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Cartofisserie image
Fast food restaurant
5.00 (1K reviews) (~7.95 km from centre)
I Giardini di Zoe image
I Giardini di Zoe
Elegantly hedge mazes, flower displays & water features, arranged in an Italian Renaissance style.
4.70 (6.8K reviews) (~3.74 km from centre)
Noblesse House image
Noblesse House
Warmly furnished quarters in a relaxed guesthouse offering an outdoor pool, a garden & a terrace.
4.80 (389 reviews) (~9.11 km from centre)
Arboretum Park Simeria image
Arboretum Park Simeria
👍👍 I am happy for finding this beautiful and peaceful place. The park us huge so you have to take half of day to visit it. Make sure you take something to drink/eat because there is no place to buy anything there. A sunny day will be perfect for this. Enjoy!
4.60 (3.4K reviews) (~1.86 km from centre)
Grizzly Restaurant image
Grizzly Restaurant
👍👍 Nice place with very interesting dishes, and good service.
$$ $$
4.60 (1.9K reviews) (~9.99 km from centre)
Pensiunea Villa Lotus image
Pensiunea Villa Lotus
Low-key guesthouse offering unfussy rooms, some with balconies, plus free parking.
4.70 (412 reviews) (~9.1 km from centre)
Pensiunea Alexander House image
Pensiunea Alexander House
Warm colorful rooms in a down-to-earth guesthouse featuring a courtyard, plus free bike rentals.
4.70 (387 reviews) (~9.22 km from centre)
Măgura Uroiului image
Măgura Uroiului
Nature preserve
👍👍 Every year, on this hill, a Dacian festival takes place. (The Dacians are the ancestors of the Romanian people.) Check the Facebook page Terra Dacica Aeterna.
4.60 (630 reviews) (~0.72 km from centre)
Domeniile Streiului image
Domeniile Streiului
😠 Dirty place especially the toilets, (no soap, no toilet paper), very rude people!!! The food is so bad.....🙄😟. There is an very bad smell all around that place..
$$ $$
4.70 (333 reviews) (~3.61 km from centre)
Pensiunea Diana image
Pensiunea Diana
Guest house
👍👍 O locatie minunata! Camere mari si curate, mancare proaspata si gustoasa, piscina cu apa calda, gazde primitoare! Felicitari, proprietarilor!
4.80 (221 reviews) (~8.54 km from centre)
Decathlon image
Sporting goods store
😠 Security personnel are after people and you feel like you are a thief: what's in your bag, ... maybe a camera it's much cheaper and discreet. Another thing is they have 4 self service but they are not in use , only one with a guy who is serving you on self service... welcome to Romania..
4.50 (1.1K reviews) (~8.06 km from centre)
Pensiunea President image
Pensiunea President
Bed & breakfast
Relaxed rooms in a down-to-earth guesthouse with a casual restaurant, an outdoor pool & a terrace.
4.60 (401 reviews) (~9.21 km from centre)
Cozy Corner image
Cozy Corner
👍👍 Nice atmosphere, lovely service, came here a good few times. Always relaxing as always having a place to hide from outside noise 😜
$$ $$
4.90 (148 reviews) (~9.97 km from centre)
Advent Shooting Range image
Advent Shooting Range
Corporate office
👍👍 The best shooting range near Deva, with skilled and professional trainers! I really recommend it!
4.80 (175 reviews) (~5.53 km from centre)
Shopping City Deva image
Shopping City Deva
Shopping mall
😠 Do you suffer from persistent cheerfulness and happiness? Does your environment start to get annoyed by your happiness and spontaneous singing and humming? Come to your blackest and darkest self by stepping into the shopping center! Everything that makes humanity ugly can be found here: kitch, gree...
4.40 (10.5K reviews) (~8.15 km from centre)
Andero Events & Pensiune image
Andero Events & Pensiune
Wedding planner
👍👍 Ok !
4.70 (220 reviews) (~7.94 km from centre)
Castelul Maria image
Castelul Maria
Cozy quarters in a hillside guesthouse with a garden, a bar & a refined restaurant with a terrace.
4.50 (549 reviews) (~3.62 km from centre)
Pensiunea Bukovina image
Pensiunea Bukovina
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 Clean, spacious rooms, hospitality characterizes the owners, the food is excellent and plentiful, no complaints. We have stayed in the area and I can say that this is the best. Well worth the money.
4.80 (160 reviews) (~8.79 km from centre)
Langoserie Bacia image
Langoserie Bacia
Fast food restaurant
4.50 (526 reviews) (~7.18 km from centre)
Restaurant Sava image
Restaurant Sava
👍👍 Exquisite restaurant. Good food, extremely polite staff
$$ $$
4.50 (386 reviews) (~8.39 km from centre)
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