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Hotel Victory Abashik image
Hotel Victory Abashik
Simple rooms in an unassuming budget hotel featuring a restaurant & terrace seating.
4.70 (1K reviews)
Cumilla Zilla School image
Cumilla Zilla School
Government school
👍👍 Comilla Zilla School (Bangla: কুমিল্লা জিলা স্কুল) is a boys' school in Comilla, a city in Bangladesh. It is one of the oldest & most prestigious schools in the country. It was the only school in Comilla when it was established in 1837.
4.80 (419 reviews)
Matri Bhandar image
Matri Bhandar
👍👍 The most femous sweet shop in the Bangladesh. Besides this, they have a very good taste especially their “Roshmalai” which is the most famous. In explanation, they are making their sweets with some unique elements that no one knows, but the sweets are just fantastic. In conclusion, In my opinion, I...
$ $$$
4.50 (5.1K reviews)
Cumilla Polytechnic Institute (CPI) image
Cumilla Polytechnic Institute (CPI)
Polytechnic institute
👍👍 I am student of cumilla polytechnic institute. It's a public polytechnic. The environment of this are very fresh and beautiful. I love cumilla polytechnic institute very much. The institution offered a degree that's called a diploma in engineering. I am a regular student 15-16 session of the polytec...
4.60 (471 reviews)
Cumilla Victoria Government College,Cumilla image
Cumilla Victoria Government College,Cumilla
Government college
👍👍 One of the greatest colleges in the Bangladesh and in cumilla this is the top. CVC has reputation whole over the Bangladesh and it's holding its position strongly. You have club facilities here & a mosque, a basket ball ground, a bank and also several iconic structures in this institution.
4.50 (782 reviews)
Dharmasagar image
Tourist attraction
Artificial lake dating to the 15th century, popular for waterfront walks, fishing & street food.
4.40 (7.2K reviews)
Shalban Bihar image
Shalban Bihar
Historical landmark
Hillside excavation site with remains of cells, shrines & wells from a 7th-century Buddhist complex.
4.40 (5.7K reviews)
নানুয়া দিঘীর পাড় image
নানুয়া দিঘীর পাড়
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A great society and leisure place to roaming around with your friends and family.
4.50 (562 reviews)
Cumilla Town Hall image
Cumilla Town Hall
Public library
👍👍 Comilla town hall is century years old centre place of the city. Where people gather for different events connected with life culture and festivals. A public library with 40 thousand books and different newspapers such as daily, weekly, monthly and different suveniours serving knowledges to those w...
4.40 (1.2K reviews)
Nobo Shalbon Bihar image
Nobo Shalbon Bihar
Buddhist temple
👍 A unique buddha structural place painted in white which shows the peacefulness of their religion...Visited 2 times and was pleased with the architectural foundation...
4.40 (1.2K reviews)
Comilla University image
Comilla University
Public university
👍👍 A famous public University in Bangladesh located in Cumilla.It have one of the largest campus.the place is very nice.its environment is totally awesome.
4.40 (1.2K reviews)
Nanua Dighi image
Nanua Dighi
👍👍 I dont know about others opinion but its one of the beautiful pont around cumilla. Its gives you a fresh morning vibe in this winter season.Its becomes a hot place of gossip in the evening.Its clean, because of that many pepole come here to bath and enjoyy..overall its a 10/10, place according me
4.60 (259 reviews)
Bhasha Shoinik Shaheed Dhirendranath Datta Stadium, Cumilla image
Bhasha Shoinik Shaheed Dhirendranath Datta Stadium, Cumilla
👍👍 Good stadium for the people of cumilla. It is situated beside press club more and adjacent to the Dhormo sagor.
4.40 (956 reviews)
Rupban Mura image
Rupban Mura
Historical place
😠 The best college I have ever seen is everything here. The teachers are educated using the latest technology. They are qualified to study and the Security within the college is much better. The transportation system is very good. It is a very good college in all respects.
4.50 (376 reviews)
Ispahani Public School and College image
Ispahani Public School and College
👍👍 Ispahani Public School and College has a splendid history and a glorious past. At the outset it started its journey as a Cantonment Public School in Cumilla Zilla School located in the Cumilla Town in September 1962. At the beginning it was an English Medium Co-education School from Kindergarten to...
4.50 (372 reviews)
Comilla University Main Gate image
Comilla University Main Gate
👍 Beautifully done. colourful and well decorated ,reconstruct. Look like amazing
4.40 (786 reviews)
Comilla Victoria Govt. College- Degree Section image
Comilla Victoria Govt. College- Degree Section
👍 Comilla Victoria Government College is a college in Comilla, Bangladesh. It is one of the oldest and renowned colleges in Comilla as well as in Chittagong division. The college is located on 29 acres of land including its intermediate and honors section.
4.40 (748 reviews)
Itakhola Mura image
Itakhola Mura
Archaeological site
👍👍 Itakhola Mura an archaeological site in mainamati. The site, like that of the kutila mura, is one of the most impressive ruins. It lies in three terraces on adjacent hillocks just opposite the rupban mura site across the Kotbari road, Comilla. It served for a long time as a quarry for ancient bricks...
4.40 (555 reviews)
Cumilla City Park image
Cumilla City Park
City park
👍👍 Very beautiful park for the children. Sufficient sitting arrangement and various types of rides available here.
4.30 (3.1K reviews)
Pubali Square image
Pubali Square
Historical landmark
👍👍 Heart of Cumilla. Too much crowded. Ancient building.
4.30 (1.5K reviews)
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