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Al-Saleh Mosque image
Al-Saleh Mosque
Built in 2008, this elegant place of worship has a capacity of 44,000 people & is open to tourists.
4.60 (3.5K reviews)
Stone house (Dar Alhajar) image
Stone house (Dar Alhajar)
Historical landmark
Currently a museum, this former royal palace was built on a unique, 18th-century rock base.
4.60 (2K reviews)
Almihdhar Mosque image
Almihdhar Mosque
👍👍 The tallest minaret made of clay in the world that has been built more than 8 centuries and still standing till today
4.70 (551 reviews)
صنعاء القديمه image
صنعاء القديمه
Historical landmark
👍👍 It was really spectacular The big mosques 🕌 in old sana'a make you feel relaxe.
4.60 (1.3K reviews)
The Great Mosque of Sana'a image
The Great Mosque of Sana'a
👍👍 الجامع الكبير بصنعاء القديمة هو جامع بني في عهد الرسول في السنة السادسة للهجرة وهو أحد أقدم المساجد الإسلامية. أمر بتوسعته الخليفة الأموي الوليد بن عبد الملك والولاة من بعده. وقد عثر علماء الآثار عام 2006م بإشراف خبيرة الآثار الفرنسية الدكتورة ماري لين على آثار سراديب وآثار لبناء قديم لا زالت تلك ال...
4.80 (282 reviews)
قلعة القاهرة تعز image
قلعة القاهرة تعز
Historical landmark
👍👍 The best view fo taiz city
4.60 (853 reviews)
محمية حوف image
محمية حوف
National reserve
👍👍 جميله جدا خريف حوف اجمل مكان للسياحه بهذا الوقت
4.80 (230 reviews)
Al Sabeen Square image
Al Sabeen Square
Tourist attraction
😐 Needs to be more clean specially around the mosque out of the walls ...waste of plastic bags everywhere.
4.50 (2.1K reviews)
Throne of Queen Sheba - Barran Temple image
Throne of Queen Sheba - Barran Temple
Historical place
👍👍 Temple of Barran (معبد بران‎) is a Sabaean temple near Ma'rib, Yemen; also known as "Throne of Bilqis" (عرش بلقيس). The Arash Bilqis, which dates back to the 10th century BCE, harbors evidence that Queen Bilqis once actually lived. Despite being thousands of years old, the main part of the building...
4.60 (508 reviews)
Seera Castle image
Seera Castle
👍👍 Sirah Castle is a military site in Aden, Yemen. The castle was built in the eleventh century AD and is currently used by the Yemeni army.[1] The castle is located on Sirah Island, a long volcanic rocky island located near the port of Aden. There were few archaeological studies conducted in the area...
4.50 (1.4K reviews)
Shibam image
Historical landmark
👍👍 The first known inscription about the city dates from the 3rd century CE. It was the capital of the Hadramawt Kingdom. In the 20th century, it was one of the three major cities of the Qu'aiti Sultanate, the others being Al-Mukalla and Ash-Shihr.[6] The city was listed with the UNESCO World Heritag...
4.60 (425 reviews)
Alsahareej (Water Tanks) image
Alsahareej (Water Tanks)
Historical landmark
These massive cisterns built from volcanic rock collected rainwater in ancient times.
4.50 (1K reviews)
Awwam Temple image
Awwam Temple
Historical place
👍👍 And the (Awam) temple is the main temple of the god (Maqha), the god of the Sabaean state, and the temple is located approximately 10 km to the south of the city of Ma'rib, and the public calls its ruins (Muharram Bilqis). Preliminary information indicates that the date of construction of this tem...
4.70 (247 reviews)
Sukoon Park image
Sukoon Park
👍👍 Very amazing place verrrrry peacful, very high mountains and in some time of the year you can touch the clouds by your hands from there. I admire this place.
4.50 (705 reviews)
Aban Mosque image
Aban Mosque
😐 One of the oldest mosques in Aden if not the oldest indeed! But after 1994 war it was rebuilt with ugly design that never respects the culture of the city
4.60 (348 reviews)
Al-Ashrafiyyah Mosque image
Al-Ashrafiyyah Mosque
👍👍 The Ashrafieh School was built during the reign of Rasouli, and was named after Sultan Al-Malik Al-Ashraf Ismail bin Malik Al-Afdal (803 AH - 1400 AH), the son of the Mujahid Al-Malik (800 AH); The mosque was named after Al-Ashraf. It contains a religious school built in 696 AH. It ended the same y...
4.70 (231 reviews)
Dar Al Zahra image
Dar Al Zahra
Religious institution
👍👍 Bismillah Ya Allah, semoga dengan Ridha-mu Kau mengizinkan hamba untuk pergi melangkahkan kaki, menimba ilmu agama yang lebih dalam lagi ke tempat ini Aminn🙏 Allahumma shalli ala sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi sayyidina Muhammad ❤️
4.80 (167 reviews)
Al-Khair Mosque image
Al-Khair Mosque
👍👍 Big Masjed, and School, always lecture after each prayer, nice, and clean.
4.60 (315 reviews)
Great door Taiz image
Great door Taiz
Historical landmark
4.40 (1K reviews)
Haraz Wildlife Sanctuary. image
Haraz Wildlife Sanctuary.
Wildlife refuge
👍 One of the best highest in north side of yemen.Is a mountain region of Yemen, between Sana'a and al-Hudayda. In the 11th century it was the stronghold of the Sulaihiddynasty, many of whose buildings still survive today. Haraz is as famous for its fortified villages which cling to nearly inaccessible...
4.40 (981 reviews)
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