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  • 5Stephanie C. 5 months ago
    Amazing private location with PRIME snorkeling action but if you're expecting 5 stars this is not the place for you at all They are updating but still have a ways to go They also have a dive school on site if you want to try your hand at scuba diving 3 Beaches to choose from Lots of lounging areas and plenty of things to do off-site if you wish Highly recommend visiting a monkey/bird/sloth sanctuary 👌

  • 5z z. 5 months ago
    We had the most amazing time with our family of four (12&14-boy&girl) This was right up our alley:) we took the kids to DR last year and neither one had a good time at all considering… fast forward to fantasy island this year and both were at their element! Lots for them to do together/ with us and on their own. Was truly a vacation for everyone! We had two rooms. One on the beach and one just beside, upstairs. Worked out well for us:) The beach-AMAZING!! 10 star ⭐️ Couldn’t have been better!! The most warm, clear and calm water great for fish sightings and just laying around:) Because it’s private-an island off of an island off of a country- super safe and quiet. The rooms-We had two-beach house and building. Yes, ok fine it’s not the ritz. If you are a “travel snob”, don’t come here and ruin the atmosphere or ratings. Might be dated but, Rooms are very clean, witnessed every day just being steps away every day at our canopy. One thing I cannot stress enough is the hard work and consistency day after day. Whether it be for the rooms, restaurant or property/beach. Hands down amazing 🤩 Food- So good! Not your typical row after row buffet. It’s honestly like going to someone’s house for food on the island (I would imagine🤷🏽‍♀️). There’s plenty, amazingly home cooked and tastes delicious. Always rotating day after day something for everyone. BIG SHOUT OUT TO TISHA AND HENRY!!!!!!!!💕 You both went above and beyond for us on our vacation and made it that much better! Thank you 🙏 You both are truly an asset to Fantasy island and hope the owners know that!!!:)❤️ ❤️ WE ARE COMING BACK!!! Time already booked off work for next March 😃 see you in 2024!!…and every other year;) Ps- when you find your spot…you find your spot:) This is ours🏝️❤️🤩🇭🇳

  • 4Bobby M. 6 months ago
    The hotel is dated but the staff is great, the beach is nice and the water so beautiful blue. Judy welcomed me as if I were the only person on the property. She was a wonderful hostess and if I come back it will be because the way the front desk staff treated me. The staff in the restaurant were very attentive to all having breakfast but in that moment they were with you, you were their priority. The pools are nice, it wasn’t very crowded when I stayed. I had an ocean view room and was greeted by a beautiful sunrise. The resort is rustic the bed not too comfortable but all in all it was a good stay.

  • 4Gilles D. 6 months ago
    The room is ok, the bed was hard and the water pressure not great but we did not care about this, the staff all speak spanish, the réception speak english also and they are all super nice, mateo and Patrick speak french and they are super nice, Patrick make us laught so hard many time, the resort is almost empty during the week so Book your excursion early and on the week-end, the snorkling and diving are 10/10 this is the best spot on the island for sure we saw everything you can expect to see in this part of the world and it took us 5min of swiming to get to any spot, finnaly the beach is amazing 10/10 also the sand is soft no rock and they clean the beach everyday, you can also see monkey and peacock and à rooster will wake you up, one of the best trip i made i am so relax and replenish

  • 1Fitzgerald H. 6 months ago
    I purchased a 7 day trip to this resort and changed my mind 8 hours later. The resort would not refund my money, so I was Force to go. Upon our arrival, the entrance to the resort had all Broken lights along the cement walls. The private road was horrible. The staff was great!. The swimming pool was bright Green. After telling the staff about the Green pool, they roped it off. The rooms were run down with 2 sheet and blanket, not fitted sheets so of u roll over, you will be laying on a raw mattress. The bathroom door and closet doors would not stay closed. The same food basically everyday. I don't ever want to eat pasta again. Constant diarrhea. Also you could see through some rooms door because of the cracks in the door. The staff was great... The Entertainment and the beach was the best part! The Entertainment (Patrick, Liz, Ceri and Alan) were full of energy and did a Great Job! Hope the resort pays them well because I they have Great talent!. After 4 days we could not take it anymore. We had to leave. The pool was still Green and the same food. Got a another room at another resort. FANTASY ISLAND BEACH RESORT, close down for 6 months and update the resort and food! Still waiting to see if they reimburse me my money for the 3 days. Did I mention that the staff was Great.. Disappointed Customer!

  • 4Kevin A. B. 7 months ago
    Visited December 2022 The reason I am not giving it a 5-star review is because of the facilities. The Room Obviously you don’t go to these places to stay in your room but you would want it to be comfy when you go crash. The rooms are just ok. Their facilities are outdated and this is why this is one of the lowest cost hotels in the area. The Property The property is beautiful and you can easily spend a few days in the property alone without needing or feeling the need to go outside the property. If you have kids this is a good spot. The Food The food is great but if it is not the buffet style, it takes forever to get it. If you miss the buffet, you are kind of out of luck. The entertainment The group was great to entertain guests. Very active. Very cool people and super friendly. I would recommend that if you have been to Cancun or riviera Maya or any of those places in Mexico with all-inclusive packages to lower your expectations. The drinks The drinks were weak and mostly sugar. Very limited options and the options honestly weren’t great. I would stick to the domestic beers instead as there is an up charge for imported drinks. The Beaches They have three beaches. The most popular is right in front of the bar/entertainment area and it’s beautiful. This is the main reason for a 4-star rating. The other two beaches are great too; they are just a bit rockier since there’s not a barrier to slowdown the waves but they are clean and super isolated so they can be peaceful to listen to music, good chats, and/or read a good book and relax. Overall, I had a great time.

  • 1jeff r. 7 months ago
    I don’t even know where to start with how terrible this place is. I have travelled plenty around the Caribbean so I don’t have unrealistic expectations for what it should be. I was invited as part of a group or I would have left after the first day. I am not a fan of all inclusive a in general and this place is exactly why. The food is disgusting and inedible , that’s if it doesn’t run out first. I don’t know how they can make such horrible coffee, it is hot water and ground beans but this place manages to make it taste terrible, but at least it’s served cold and in a paper cups.If you ask anybody that works there for anything they treat you like you are being unreasonable and roll their eyes at you. Fortunately I was with a great group and most of us went out of the resort daily for food and drinks. Also don’t expect to have water or a hot shower, clean towels or any amenity basically that you pay for.

  • 5-. 9 months ago
    Don’t bother commenting if you came during hurricane season, or expect to have a Hilton experience when you are in a third world country. Staff were amazing and the abundance of animals on land and in the ocean was spectacular. Great spot if you are looking for authentic local experience, instead of overpriced and overbooked tourist spots.

  • 1Tyler L. 9 months ago
    Leaving 1 only because I can’t leave a negative 0. Every thing about this place is horrible besides the beach access, the food was horrible. Everything is monitored like a daycare when it’s supposed to be all inclusive.the times for lunch dinner and breakfast are ridiculous.breakfast maybe gets a two, the only food that is offered for snacks are burgers hotdogs pizza and fries and it’s only open for an hour. They make you wait on dinner til 6:30 and there’s a line that’s formed like a we’re begging for food.. outdated bedrooms. “Warm” water only worked the 1st day,toilet stopped up once.. the showers do not put water out the spouts water only it was really annoying to hear you can’t take your food to the room, or there is a two drink limit. Too many things you can’t do for a place that’s supposed to provide it all. Wrist bands are cut off of your wrist by a receptionist to make sure you can’t access anything that’s a part of all inclusive even though you have to wait for an hour for shuttle so you’re left with nothing to do.avoid this place at all cost

  • 4Jessi F. 9 months ago
    Definitely an older 3-4 star hotel but they are doing daily upgrades. Staff was friendly and food was good. Beach was awesome, great snorkeling. About 35min from cruise port so there is minimal traffic from other tourists. I was nervous about what some of the reviews said about it being run down. If you understand you're not going to a 5+ star resort than you will be happy.

  • 1Roxy P. 10 months ago

  • 1E. 1 year ago
    I stayed in this place June 2022 and the pictures you find here are NOT actual pictures of the place, pictures are from 20 years ago when this place was new, they have salty water in the shower and faucet, you will feel sticky after a shower no mention your hair, you have to get your own drinking water on dispensers located in the hallways, NO internet in the rooms only internet in the main lobby, food is not good, beer is the only thing as drinks all other drinks are cheap made, we made our stay shortened, we move to another hotel (cocolobo) even considering loosing money but couldn't stay more than 2 days (we paid for 4 nights) please do yourself a favor do not stay in this place

  • 2Aura M. 1 year ago
    It wasn't as clean as expected and not all -inclusive service was as advertised in package bought. With all -inclusive, neede to pay $2.00 for each bottled water. There was not even tissue paper in the room.

  • 1Moises A. 1 year ago
    The hotel has potential but unfortunately they need to press attention in what the costumers needs; the rooms are not 100% clean. We found clothes and used soaps from the previous people. I stayed 4 days, 3 nights and the food it was almost the same. The bar was teriible; the “bartenders” was so rude and they don’t have to many options on alcohols os beers, not even to buy. There’s not entertainment at the hotel. During the night they had employees from the hotel as performers, they dance and that it. As I said, the hotel has potential because the private beach is beautiful but that’s it. I would rather pay a little more to stay in another hotel than this one. Unfortunately I had a bad experience in this hotel.

  • 2Lisa P. 1 year ago
    Highly disappointed with this place. Majority of the staff were rude. Asked for a glass of ice and our waitress said they didn't have any more asked for more cups for the coffee they say they didn't have any more. It was like anything you asked for they would say they didn't have anymore so they wouldn't have to get for you - you'll definitely save money on tipping. Resort is definitely run down. Rooms are old and bedding is definitely old and dingy. Bar is limited and the liquor they use is the cheapest I'm sure and taste horrible. We ended up buying our own liquor bottle and drinking that. Food was not good and there were so many flies in the restaurant area it was disgusting. The pool I guess is being renovated so no pool so don't go with what the pics show. The view and access to the beach is about the only good thing about this place. Location is far from everything else West End and West Bay is about a 20-25 min cab ride. We did an tour which we purchased through the resort and they failed to tell us that some of the activities were not going to be available as they were closed on Sundays. Definitely would not go back.

  • 2Leon's E. 1 year ago
    When we got to room found lock box had no display and did not work, mini fridge had only a pitcher of water, no service on phone, no phone in room, sink had sticker saying do not drink ( I think it was straight out of ocean), and tv was small as a laptop screen with very little selection of grainy channels. No microwave or coffee pot or radio/alarm in rooms. The pool had no water and was under repairs. You are allowed 1 beach towel per day, so if it rains and your towel gets wet.. well sorry. Only has 1 bar and selection was very limited and way to sweet. Customer service was the worst I have ever had. We were a group of 4 and 2 of us went to bar to get drinks and a shot for group. Was told we could only have drinks and would have to come back for shots, because they had a 4 drink max. Beer was only Stella and a local beer, but if you wanted something different you would have to buy it from gift shop Ann if you wanted rum and coke you had to buy coke from gift shop or you got rum and Pepsi. The snack bar was only open for 1 hour after that if you wanted a hamburger you had to pay $10. In the restaurant only service you got was they would pour your drink but even then was slow and if you asked for ice they would just say sorry we are out. The beach was nice and the only reason I'm even giving 2 stars. So if you are thinking about this place..READ REVIEWS!.. The resort would not allow taxis in so you would have to walk about 1/2 mile down a dirt road to see if you can get a taxi. We asked how to get room service and was told they clean room once a day. Also they have a tour group on site, ask alot of questions because we booked the chocolate factory, rum factory, sloth , and beach tour only to find out when we left on tour that rum factory was closed

  • 2Ervin S. 1 year ago
    Cons : Tap water was salty in both the shower and the sink. Cleaning service is very inconsistent; did not come everyday. Beds were uncomfortable and pillows were flat. The safe in our room did not work. Food ranged from mediocre to bad buffet-style. Pickup from the ferry was an hour late. Pros : Nice beach and gazebo with snorkeling spot.

  • 4Jairo P. 1 year ago
    Maintenance could be improved, rooms/bed needs upgrades. Food was good. Drinks were ok. But the best part is the beautiful beach. Resort is a 3 star, beach is a 10 star!

  • 4Z. 1 year ago
    I have stayed at Fantasy Island 4 times over the past 20 years. It is a typical Honduran hotel. Nothing fancy, just charming in it's own right. Some buildings at the property need a makeover, but the rooms are clean. The staff at Fantasy Island is amazing, especially housekeeping. The food served is good, you will not starve. The best part of the property is the beach, lagoon and reef. The dive shop is okay, just not doing much business. The coral on the wall dives was looking a little rough. There are a lot of broken barrel sponges, and algae is starting to take over the reef. Conservation is needed badly!

  • 3Sal M. 1 year ago
    Pros: awesome views, private location, away from the main urban area. Cons: old infrastructure, rooms and decorations, low-regular quality buffet food, nothing fancy or gourmet, do not expect seafood selection.

  • 3isaac m. 1 year ago
    The beds and pillows were so uncomfortable, I could feel the springs on those mattresses just digging into my back, the food is good tho,the pool and the beach are beautiful, the kitchen and bar closes at 10 pm and I wasn't pleased about that. If you need to leave the resort you have to walk a long ,long walk to get to the highway since they won't call a taxi for you, not saying I had a horrible experience but I would consider this place as my last resort.

  • 4Gordon R. 1 year ago
    It was a long way from the town and a $25 US cab ride souveniers at resort very pricy but tee shirts were a bargin but sale shirts were seconds the food appeared to be on a 5 day roation Scuba diving was great and snorkeling was also great.

  • 1Gloria R. 1 year ago
    LESS THAN 1 STAR. ⅛ MORELIKE IT! Very bad experience at this hotel. This hotel is a hotel with very old facilities that urgently need remodeling. Terrible service from most of the staff compared to the staff on the Turquoise Bay Hotel and Pineapple Clarion. ( I have stayed in both hotels on previous trips). The quality of the food could be compared to something you buy in cheap cafeteria in Hialeah, FL. Very poor quality for the price one pays per stay, very important there were no diet sodas only homemade juices loaded with sugar enough to cause a diabetic coma. The hotel doesn't have laundry service; there was no water on the morning we left, and we could not take a shower before checking out. Overall, my suggestion is to pay a little more and get your money's worth and a better experience than I did. Lesson learned.

  • 2Redd D. 1 year ago
    So not only did we not get a refund for the first night after AA canceled our flight, but the hotel wouldnt give a complimentary night either. This hotel is severely outdated, the pictures lie. Upon arrival nothing was explained about amenities or activities for the hotel. Theres missing furniture in the room like the dresser to put clothes, plus no coffee/water table & the small fridge on the floor leaked water continuously. Theres no gym, no phone for emergencies in the room. The toilet broke first night. Werent given any hand towels until requested. Food is ok and it set up at different times. Small bar is ok, drinks are decent but closes at 10pm. The showerhead barely produced water till we asked for maintenance, and the safe is old & gets stuck on open/close. Theres no wifi in the rooms, only lobby. The beds arent comfy & thin sheets. Blankets we requested stink & were stained. Theres no where to put shower accessories for use. Only one charging port area for cellphones or iron. No laundry bags, or houseshoes. Walls are kind of thin, can hear neighbors walking around, snoring, and their cellphones. No cable TV. Claimed wasnt working due to weather, never came on period. This spot is quiet, has a nice view of beach but still im very disappointed as this was a birthday trip. No area shuttle, no taxis, as this place is far from alot of things to do. No spa services, no vendors on the beach. Wont recommend, and I wouldnt come back. Nothing matched the pictures or fine print online. Plus we are sufferring from bed bugs & mosquito bites. We left on tuesday and my cc was charged $316 randomly on friday. The hotel was prepaid so not sure how they got my cc but theres only one hotel with this name on google & my bank statement.

  • 3Travelling Z. 1 year ago
    The room I got was 107, really close to the ocean and the lobby. We had a front porch and just beautiful scenery day in and day out. The staff is more than accessible and friendly and you can always see a manager close by. Some of the desserts are heavenly so you get your money's worth. The food is good but the liquor well, it should be a being your own type of thing. The negative: no hot water for the first day and this was my birthday so it really made my day sticky and uncomfortable. The liquor, it doesn't matter what you ask for tastes like moonshine with juice. The menu is just beef, chicken, pork, and fish fillet which is great don't get me wrong, but, the fish is under cooked, the beef is not even close to being tender, the pork is salty and the chicken, well.... that they did great. Wifi sucks all over the hotel so don't come in thinking you'll do business calls (believe me I tried), the snacks could use more love from the kitchen. Pizza could choke you, the hotdogs are made in sweet bread... just wrong. I suggest the burgers, the ham and cheese, and the fries. All else, well, it could be better.

  • 1Rebecca M. 1 year ago
    this place is not open but they will sure still take your reservation deposits!! they've been closed down since the start of covid and they did not refund our very large group trip that was paid in full and they closed the resort. I heard they are filing for bankruptcy so they can get out of offering any credit to all of the dive shops who have paid for their trips. They will likely reopen under a different name. Don't get tricked people- we lost $15,000 for our group

  • 1Gina S. 1 year ago
    Very poor food, cold food no choices. Very poorly run resort, rooms are in bad shape, from no water to scorching hot. Toilet not working most of thee times. No TV in room working. Lack of drink choices. Most staff was nice and tried to help. Administration staff blatantly said they didn't care about your room troubles. Beach area was nice but needs cleaning up alot of garbage.

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