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Discover the best places in Popeşti-Leordeni, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 68 places in the city.

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MiT - Burgărie și altele image
MiT - Burgărie și altele
👍👍 Nice place, they have also craft beer which goes well with the burgers and the fries
$$ $$
4.80 (449 reviews)
5 To Go image
5 To Go
👍👍 I love this coffee shop, I bought coffee from here every day in the morning when I went to work. The staff was always nice and, annoyingly, the place was always full of people waiting for their coffee. But that is, nevertheless, a good sign, that they brew the best coffee in town. :)
$ $$$
4.70 (399 reviews)
La Ciotoianu / Mici / Pastrami image
La Ciotoianu / Mici / Pastrami
👍👍 Hidden gem 💎 One of the best mici in town. Always busy and always fresh but the orders are done quickly. Grab some mici, bread and mustard and eat where you can (we ate on our car hood 🚗) We've ordered: - 6 mici and mustard for 23 RON. Each mic is around 10cm long, 3 cm thick and very juicy. (Tha...
$ $$$
4.50 (6.9K reviews)
Hasmir Kebap 2 image
Hasmir Kebap 2
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Generous portion, good price Friendly staff Clean locale Very tasty!! I moved nearby and my weight is in danger!
4.70 (271 reviews)
Food x One Love Coffee image
Food x One Love Coffee
👍👍 I absolutely loved the place. The papanași with ice-cream were absolutely delicious. The staff is nice and very friendly. I loved the place. I'll definitely visit again.
4.70 (243 reviews)
Aluat by FireHouse Pizza image
Aluat by FireHouse Pizza
Pizza restaurant
🫤 the dough may be homemade, but the ingredients used for the pizza were of doubtful quality. nor was the service one of the best with all the kindness of the staff.
4.80 (171 reviews)
KiddyKid - Loc de joacă pentru copii image
KiddyKid - Loc de joacă pentru copii
Children's amusement center
👍👍 Un loc de joaca minunat! Cea mai frumoasa petrecere, copii s au simțit minunat! Mulțumim KiddyKid.
4.80 (163 reviews)
Zema Food image
Zema Food
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Really good food, great service (They were so nice on the phone) and they are really really quick. My Chicken Wrap had an interesting lemony taste that I didn't try so far in my other wraps, but it wasn't a bad experience. They could use a bit more sauce though, it felt a bit dry when eating. The Bl...
4.50 (502 reviews)
La Strada Mall image
La Strada Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 Very nice place, with restaurants, coffeeshops etc.... Most shops are open till midnight because most of those moving to Popesti-Leordeni are young couples.... The city had the greatest growth in constructions and population number allover Romania
4.40 (812 reviews)
Aslan Restaurant image
Aslan Restaurant
5.00 (95 reviews)
Sea Ray - Fructe de mare image
Sea Ray - Fructe de mare
Seafood restaurant
4.70 (167 reviews)
KomFitness II image
KomFitness II
👍👍 Super!
4.70 (147 reviews)
House of Burger image
House of Burger
👍👍 The burgers are very tasty! I ordered a burger, wedges and a Lipton tea bottle and the whole menu was very good. The staff is very friendly (it looks like a family business - a quite good one actually). Unfortunately there are only 4 tables, providing seating for about 12 people, but it's not crowde...
$$ $$
4.50 (266 reviews)
Gyros Thessalonikis - Popesti-Leordeni image
Gyros Thessalonikis - Popesti-Leordeni
Greek restaurant
👍 I had with my colleagues gyros for lunch. Tasty and decent prices. I find Ayran drink quite expensive 8ron compared to the other prices. Difficult to find a parking spot, I parked on a private one and left my phone number in the windshield.
4.40 (421 reviews)
Restaurant Atmosfera image
Restaurant Atmosfera
👍👍 Mâncarea neașteptat de bună. 4 persoane, 4 meniuri diferite și un al 5-lea la comun: Quesadilla, șnițel de vită, mușchiuleț de porc, pastramă și șnițel de pui. Șnițelul de vită a fost fraged și gustos, piureul cu trufe excelent. Șnițelul de pui foarte gustos, suculent și fraged. Mușchiulețul de porc...
4.70 (135 reviews)
La Mami Acasa image
La Mami Acasa
👍👍 Best staff, food and parties!!!
$$ $$
4.30 (670 reviews)
KomFitness Pool & Spa image
KomFitness Pool & Spa
😠 Am venit să văd noua sală și să fac un antrenament de probă (nu există așa ceva în oferta lor), dar am plecat dezamăgită și știind că nu voi reveni pentru a mă antrena în această locație. În toate centrele de fitness pe unde am fost, clientul este întâmpinat cu voie bună, nu cu aroganță, i se prezin...
4.70 (116 reviews)
𝕊𝕥𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕠 ℙ𝕝𝕦𝕘𝕀𝕟 ℙ𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕚 Coffee Shop image
𝕊𝕥𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕠 ℙ𝕝𝕦𝕘𝕀𝕟 ℙ𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕚 Coffee Shop
👍👍 One of the best coffee in Romania !! 😊👌☕ And also great music inside 😎✨ Always a pleasure to pass by & grab a good "black magical potion" 🙏
4.70 (115 reviews)
Restaurant Belvedere image
Restaurant Belvedere
$$ $$
4.50 (183 reviews)
BIG MIC - Restaurant, Terasă & Pizzerie image
BIG MIC - Restaurant, Terasă & Pizzerie
👍👍 Pizza foarte buna, paste quatro formaggi excelente!
$$ $$
4.30 (480 reviews)
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