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St. Mary Monastery Jercalai image
St. Mary Monastery Jercalai
👍 Wooden church is closed most of the time. Check before visiting.
4.70 (828 reviews) (~2.31 km from centre)
Bellu Mansion Museum image
Bellu Mansion Museum
👍👍 Went here on a beautiful autumn day. The ride was about 1h drive from Bucharest. Parking lot is free and on the premises and there are also 2 museums here: - the tower at the entrance - the mansion (this one is higher up the hill, about 100m) Each museum has a 10 lei entrance fee for adults. Feel fr...
4.60 (1.3K reviews) (~0.09 km from centre)
Vinalia Conacul din Ceptura image
Vinalia Conacul din Ceptura
Casual quarters in a polished hotel offering a restaurant, a bar & a sauna, plus an outdoor pool.
4.60 (1K reviews) (~6.44 km from centre)
Wine Cellar 1777 Museum image
Wine Cellar 1777 Museum
👍👍 Small museum about traditional winery.
4.80 (256 reviews) (~5.19 km from centre)
Casa Timiş - Wellness & Spa Resort image
Casa Timiş - Wellness & Spa Resort
Casual rooms, some with balconies, in polished hotel with free breakfast, a restaurant & a terrace.
4.50 (1.3K reviews) (~9.07 km from centre)
Verbila Monastery image
Verbila Monastery
👍👍 Honestly, I don't really kill myself with ecumenical tourism, instead I am passionate about history and I read that the Verbila monastery has a close connection with Michael the Brave. We were very lucky to find in the church of the monastery a lady who, apart from knowing all the history of the mon...
4.70 (247 reviews) (~5.99 km from centre)
Cofetăria Bolgiu image
Cofetăria Bolgiu
👍👍 Ok
4.40 (335 reviews) (~1.37 km from centre)
Ene Fast Food image
Ene Fast Food
Fast food restaurant
4.30 (689 reviews) (~5.35 km from centre)
Restaurant Veranda dintre Vii image
Restaurant Veranda dintre Vii
👍👍 Perfectly situated in the wine yard we had a really nice lunch. Would recommend coming here and enjoying the view, the food and the good service.
4.70 (123 reviews) (~9.05 km from centre)
Restaurant Rotonda image
Restaurant Rotonda
Italian restaurant
👍👍 Loveliest atmosphere together with the kindest people and mouth-watering dishes.. loved it! I enjoyed a few meals here, enough to list a couple of delightful must tries: - home made pesto AND home made focaccia w/ pesto (just lovely) - PIZZA FRUTTI DI MARE - POLPO ALLA GRIGLIA (the best octopus I’v...
4.70 (119 reviews) (~9.09 km from centre)
Lidl image
Supermarket chain supplying groceries and household goods at discounted prices.
4.20 (2.5K reviews) (~1.87 km from centre)
Casa Colinelor image
Casa Colinelor
👍👍 The establishment is located in a nice and quiet area. Big parking so don't need to worry. They provided a terrace covered and inside restaurant. Very friendly staff . Very reasonable prices. Hotel has a winery which is called 1000 de Chipuri. I had a wine tasting with the winemaker. Great wines! Fo...
4.30 (418 reviews) (~0.47 km from centre)
Carmangeria Prahoveana image
Carmangeria Prahoveana
Cold cut store
4.50 (163 reviews) (~5.56 km from centre)
Vinaria Rovit Valea Calugareasca image
Vinaria Rovit Valea Calugareasca
Wine store
👍👍 Am cumpărat două soiuri de vin excelente.
4.60 (125 reviews) (~7.23 km from centre)
Grădina Magică a Lavandei image
Grădina Magică a Lavandei
4.80 (85 reviews) (~1.62 km from centre)
Casa de Cultura Urlati image
Casa de Cultura Urlati
Cultural center
4.60 (107 reviews) (~0.75 km from centre)
Sofia Events image
Sofia Events
👍👍 O locație super frumoasă!!!
4.50 (117 reviews) (~5.13 km from centre)
Feteasca neagra Restaurant image
Feteasca neagra Restaurant
Guest house
😠 We waited more than a hour for a bowl of soup. The table was dirty, and the staff almost rude, with no interest in listening or answering questions. Our coffee was a mere coloured water, tasteless and flavourless. Maybe the most annoying part was all the background noise, with different music for e...
4.10 (445 reviews) (~5.69 km from centre)
Brutaria albeşti image
Brutaria albeşti
4.70 (68 reviews) (~5.37 km from centre)
Urban Doner image
Urban Doner
Fast food restaurant
4.50 (90 reviews) (~5.34 km from centre)
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