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Discover the best places in Mannheim, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 1K places in the city.

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Nabati image
Falafel restaurant
👍👍 Your place to go if you love vegetarian food ✌️. What do you want more than tasty food, positive vibes and friendly Service! I won't tell much,so, just go there and try it by yourself then you gotta know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately can't provide you with food pics 😅 because you couldn't w...
$ $$$
4.90 (1.4K reviews)
Bodhi Mannheim-Jungbusch image
Bodhi Mannheim-Jungbusch
Falafel restaurant
Laid-back restaurant specializing in falafel, plus shared plates & vegan options.
$ $$$
4.90 (698 reviews)
Fitness First Mannheim image
Fitness First Mannheim
Fitness center
👍👍 A super fitness studio with clean, peaceful and sufficient fitness equipment. Trainers are friendly and interested. I would definitely recommend you to come here and do the trial training.
4.80 (1.4K reviews)
Senju Restaurant image
Senju Restaurant
Authentic Japanese restaurant
Elegantly plated meat & seafood, plus sushi & ramen, in a bright, minimalist space.
$$ $$
4.80 (1.3K reviews)
Le's Sushi Bar image
Le's Sushi Bar
Sushi restaurant
Sushi & sashimi, plus tempura & yakitori, in a sleek, simple space with Japanese-inspired artwork.
$$ $$
4.90 (488 reviews)
Jesuit Church, Mannheim image
Jesuit Church, Mannheim
Catholic church
1700s Jesuit church with twin bell towers & an opulent interior with polychrome marble.
4.80 (861 reviews)
Mannheim Central Mosque image
Mannheim Central Mosque
Expansive landmark mosque holding daily prayer services & regular community events.
4.80 (820 reviews)
Dunya - Arabisches Restaurant image
Dunya - Arabisches Restaurant
Arab restaurant
Warm restaurant offering traditional Arabic cuisine in a casual dining area that has a show kitchen.
$$ $$
4.70 (2.2K reviews)
Little Ma Shisha&Cocktail lounge image
Little Ma Shisha&Cocktail lounge
Hookah bar
😠 This place is a complete rip off! Their shisha tastes horrible. We have been there 3 times in total to give them the benefit of doubt, but every time we have had to send the shisha back. The last time, the attitude of the staff pushed us over the edge. We complained about the shisha and sent it back...
4.70 (2.1K reviews)
Beier GmbH & Co. KG image
Beier GmbH & Co. KG
Garden center
Established, family-run garden center providing potted plants, flowers & decor in roomy quarters.
4.70 (2K reviews)
Bếp Of Home image
Bếp Of Home
Asian fusion restaurant
👍👍 Tiny Imbiss with amazing food. Unique taste. Popular for takeouts but plenty of people eat there as well.
$ $$$
4.80 (567 reviews)
Waldpark Mannheim image
Waldpark Mannheim
Hiking area
👍 Really nice to go in the afternoon, mainly when we are approaching summer! The only downside is the flies that are everywhere and there is nothing you can do about it
4.70 (1.3K reviews)
Glückstein image
Vegan restaurant
👍👍 Some of the best food in Mannheim—vegan or otherwise! Colors, flavors, and textures were all on point, everything was a joy to eat, and very reasonably priced for the quality and amount of food. Don’t miss it!
$$ $$
4.80 (509 reviews)
Eismanufaktur zeitgEISt image
Eismanufaktur zeitgEISt
Ice cream shop
👍👍 Eismanukatur Zeitgeist is the perfect place to enjoy authentic Italian gelato near the beautiful Rhein River in Mannheim. They offer a convenient card payment option, and you'll be pleased to know that their scoops of ice cream are generously sized. Sometimes there might be a bit of a line, but trus...
$ $$$
4.70 (1.2K reviews)
19th Street Burger image
19th Street Burger
Hamburger restaurant
👍👍 We ordered at 2am in the morning not expecting it to be that great but this place blew our minds, easily one of the best burgers i’ve had and their wrap was amazing too. This place surprised us.
4.80 (492 reviews)
Uzun Taşfırını - Uzun Imbiss Bäckerei (Holzfeuerofen Restaurant) image
Uzun Taşfırını - Uzun Imbiss Bäckerei (Holzfeuerofen Restaurant)
Turkish restaurant
Simple cafe with a wood-burning oven, for traditional dishes, pide flatbreads & pizzalike lahmacun.
$ $$$
4.70 (1.1K reviews)
Café Frida Kahlo image
Café Frida Kahlo
👍👍 Great little café immediately feel at home. Very cozy. Friendly owner. A very small menu with a unique Persian/Mexican is tasty. A wonderful place to spend an afternoon.
4.90 (297 reviews)
Pita Pita Grillstore image
Pita Pita Grillstore
Greek restaurant
Relaxed fast-food stand specializing in pita & flatbread gyro sandwiches, plus fries.
$ $$$
4.70 (1K reviews)
Restaurant Heimat image
Restaurant Heimat
Charming, modern dining on a restored riverboat with a terrace, serving burgers, steak & apéritifs.
$$ $$
4.70 (1K reviews)
SOI 39 - Thai Street Food image
SOI 39 - Thai Street Food
👍👍 (UPDATED) BEST AND MOST AUTHENTIC Thai restaurant I have found so far in Germany (okay at least in Rheinland Pfalz and Baden Württemberg region). I have been living in Bangkok for 3 months and in the meantime also traveled inside the country, so I know how does it really taste. So i really recommen...
$$ $$
4.80 (454 reviews)
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