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  • 5Abdul N. 2 months ago
    I travel around the world but this Ramada Inn have an exceptional service, they treat you like a kind, take your luggage to your room, food/water/room service everything was amazingly

  • 5Ch H. 3 months ago
    It was a mesmerizing, enchanting & marvelous experience of my life. 🤗✌ I suppose, Hi-Tea System is more better here. 🤗😇 I went here with my great friends👭👬👫 Adorable & Cooperative Staff... 👏 Appreciate able environment.. 😇 Delicious taste of food... 🥳🤞 Mesmerizing Setup... 🥰😎 And as well as sitting plan is also Enchanting ✌

  • 5Jawad A. 3 months ago
    I stayed at this hotel for one night during my visit to the industrial area of Multan. I was told that the best available hotel in Multan is Ramada, and it was true. From check-in to checkout, everything was comfortable. The room was neat and clean and beautifully designed. There was netflix available on the television of the room, which was good for entertainment. There was an executive lounge available which was offering free drinks and juices until night.

  • 5Explore the Fusion P. 3 months ago
    Ramada Hotel in Multan exceeded my expectations in every way. The hotel's luxurious ambiance and impeccable service made my stay truly memorable. The rooms were spacious, well-appointed, and provided all the amenities I needed for a comfortable stay. The staff went above and beyond to ensure my needs were met, offering exceptional hospitality. Additionally, the hotel's convenient location made it easy to explore the city. Whether for business or leisure, Ramada Hotel in Multan is an excellent choice for a remarkable stay.

  • 1Ujala A. 4 months ago
    There was a fire on our floor at 5:00 am in the morning. Luckily, I woke up smelling the smoke and woke up my family and we exited to the ground floor. By the time we knew about the fire, the corridors were filled with smoke and there was no visibility. We saw 2 people trying to put off the fire and no staff was there to guide the guests to exit. No smoke alarms went off and no one woke the guests during the emergency. This facility should be checked for safety by the authorities. Extremely hazardous and emergency situation was dealt with zero safety protocols. There was so much smoke that people from two floors above us also felt sick and came downstairs. Again, NO alarms went off and no one woke up the guests in this emergency.

  • 4Muhammad U. 4 months ago
    The food is standard. Not excites the taste buds at best but also doesn't rott the mood. Service is brilliant. I have 6 years old kid with me, and I asked them to include him as full. But they excluded his charges, though they have a policy of free kid up to 5 years. Pretty empathetic.

  • 5Baloch I. 5 months ago
    Yes, the food here is good, the service is good and the atmosphere is pleasant. We have come for Iftar and Suhr of Ramadan. Had a great time

  • 4Munawar S. 5 months ago
    Beautiful ambiance. Reasonable prices. All sorts of menu available, different restaurants within a compound. Good Sunday brunch, recommend for a large gathering. Excellent tea and coffee.A well maintained and serene place for dinner in Multan. Pakistani,italian and Chinese food are available at very affordable price.

  • 4Shakeeb H. 6 months ago
    The bathrooms need to be renovoted. Bath Tubs to be replaced with Shower Cabins. Breakfast has improved in taste, quality and variety. On the whole good experience and nice place to Stay in Multan.

  • 5Tawab Hamza A. 6 months ago
    I have stayed at Ramada more than I can count and have had a wonderful experience always/consistently. The hotel is conveniently located and has all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. One of the things to highlight here is the breakfast - the assortment of dishes was great and there was something for everyone. The breakfast buffet had various options, from traditional Pakistani breakfast items to continental dishes. Everything was fresh and delicious, and the service was prompt. The hotel's housekeeping staff does an excellent job keeping the rooms and common areas clean and tidy. The attention to detail is evident everywhere, making the stay all the more enjoyable.

  • 5Tahir S. 7 months ago
    Out of all Ramadas, this Multan city one is the best when it come to the hospitality and service. Staff is extremely courteous and respectful. I experienced this thrice and now I'm convinced they are the best ones in whole chain.

  • 5Jawaid Akhtar C. 8 months ago
    I had experience of Wyndham Marina Bay Dubai and this time had 1st experience of that group at Ramada Wyndham at Multan where everything was superb. especially the Lavish Breakfast and all allied facilities.

  • 5Asad C. 8 months ago
    I have stayed at the Ramada Multan multiple times in 2021-22 and I have consistently had a positive experience. The hotel is clean and well-maintained, with comfortable rooms that are equipped with all the necessary amenities. The location is also convenient, as it is located near the airport. Overall, I would highly recommend the Ramada Multan to anyone looking for a comfortable and convenient hotel in the area.

  • 3Ali Hannan S. 8 months ago
    So, 🫠 really disappointed from Ramada. It’s not my first time “ 2 and 3rd time “ They are 3 Star Hotel of Multan but, Hi-Tea just like k 1900 mai koi person ko valuable khany ko nhi mil raha ..! As well as we experience din-in, but literally it’s too expensive then what they Deliver us. Food is totally average 🤥. Overall atmosphere is good, theme is good. But, please Ramada Team do some focus on your food Quality. You are a brand not a street dhaba🫤.

  • 3Muhammad N. 8 months ago
    The hotel is beautiful centrally located with quite cozy rooms.But When I Took Images of Hotel the Guards trying To Snatch My Phone.Cleanliness is upto the mark and room services and House keeping is very good. Food is quite Decent. Staff is very Cooperative and professional. The best thing about their executive floor is that they are offering high tea complimentary from 8 am to 10 pm which makes the hotel different from the rest of their competitors. One thing which i am fond of Swimming pools and allied facilities. That is big negative on their side as the pool is so small for Swimming and the changing rooms are congested. Don't sure about Spa and hot jacuzzi facilities.And this description is copied

  • 5Syed R. 8 months ago
    They have a good area for meeting space and a good buffet system with a number of dishes. Haven't visited the rooms but the England cricket team was staying there means they have standards.

  • 2Dr Babar Hussain S. 9 months ago
    I was there for their dinner buffet and trust me it was tasteless, like no taste, nothing. None of the dishes were worth the price we were charged. We were 4 people and charged Rs 11,347. It was a complete waste of money, would not recommend anyone to eat there.

  • 5Omer G. 9 months ago
    Everything about it is Excellent. The owner seems very proactive & smart. Stayed there with my wife. Comfortable lodging with a wide range of breakfast items. Food is tasty. No compromises on quality. Worth the money.

  • 5Asim R. 10 months ago
    Excellent location, rooms and service. My family enjoyed the stay. Only hotel in Multan with this level of facilities. Recommended for all concerned.

  • 4Amna A. 10 months ago
    The event organised today was a great effort, looked well organized, but the organizers under estimated the Multani's who turned out in hundreds whereas the arrangements were for tens only!!!!!

  • 5Waqas Q. 10 months ago
    A very good hotel in Multan, Rooms are small but well maintained. The facility has a swimming pool and a gym. One can also find 2 ATM machines here.

  • 4Maryam A. 10 months ago
    Best Hotel in Multan so far, Flatties management is trying hard to compete. But meeting rooms/spaces aren't available much there. So Ramada is best. Another a bit lower level hotel is Avalon suits, which have meeting halls but other comparisons again Ramada tops.

  • 4zarin k. 10 months ago
    My experience with Ramada always be it business or vacation Super cool experience. Am happy with the renovation done .. Congratulations to the management .. 8 stars ******** to the staff on duty shift wise , during our stay^-^

  • 5Yasir F. 1 year ago
    Mother mother hotel rooms are very nice and betasur also and food also good and reception is also good and security purpose is dirty very nice cutie and skating god is very educated persons and very nice behaviour every client

  • 4Syed H. 1 year ago
    Just likely every other Ramada, its Ramada. Well maintained and clean rooms with good food, a nice and ambient place for dine in/average gatherings. But comparing to their other branches l, i yhink there i a bit space for improvement. But still its a peacefull place for stay with cooperative staff.

  • 5Farrukh N. 1 year ago
    The hotel is beautiful centrally located with quite cozy rooms. Cleanliness is upto the mark and room services and House keeping is very good. Food is quite Decent. Staff is very Cooperative and professional. The best thing about their executive floor is that they are offering high tea complimentary from 8 am to 10 pm which makes the hotel different from the rest of their competitors. One thing which i am fond of Swimming pools and allied facilities. That is big negative on their side as the pool is so small for Swimming and the changing rooms are congested. Don't sure about Spa and hot jacuzzi facilities. Rest recommended to have a nice stay at this hotel.

  • 3Muhammad U. 1 year ago
    Ramada multan located in a beautiful place. Not a rushy area. Halls are not huge enough to accommodate 200 people. Food has got an average taste. There service are worst, I did see that slowness in their service anywhere. It has got an average size pool. Overall a nice place to visit. But they need to improve many things.

  • 5Munazzah N. 1 year ago
    The atmosphere and food were great.Each child ate as he liked.A bit expensive but we enjoyed it a lot.

  • 3sohail k. 1 year ago
    My first and worst experience in Ramada. Very poor service, even for a single thing you need to call them again and again. Very limited car parking. The taste and the quality of food were good ❤️🌹. Oh yeah AC switched off by somewhere at night 4am🥵🥵, and when i call them they said oh sorry some issue and the AC start working perfectly then. (Except our room) all were working. Most important thing, at night there was a nice touch of Mosquitos 🤯. There is no room for the drivers, and due to the limited parking i saw many drivers who were sitting there and waiting outside. Although i have stayed in lower standards hotels, their service was amazing and bdw they have rooms for the drivers as well.

  • 1Miya S. 1 year ago
    I was there for their dinner buffet and trust me it was bland, like no taste, nothing. No dish was worthy of the whooping price we were charged. We were 4 people and were charged 11,347 rupees. It was a total waste of money, wouldn't recommend any one eating there.

  • 4M. 1 year ago
    The hotel is good , sometimes if you are following the google map , you can confuse between the parallel road. If you enter multan , you have to pass through a lot of traffic to reach.Had dinner the buffet was good , but per head rate + tax is high

  • 4samad s. 1 year ago
    Pool water was very hot. Rooms and hotel is very clean and tidy. Food is average.

  • 5imran h. 1 year ago
    Overall good, the old room are not upto mark and have some smell their otherwise new construction good

  • 1Muhammad U. 1 year ago
    Alert🆘 Not recommended! Save your money and time, go somewhere else Totally pathetic…..Seems like they have been getting paid reviews. Low quality food, worst standard of service. Apparently they are cashing out their name and ambience. Not recommended at all!!!

  • 1waqas h. 1 year ago
    I'm this time in Ramada Multan for Buffett dinner 🍽️ but I'm extremely disappointed from their service which they provided during dinner, there's no Management staff to listen our complain, and there's no one a single person from Management to resolve our issues from services....... So please people avoid to come here for any services.......

  • 1Aaqib R. 1 year ago
    Extremely poor services & cleanliness standards. They shouldn’t hold 3 slots of buffet in a day if they can’t manage it well. The reason they put up for their services was that their staff is on eid leave. Left the buffet in middle due to their rude conduct they showed after complaining. Worst Ramada in Pakistan 👎🏻

  • 5Naveed A. 1 year ago
    The best place to stay in Multan. Their rooms are spacious mattresses are comfy. Everything is perfect. We stayed at executive floor and enjoyed complimentary Hi Tea. The lobby is well decorated and over all staff is very courteous. Everything is top notch, you can’t find any other like this is Multan.

  • 5Mrs. Fatima S. 1 year ago
    Very hospitable environment. Central location. Shams Tabriz or Sher Shah interchange to the hotel roads is a good approach. Breakfast was of international standard and very diverse. Good place for stay in Multan.

  • 5Ali R. 1 year ago
    Excellent buffet breakfast and staff was friendly. Really enjoyed my time there, a must have in my next trip...

  • 4KHALED AL ADAWI (Petrol Heads of P. 1 year ago
    lovely experience. The end! Although I checked in at around 11 pm and checked out 9 am in the morning and I got a free upgrade to a presidential suite, the experience was beautiful!

  • 4Zoro Xen (. 1 year ago
    Quite comfortable stay, Room service, furniture, breakfast really great. parking space extremely limited. Overall good stay

  • 5Dawood M. 1 year ago
    It is by leaps and bound best Hotel in Multan. World class service, great room service, good rooms and lobby. Their staff is also very professional and fleunt in English as well. Their food is also of good quality and amenities in room are also there. Highly recommended for people visiting Multan.

  • 5Jalal Babar W. 1 year ago
    Its my first day in hotel,my nephew's birthday is here and i feel very very comfortable,its system is very nice,they provide like homey environment but the negative point is that the specific foods is some salty....and I have good experience there i help two couples to shoot photo and it gives me happiness, MashAllah everyone must vist one time in life🤗🌍

  • 5Shaheer T. 1 year ago
    Didn't stay but attended a wedding function here. Arrangements were really good. Visited the rooms and they were very neat, clean and fully equipped with amenities. Staff was polite, courteous and hospitable. Food looked and tasted delicious. A bit pricy if you compare with a few of the other hotels of the same standard in the city. Very little parking space.

  • 5kanwal k. 1 year ago
    One of the best places to stay in Multan,very comfortable hotel. Their staff is extremely hospitable and friendly. I think the only hotel with the pool in Multan. Their rooms are also very well done with top notch services. Highly recommended.

  • 5David G. 1 year ago
    This hotel is beautiful. Great design work and interior decorations. The staff is friendly and helpful. The room was a good size with a large bed. The shower was great with plenty of hot water. Complaints: 1. The AC thermostat did not work so I had to get up out of bed to turn it off and on. Also it blows the air very forcefully onto the bed so it gets chilly. 2. The light in the bathroom will not turn off and the bathroom door is glass, so the room never gets dark. 3. A hallway door used by staff bangs very loudly and frequently.

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