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Discover the best places in Bannu, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. This list contains 8 places from Hotel category.

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Buraq Hotel & Restaurant Bannu image
Buraq Hotel & Restaurant Bannu
👍👍 Hospitality and buraq hotel... Great 👍
4.60 (82 reviews) (~2.75 km from centre)
Shelton Guest House Bannu image
Shelton Guest House Bannu
👍 Best in Bannu but needs improvement keeping the price they charge per night. Rooms are spacious and beds be comfortable. Lack complimentary services and washrooms are small though you get hot water 24*7 in winters. The front desk is placed at a corner looking odd. As the hotel is in a residential ar...
4.20 (232 reviews) (~9.41 km from centre)
Aamir Hotel Bannu image
Aamir Hotel Bannu
😐 It was a good place to be. They offer a good variety from traditional to Pakistani national to international. Prices are cheap and the sitting arrangement is okay-ish. The service needs to be improved. The location is not okay. Too much noise coming from out.
3.70 (315 reviews) (~0.51 km from centre)
کرم اِن ہوٹل Kurram Inn Hotel image
کرم اِن ہوٹل Kurram Inn Hotel
😐 Typical example of mismanagement and a missed opportunity. Though the place is overall very suitable for a hotel and lawns and parking raise expectations but the rooms are huge let down and so are services. Rates are ok but the standard could be improved specially for rooms,cleanliness and staffing....
3.60 (295 reviews) (~2.01 km from centre)
Islamabad Hotel image
Islamabad Hotel
👍 Good
4.00 (43 reviews) (~0.62 km from centre)
ADIL Hotel image
ADIL Hotel
🫤 Although service was good price are affordable but management need to clean room and washrooms on regular basis
3.50 (91 reviews) (~1.44 km from centre)
Usman Hotel image
Usman Hotel
👍👍 Love it
3.40 (81 reviews) (~2.39 km from centre)
Paradise Hotel image
Paradise Hotel
👍 Clean,good but little higher in rent as compared to other hotels here
3.50 (45 reviews) (~0.61 km from centre)
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