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Port El Kantaoui image
Port El Kantaoui
👍 Beautiful port Usually used to go on the catamaran (boats) to sea They'll cost around 60 Dinar for 2 ppl, best to book by going to the port itself, rather than through the hotel reps. And is roughly an hour long ride
4.40 (4.3K reviews)
Restaurant Le Mediterranee image
Restaurant Le Mediterranee
🫤 We made reservations in advance and showed up on time, the receptionist decided all window side tables were reserved and wouldn’t seat us somewhere we liked, ended up choosing our table for us. By the end of our meal the restaurant was so empty you can hear a pin drop, so I guess those tables weren’...
4.40 (557 reviews)
Port El Kantaoui image
Port El Kantaoui
Tourist-oriented development with a boat harbor, waterfront esplanades, stores, restaurants & cafes.
4.40 (352 reviews)
Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Port El Kantaoui Hotel image
Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Port El Kantaoui Hotel
Contemporary rooms & suites with balconies in a chic beachfront hotel offering a spa & 2 pools.
4.40 (267 reviews)
Concorde Green Park Palace image
Concorde Green Park Palace
Posh rooms & suites in a high-end hotel by the sea, plus restaurants, bars & a pool.
4.20 (1.3K reviews)
مرسي القنطاوي image
مرسي القنطاوي
Tourist attraction
👍👍 I love this old port...but watch out for the scammers who rent their boats too expensively.
4.30 (201 reviews)
Restaurant La Daurade image
Restaurant La Daurade
👍👍 Wonderful Clean and neat Delicious food
4.40 (141 reviews)
Hannibal Park image
Hannibal Park
Amusement park
😠 I'm changing my review , this is the worst place ever the owners are just very bad and they only care about taking your money the games are extremely dangerous and not safe because they don't really fix them last night a girl fell off the big roller or whatever it is called and she break her back an...
4.00 (1.2K reviews)
Les Emirs Smokers' restaurant image
Les Emirs Smokers' restaurant
👍 Tasty food and nice atmosphere the only inconvenience is the waiting time 🕰️ the view and the weather amazing 🥰
4.10 (247 reviews)
Café El Medina image
Café El Medina
👍👍 Amazing place!! The decoration is just superbe and authentic. The service was great. Everyone was super kind and nice. The food was very tasty, as well as the shisha and the prices way more than fair. I totally recommend. Btw, if you are not a very good eater just take one dish to be shared between...
4.50 (50 reviews)
OUTMIND Kantaoui image
OUTMIND Kantaoui
Video arcade
👍 A wonderful experience, I highly recommend it
4.80 (31 reviews)
El kantaoui diving center image
El kantaoui diving center
Diving center
👍 Only dive centre in the area I found, so if you want to dive, you dive with them. Overall, I'd say everything was fine, nothing bad, nothing amazing. The price and ease takes it from 3 to a 4. I was essentially ticking the 'dived Tunisia' box visiting a friend working nearby The staff are friendly,...
4.30 (50 reviews)
Iron Bar image
Iron Bar
😠 Bodygurads are rude as f$&@&. Not safe, totally not recommend. Be awear.
3.80 (153 reviews)
Café resto La Sirène image
Café resto La Sirène
Bar & grill
👍 Coffee is average. It's average everywhere in Tunisia. Poor choice of snacks. Good sea wiew
4.40 (34 reviews)
Hannibal Palace image
Hannibal Palace
Low-key lodging offering a restaurant, 3 bars & a nightclub, plus outdoor & indoor pools.
3.60 (469 reviews)
ديار البحر image
ديار البحر
Holiday apartment rental
😠 Die Appartements müßten mal GRÜNDLICH renoviert werden, eigentlich kein Stern werd. Am Strand keine Sonnenschirme, war jetzt im Mai dort. The apartments should be THOROUGHLY renovated, actually no star. No umbrellas on the beach, was there in May.
3.80 (86 reviews)
El Kantaoui Center image
El Kantaoui Center
Modest rooms & suites in a relaxed hotel offering dining, a bar & an outdoor pool, plus a spa.
3.40 (466 reviews)
Kantaoui Zoo image
Kantaoui Zoo
👍 Lot of birds, but they have beautiful colors! Baby camel, goats, sheep, rabbits and ostriches! Entrance 5dinar = 1adult. It takes 10-30min time to go throught this zoo. I think it is worth visiting. Except the animal enclosures they are not in good condition and the camel had no food and water.
3.40 (98 reviews)
Cancun Beach image
Cancun Beach
👍 Nice view, good food
3.60 (33 reviews)
L'OSCAR image
😠 Outside stage music unbearably loud between 12-4AM. Ruined night sleeps for half of Marhaba Palace customers with rooms facing this venue (me included). If there are regulations about this in Tunisia, I hope one day you will get a massive fine.
3.10 (71 reviews)
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