightseeing tour agency
👍👍 When it rains it pours. Yes, it was basically raining the whole afternoon but Mel carried the Prague in 20th century tour easily. I could listen to her all day cause she's a great story teller. I would definitely recommend walking tour in Prague
5.00 (5.4K reviews)
The Chamber image
The Chamber
Escape room center
👍👍 Absolutely amazing experience. The Poltergeist game is very scary. They really do pay attention to small details. We were very well looked after by Vlad and Lada. Highly recommended.
5.00 (3.5K reviews)
100 Spires City Tours image
100 Spires City Tours
Tour operator
👍👍 If you want to get the best tour in Prague you definitely should choose 100 Spires City Tours. We were on the Free Old Town Tour, and booked the another one to Prague Castle immediately after the excursion ends. Both guides, Vaclav and James, gave lots of interesting information about Prague, histor...
5.00 (2K reviews)
Hotel Residence Agnes image
Hotel Residence Agnes
Understated rooms, some with sofabeds, in a snug hotel featuring complimentary Wi-Fi & breakfast.
5.00 (822 reviews)
Eating Europe Food Tours Prague image
Eating Europe Food Tours Prague
Sightseeing tour agency
👍👍 An amazing food tour of Prague. Thanks to Zach for a wonderful day, his knowledge of history really added to the overall experience walking through the streets of Prague between each food stop. I would highly recommend this tour for your next visit to Prague.
5.00 (751 reviews)
Scrooser TOUR- Fat Tire E-Scooter sightseeing tours image
Scrooser TOUR- Fat Tire E-Scooter sightseeing tours
Scooter rental service
👍👍 This was one of the highlights of Prague for us. Our guide Matt was incredible. He always offered to take pictures for us. We had such a great time, and got to see so much of Prague. Such a wonderful city.
5.00 (683 reviews)
Prague City Adventures image
Prague City Adventures
Tour operator
👍👍 We have taken several virtual tours through Amazon Explore with Prague City Adventures and have enjoyed every single one. We went on the Secret Gardens tour and Prague's Jewish Quarter tour with Johanka. We went on the Old Town Prague tour with Mark. Tonight, we went on the Haunted Streets tour with...
5.00 (585 reviews)
ESCAPE - Thai Massage image
ESCAPE - Thai Massage
Thai massage therapist
👍👍 Yes, it’s nice place with nice service. Visual part of salon have really good level. You feel that is not a chip saloon as usual. There are reception with kind manager and really respectful therapists. I ordered couple massage, and it was really relax:) Massage - high level of professionalism 😏 Str...
5.00 (414 reviews)
Happy Divers image
Happy Divers
Dive shop
5.00 (383 reviews)
La Rosé Nails & Beauty image
La Rosé Nails & Beauty
Nail salon
👍👍 Stunning nails, great service. The lady that did my nails really did her best to help and create what I wanted. They assured me that if there are any issues that they will fix it! Very nice people and did the exact design I wanted. Definitely recommend! Had to leave a review right away because I am...
5.00 (375 reviews)
Smile Centrum Horní Počernice image
Smile Centrum Horní Počernice
😠 Ця клініка - розчарування року! Один зуб пролікувала, запломбувала(10 тисяч), через два місяці кусок пломби відломився!Лікування іншого зуба тривало пів року, два місяці я ходила з тимчасовою пломбою поки зуб не розкришився і прийшлося видаляти, за його " лікування" також я оплатила більше 10 тисяч...
5.00 (358 reviews)
Marpek Whisky image
Marpek Whisky
👍👍 If you are anywhere near Prague and love whiskey, you must go here. Not only is the whiskey more than affordable, but the staff is amazing. If you get the good fortune of meeting Jan, your night will be one of the best you’ve had.
$ $$$
5.00 (342 reviews)
Piercingové studio Black Lotus image
Piercingové studio Black Lotus
Body piercing shop
👍👍 The most beautiful and clear piercing works I’ve ever seen. Also the first piercer who showed me how actually beautiful septum could be. 12/10, do recommend! 👍🏼
5.00 (339 reviews)
Czech Garnet Moldavite Diamonds image
Czech Garnet Moldavite Diamonds
Jewelry store
👍👍 Wonderful experience shopping with Mr Cohen and his son Alex. They took care helping us choose the perfect piece as a reminder of our long awaited Prague trip. Authentic pieces and such quality customer service. Thank you!
5.00 (324 reviews)
love your skin image
love your skin
Facial spa
👍👍 I just had a facial with Jiří today. Afterwards I immediately scheduled him for two more days. Highly recommend!
5.00 (267 reviews)
Prague Food Tour image
Prague Food Tour
Tour agency
👍👍 A true highlight of our recent trip to Prague. From start to finish, George was so very entertaining. The restaurant and food choices were just amazing and we spent several hours learning, laughing, eating and drinking. It was a truly memorable day and we will remember it forever. We cannot reco...
5.00 (255 reviews)
SĪTÚ Coffee & Tea image
SĪTÚ Coffee & Tea
👍👍 The perfect place. The owners are the sweetest people on the planet. For coffee they have multiple beans selection and machine or filters brewing. Matcha is also the best. And for a tea lovers, they have a good selection too. 10 stars out of 5.
5.00 (230 reviews)
פראג עם מיקה image
פראג עם מיקה
Travel agency
👍👍 סיירנו עם מיקה ברחבי פראג, מקצועית, אדיבה במידע, התאימה את עצמה לקבוצה בסבלנות ומקצועיות. ממליצה בחום!!
5.00 (222 reviews)
VVDiamonds s.r.o. image
VVDiamonds s.r.o.
Diamond dealer
👍👍 Absolute satisfaction! I searched the internet and shops for a long time and both in the Czech Republic and Austria, because the budget was more limited and in the end I am completely satisfied with the selection! Excellent agreement with Mr. Vanek! The type of ring that I liked was not available i...
5.00 (220 reviews)
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