Chamran Park image
Chamran Park
👍👍 Really good place to chill and enjoy the nature...whatever you need from a PARK.!
4.40 (811 reviews) (~2.69 km from centre)
Fateh Garden image
Fateh Garden
This large, popular green space with tall trees offers tennis courts & walking paths.
4.50 (712 reviews) (~1.62 km from centre)
Bame Karaj image
Bame Karaj
Scenic spot
👍 Good place but it's good you have with your girl friend
4.30 (538 reviews) (~3.88 km from centre)
Flowers Garden image
Flowers Garden
👍👍 An excellent place to spend time with friends and family and kids. Specifically in late March and early April that the weather is pleasant. I'm not sure but tulips should be in their best shape in this time period. There are flower market for shopping and some gardening products are available to bu...
4.30 (504 reviews) (~2.7 km from centre)
Iran Zamin Park image
Iran Zamin Park
👍👍 One of the most beautiful Karaj parks that has been created is on an old pear tree garden
4.60 (322 reviews) (~2.95 km from centre)
Mehrshahr Apple Orchard image
Mehrshahr Apple Orchard
👍👍 👍👍 Good for biking walking Having good time
4.20 (292 reviews) (~6.25 km from centre)
Nabovvat Park image
Nabovvat Park
👍👍 Good park near shoping center
4.10 (282 reviews) (~2.39 km from centre)
Jahan Nama Forest Park image
Jahan Nama Forest Park
😐 Nice park around Karaj. But realy dark in nights. There are not enough lights. Good place for picnics and barbeque. Bench and sitting Stone bench WC and deinking water are available.
4.10 (259 reviews) (~6.31 km from centre)
Shah Abbasi Caravansary image
Shah Abbasi Caravansary
Historical place museum
Former inn for traveling Silk Road merchants, built in the Safavid era with a central courtyard.
4.30 (255 reviews) (~1.69 km from centre)
Narges Park image
Narges Park
😐 there is a lot of addicted in nights and there is not too safe. but in mornings many people come for exercises.
3.80 (131 reviews) (~4.8 km from centre)
Shah Abbasi Bridge image
Shah Abbasi Bridge
Historical place
😠 پل قدیمی زیبایی که به دوره سلجوقیان برمیگرده(در دوره صفویه بازسازی شده)... متاسفانه بهش رسیدگی نمیشه ظاهرا بودجه ای قرار بوده بهش تخصیص بدن که تا حالا نشده و مقاوم سازیش رها شده و حتی بقایای مصالح در محوطه توی ذوق میزنه، صد حیف که بعضی از آثار تاریخی انقدر محجور میمونن... مشکل دیگه اینه که محل تجمع...
4.10 (105 reviews) (~2.32 km from centre)
Suleymanieh Palace image
Suleymanieh Palace
👍 Hello. Good to see once. But unfortunately, a lot has been lost.
4.30 (95 reviews) (~2.3 km from centre)
Rasoul-e Akram Mosque image
Rasoul-e Akram Mosque
👍👍 Had a little prayer here after a day of work, and as i laid against the backrest, it felt very comfortable and nice. Thanks to the people running this mosque.
4.00 (65 reviews) (~0.61 km from centre)
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