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Discover the best places in Afumați, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 242 places in the village.

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Pasarea Monastery image
Pasarea Monastery
👍 beautiful. A nice place.. Feel godliness. Fresh air and welcoming People.
4.80 (3.4K reviews) (~7.14 km from centre)
Popeyes Drive-Thru (Lemon) image
Popeyes Drive-Thru (Lemon)
Chicken restaurant
🫤 Popeyes serves up low quality fried chicken that is greasy and often overcooked. The sides are uninspired and flavors are just average. Service is slow and employees seem unfocused. Dining areas tend to be messy and chaotic. For cheap fast food chicken it works, but I've had much better fried chicke...
$$ $$
4.80 (1.8K reviews) (~8.64 km from centre)
Club Inot Swimming Team Fundeni image
Club Inot Swimming Team Fundeni
Swimming school
👍👍 I highly recommend coach Cristian Ciupercovici. He is the best coach at the pool, absolutely professional behavior, knows how to behave with children and communicate with them exactly on their terms. Exceptional teaching techniques and his ability to make children perform, already having 25 children...
5.00 (230 reviews) (~9.48 km from centre)
Vilă Petreceri Private image
Vilă Petreceri Private
Event venue
👍👍 The perfect 👌 private party 🎊 venue! Cozy and discreet, the property offers amazing indoor and outdoor possibilities! With their efficient planing and organizing at your disposal, your party will be a guaranteed success!🎉
4.80 (409 reviews) (~2.8 km from centre)
Ferma Animalelor image
Ferma Animalelor
Hands-on children's farm offering pony rides, play areas, trampolining & a hearty restaurant.
4.60 (6.2K reviews) (~7.11 km from centre)
PAWZ - The Golden Retriever Land image
PAWZ - The Golden Retriever Land
Animal park
5.00 (184 reviews) (~9.55 km from centre)
Arezzo Ristorante image
Arezzo Ristorante
👍👍 Best pizza in Bucharest, for me. I like especially the dough and its smell and texture, plus the tomato sauce used.
$$ $$
4.70 (505 reviews) (~8.77 km from centre)
Prăjituresele image
👍👍 Always a pleasure to visit this place and always met with happy smiles. Everything is home made and tasty. So calm and peaceful, its a hidden gem.
$$ $$
4.70 (435 reviews) (~9.5 km from centre)
Osaj fast food image
Osaj fast food
👍👍 Best kebab and hummus in Bucharest (i already ate all of them) truly recommend. Hamude is a great guy, he is always there, very friendly and provides excellent service.
4.80 (272 reviews) (~9.81 km from centre)
Trattoria Terra Restaurant & Pizza image
Trattoria Terra Restaurant & Pizza
👍👍 A place with a pleasant and modern atmosphere. The staff was very friendly, present all the time and I didn't wait too long even though there were quite a few customers present. We were pleasantly surprised by the presentation of the plates and the taste of the food! One of the best restaurants in t...
4.90 (200 reviews) (~5.66 km from centre)
Sciccheria image
👍👍 This place is a most welcome addition in Pipera-Voluntari area ! Quality and tasty food, wide selection on the menu, kind and skilled service ! We celebrated our daughter's birthday here and could not have chosen wiser. A bit on the expensive side but worth it ! Extra tip: family friendly and wel...
4.60 (506 reviews) (~8.97 km from centre)
Sana's Kitchen Hut image
Sana's Kitchen Hut
👍👍 Best Indian food in town. The way they treated their customers is so kind. Very kindhearted and hospitality women entrepreneur (boss). The foods are so worthy to go for far away..
4.90 (157 reviews) (~8.95 km from centre)
Ambery Home image
Ambery Home
👍👍 Very nice restaurant!!!
4.80 (184 reviews) (~9.65 km from centre)
Cetatea Din Alep image
Cetatea Din Alep
👍 Middle eastern restaurant at the outskirts of the Colentina quarter; no slow-cooked dishes; mostly, food is based on minced meat and chicken; though, beef and lamb skewers were delicious; good prices; slightly unatentive but kind service; toilets are below even the middle eastern standards; no outdo...
$$ $$
4.50 (799 reviews) (~9.5 km from centre)
Ekko lounge & restaurant image
Ekko lounge & restaurant
😠 Very awful experience on Glovo -1 The magazine decided to use their own courier so the map does not show anything, which makes the users very inconvenient -1 The courier does not know how to say the basic words " hi pizza is here" in English -2 The Magazine cancelled my order without my perssion
$$ $$
4.50 (702 reviews) (~7.31 km from centre)
Le Mer image
Le Mer
👍👍 Great place to stay, all is very clean and new. The apartment is big and elegant, good breakfast, an extraordinary price for all. The bottle water from the apartament is included in the room price.
4.70 (231 reviews) (~0.78 km from centre)
Pensiunea La Puiu image
Pensiunea La Puiu
👍👍 Good place, nice rooms and a nice inner garden.
4.60 (334 reviews) (~0.29 km from centre)
Jumbo image
Toy store
👍👍 Wow!!! Jumbo is a HUGE shop that has everything you will ever need in order to make the perfect gift and to satisfy a child. The prices are the lowest that you can find in the market and they start from just .... a few euro cents. The quality is also good for the money that you pay. But the products...
4.40 (3.6K reviews) (~5.38 km from centre)
Cosmopolis image
Apartment complex
👍👍 Great gem on the map of Romania! Definitely worth to stay even for one night in many of the Airbnb apartments that you can find here. This place has it all, shops, restaurants, clean and well maintained public pools, pool bar, gym, tennis courts. It's all clean and full of nice people at the same t...
4.40 (2.6K reviews) (~6.36 km from centre)
Colonial Club Cernica image
Colonial Club Cernica
Wedding venue
👍👍 Ok
4.50 (521 reviews) (~9.78 km from centre)
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