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Aqvatonic Med Spa - Steaua De Mare image
Aqvatonic Med Spa - Steaua De Mare
😐 The hotel is near to the sea, has a great SPA, and people working here are very nice, friendly and helpful. The price paid in March for all inclusive services plus access to the SPA is the correct price for the entire year, not just for March. However, if you pick June, the price is almost 7 times h...
4.50 (2.8K reviews)
Vila Blue Lagoon image
Vila Blue Lagoon
👍👍 nice room and regine vel prices
4.70 (317 reviews)
Vila Orhidee image
Vila Orhidee
👍👍 One of the best locations on the entire Romanian coast. A real family business, in which the owners (a family of young entrepreneurs) know what it means to make you feel good and safe. Cleanliness and common sense are at home, the food is better than at home (congratulations to the chef), and the g...
4.90 (160 reviews)
Parc Eforie Nord image
Parc Eforie Nord
4.70 (273 reviews)
Hanul Hora Românească image
Hanul Hora Românească
👍 The beaches is quite far, but the food is pretty good. You can pay with Sodexo card. A room for 4 persons isn't big, only 2 beds, 2 TVs and a bathroom. No air-conditioning.
4.60 (388 reviews)
ROTISERIE Gradina de Vara image
ROTISERIE Gradina de Vara
👍👍 This hidden restaurant is a perk. Professional and kind staff approach, high standard of service. Cozy seating in the shadows. Nice and quiet background music. Would highly recommend, especially for families. The only negative was they didn't have ice cream as desert at the time, but the food was de...
$$ $$
4.60 (367 reviews)
Eforie Colorat Gradina Cinemascop image
Eforie Colorat Gradina Cinemascop
Cultural center
👍👍 I really enjoyed it..great job cleaning up the place
4.90 (143 reviews)
Vila Rocco image
Vila Rocco
👍👍 E a doua oară când alegem această vilă deoarece ne plac gazdele, curățenia exemplară, paturile mari și confortabile, locurile amenajate pentru copii, și mai ales prețul atractiv. Vom reveni și anul viitor!
4.80 (174 reviews)
Arome 22 image
Arome 22
😐 Clearly above the average of the Romanian seaside. Clean and with a chill vibe. However the hospitality aspect leaves to be desired (child-friendliness was really not there), the waiting of the tables could be improved, so would the range of vegetarian options in the menu (we ended up eating an asso...
4.70 (215 reviews)
Razvan Botezatu Second Hand image
Razvan Botezatu Second Hand
Second hand store
👍👍 Cu părere de rău, nu te-am găsit la magazin, venisem tocmai din Republica Moldova, dar în schimb am plecat cu tricoul "DĂ-ȚI CU REVENEALĂ", deja când voi mai reveni, sper să te întâlnesc personal, este adevărată artă tot ce creezi, te urmăresc cu drag!!!
4.90 (131 reviews)
Terrace with Anchors image
Terrace with Anchors
👍👍 2017: Great location. Fantastic and fresh food. 2023: Came back and we were more than suprised to see the new spectacular design of the restaurant. The food was excellent then but now is more than that. The new photos will speak for themselves. Best fish and sea food on the romanian sea side.
$$ $$
4.40 (2.1K reviews)
Boeme Beach image
Boeme Beach
👍 The beach bank is absolutely fantastic, clean and is not to many people, no very loud music so is just very relaxing... The food selection is very limited... 1 of the best "open" beach (in 2016)
4.50 (463 reviews)
Casa Loro image
Casa Loro
Bed & breakfast
4.80 (141 reviews)
Caredy Kitchen Faleza image
Caredy Kitchen Faleza
Self service restaurant
👍👍 Seemed more high end than other places, hence caught our eye. Good prices and big plates. Professional stuff and plenty of food which quickly goes away. Definitely recommend.
$$ $$
4.40 (605 reviews)
Restaurant Pongal image
Restaurant Pongal
👍👍 The food has a very good taste. The prices are low. The staff is very kind. The location inside is very heartwarming.
$ $$$
4.40 (592 reviews)
Cofetăria Regaliz image
Cofetăria Regaliz
👍👍 A place where someone can find divine cakes. It is actually the only place for which someone should pay a visit to Eforie Nord.
4.50 (308 reviews)
Hotel Nadia image
Hotel Nadia
👍👍 Locația este foarte aproape de plajă, camerele curate, personalul amabil, preturi accesibile ținând cont de distanta fata de plaja. Recomand!
4.70 (156 reviews)
Hotel Hermes Eforie Nord image
Hotel Hermes Eforie Nord
👍👍 O locație excelentă, aproape de plajă , oameni deosebiți la recepție, camere curate. Personal la curățenie de nota 10.O vacanta reușită! O sa revenim cu mare drag!
4.70 (150 reviews)
La Petre Pescarul image
La Petre Pescarul
😠 Low quality food and worst customer experience ever. When giving feedback to the so called manager he started to laugh in my face and stated that "This is how the fish should be". Not qualified staff lacking respect towards customer with zero customer service skills. Dear owner, please invest in the...
$$ $$
4.30 (1.9K reviews)
Complex Balnear Vraja Mării image
Complex Balnear Vraja Mării
Indoor lodging
👍👍 I was there in 2021, and I already paid in advance when booking for 11 nights with treatment in August. The price is a bit steep, but it's worth every last lei. I'm talking about 2021 in the midst of a pandemic: Cleaning every morning after you left the room, We had a table strictly reserved just fo...
4.40 (435 reviews)
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