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White Horse Rock'n Roll image
White Horse Rock'n Roll
Live music bar
👍👍 The best place in Costinești! I've met the nicest people and staff here. I really recommend it going here at least once in your life, it's the best experience you can have. The music, the people, the drinks and the activities are made for everyone who wants to spend their time in a memorable way. :D
$$ $$
4.70 (2.4K reviews) (~6.81 km from centre)
Pizzeria Medieval image
Pizzeria Medieval
👍👍 Excellent food!!!
4.80 (376 reviews) (~8.52 km from centre)
Pizza Milano image
Pizza Milano
👍👍 Great food and very good Waitress:) A grade to the team
4.80 (365 reviews) (~8.91 km from centre)
Trușcă Grill image
Trușcă Grill
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 The staff was very nice and the place is clean and tidy. Tables could be modular or bigger. I will surely go there again.
4.70 (652 reviews) (~8.32 km from centre)
Terasa Summer DVG Costinesti image
Terasa Summer DVG Costinesti
👍👍 Insanely good compared to other places in Costinesti. The service was impeccable and the food is delicious. Waiters are fast and friendly. Drinks get you drunk with every sip. Mojitos are great.
$$ $$
4.60 (2.6K reviews) (~6.86 km from centre)
Gelosia Italian Art Cream gelaterie image
Gelosia Italian Art Cream gelaterie
Ice cream shop
👍👍 A veritable ice cream! I have taken for myself a cup of chocolate with orange and one with melon. Incredibly good. The staff is nice 🙂
4.80 (313 reviews) (~7.88 km from centre)
Mera Brise Mangalia image
Mera Brise Mangalia
Contemporary rooms, some with balconies & sea views, in a relaxed hotel offering a restaurant.
4.60 (887 reviews) (~8.28 km from centre)
Evangelia Shipwreck image
Evangelia Shipwreck
Tourist attraction
👍 Very interesting to see, a very big commercial boat abandoned really close to the beach. It is colder than it seems to be. Now it has become dangerous because of the corrosion that is making the structure very thin and unstable. The closest town is Costinești, well known as a youth people summer des...
4.60 (777 reviews) (~9.07 km from centre)
Closed image
Housing development
😠 I went on August 2 for a treatment with a cat. It looked abandoned. A poster gives the schedule for days only from the second part of August... So I don't have any stars to give to a closed office. Google Maps gives the address at no. 10 but the point on the map is in the villa opposite which is wr...
4.80 (217 reviews) (~8.39 km from centre)
Museum of History and Archeology image
Museum of History and Archeology
History museum
👍👍 The museum is amazing. There are very nice artifacts especially in the underground room and there are many of them that were influenced by the Greek history. The personnel was friendly and always willing to help and also the souvenirs were quite different from everything else at the seaside.
4.50 (1K reviews) (~7.96 km from centre)
Crișana Olimp image
Crișana Olimp
4.60 (423 reviews) (~0.24 km from centre)
NOVUM By the Sea image
NOVUM By the Sea
Upscale apartment hotel offering a private beach area, plus dining, an outdoor pool & entertainment.
4.50 (1K reviews) (~0.6 km from centre)
Pizzeria Al Posto Giusto image
Pizzeria Al Posto Giusto
Pizza restaurant
😠 Good pizza, but I got food poisoning because of it :)))
$$ $$
4.50 (922 reviews) (~8.41 km from centre)
Patiseria Amicii image
Patiseria Amicii
Dessert shop
😠 So, last year I was here and very satisfied, but today.. Sorry I didn't liked the cake at all, will not return here
$$ $$
4.50 (880 reviews) (~8.76 km from centre)
Kalu image
Serviced accommodation
👍👍 Paradisul plantelor🌴, murmurul apei din iaz🪷, starea de bine din interiorul terasei recent amenajate, te invită la relaxare și garantează o vacanță reușită. Cea mai bună cafea ☕️ este pregătită cu drag de doamna proprietară, cafea ce poate fi servită într-o atmosferă Zen și liniștită 🏖️ Camerele...
4.80 (186 reviews) (~7.7 km from centre)
Patiseria LA MELIA image
Patiseria LA MELIA
👍👍 Order a hot suberek with cheese or meat (or 2, one of each) and a home made yoghurt and you can't go wrong.
4.60 (390 reviews) (~8.32 km from centre)
Terasa Capitol image
Terasa Capitol
👍👍 It is the best place in Jupiter. The food is very good, friendly staff and, if are worried about covid 19 you can take the lunch or dinner in safe conditions. There is a lot of space to keep the distance. This is the place you are looking for!
$$ $$
4.60 (361 reviews) (~3.53 km from centre)
"Esmahan Sultan" Mosque image
"Esmahan Sultan" Mosque
👍👍 Beautiful mosque in such a peaceful setting. The mosque is about 500 years old. One side has a cemetery and the other a small forest or orchid. The local Imam, or Hojja, stays on the end of the property and is quite friendly. He is Turkish by birth but has been in Mangalia for many years. Fluent in...
4.50 (679 reviews) (~8.59 km from centre)
Popasul Pescarilor image
Popasul Pescarilor
Fish restaurant
🫤 We went there in a rather large group (9 people), some of us having gone here before, so we expected a place with good food. This couldn’t have been further from why we experienced…, all dishes came at once (though we had soups and main dishes), most dishes were cold or barely warm, the fries were u...
$$ $$
4.40 (9.3K reviews) (~1.65 km from centre)
Harvey's Irish Pub image
Harvey's Irish Pub
Irish pub
👍👍 New fresh place in Mangalia, friends and families of all ages are welcome whatever the occasion, whatever the time of day, morning, noon or night,sure will find something for everyone at your local Harvey's Irish Pub.
$$ $$
4.50 (608 reviews) (~8.85 km from centre)
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