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Meroë East (Main) Necropolis image
Meroë East (Main) Necropolis
👍👍 One of my my favourite moments of our entire trip was watching the sun set over the beautiful desert sands at the Pyramids of Meroë. This was quite possibly one of the most astonishing sunrises I’ve seen. Loved it so much that we came back a 2nd time for sunrise the next day.
4.70 (271 reviews)
Pyramids of Meroë (West) image
Pyramids of Meroë (West)
Historical landmark
👍👍 An amazing site most people don't know about,, Its super nice , have facilities bath rest area and souvenir shops . What’s most special about the Meroe pyramids is that they were built in the Nubian style, a combination of Egyptian cultural forms with African influences. The pyramids of Meroe are ma...
4.60 (251 reviews)
Meroe Tented Camp image
Meroe Tented Camp
👍👍 This tented camp is just walking distance to the pyramids, and is great for providing accessibility to catch sunrise and sunset over the breathtaking site. Each tent has two beds. There is power until 10-10:30. Behind each tent is a bathroom area with a shower and toilet. Towels and soap are provide...
4.60 (35 reviews)
Shendi Stadium image
Shendi Stadium
American football field
👍👍 A bus stopping point, in addition to industrial areas and workshops for cars, and there is also a fish resort.
4.10 (35 reviews)
Miko Restaurant image
Miko Restaurant
👍👍 Good and upscale, providing distinguished services in the city. We hope that there will be more than one restaurant at the same level soon, and we hope that those in charge of the restaurant will take it to the next level.
$$ $$
3.80 (37 reviews)
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