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Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili's Shrine image
Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili's Shrine
Historical landmark
Venerable 1345 mausoleum tower & dome with ancient calligraphy inside a sacred complex.
4.50 (1.2K reviews)
Fandoqlu Forest image
Fandoqlu Forest
National forest
4.50 (649 reviews)
Neor Lake image
Neor Lake
544-acre lake providing camping areas, waterfowl & waters stocked with rainbow trout.
4.50 (540 reviews)
Sabalan Peak image
Sabalan Peak
Hiking area
👍👍 sabalan mountain is most beautiful mountain in whole of iran , the icy lake in top of mount made it a unique nature , when you arrive to the top of SABALAN and see the beauty of lake and landscapes your fatigue completely gone . highly recommended
4.60 (217 reviews)
Hir Glass bridge image
Hir Glass bridge
Tourist attraction
👍👍 30 minutes to Ardabil city, there is a tourist village and an interesting, complex designed to enjoy natural attractions. There is a vast parking you can enter for 100000 IRR. To me the most interesting attraction was Hir glass bridge. Even though there were some restaurants over there but I don't s...
4.50 (288 reviews)
Meshgin Shahr Suspended Bridge image
Meshgin Shahr Suspended Bridge
Tourist attraction
Soaring suspension footbridge with mountain views & an adjacent zip line & restaurant.
4.30 (1.5K reviews)
Shourabil Lake image
Shourabil Lake
Natural lake offering eateries & leisure activities on its shores, plus views of Sabalan mountain.
4.30 (815 reviews)
Bare Sefid Restaurant image
Bare Sefid Restaurant
Barbecue restaurant
😠 During the holy month of Ramadan, I traveled with my little child and my wife, which was completely closed from morning to night. Passengers must be served in the cities. Which unfortunately in the city of Ardabil to no
4.50 (153 reviews)
Ardabil Bazaar image
Ardabil Bazaar
4.30 (184 reviews)
Sheykh Safiadin Traditional Restaurant image
Sheykh Safiadin Traditional Restaurant
👍👍 One of the best restaurants I've ever been in Ardabil. Try Dizi or Bichagh Gheyme Pilo, you won't regret it!
4.40 (122 reviews)
Shorabil Tourism Complex image
Shorabil Tourism Complex
Tourist attraction
👍 It's good place to visit with many awsome restaurant.
4.20 (176 reviews)
Shah Abbas Restuarant image
Shah Abbas Restuarant
👍👍 The Most Beautiful Traditional Restaurant in town with Abbasi era architecture combined with mouthwatering Persian cuisines and calming persian classical music and warm welcoming personel … A++ Must Visit place … Had a great night !!!
4.00 (388 reviews)
Royal Park Hotel and Spa image
Royal Park Hotel and Spa
👍👍 We loved our stay! The location was perfect. It is Hotel with lost of charm. The staff was friendly and helpful but our biggest thank to lovely Mrs. Hadis for all the help. We also loved the spa and the massage downstairs. We would definitely stay there again. Thank you!
4.00 (353 reviews)
Qahqaheh Castle image
Qahqaheh Castle
👍👍 Laughing Fortress or Qalaqah Qalasi 85 km northeast of Meshkinshahr city, Ardabil province, the royal treasury and the famous Safavid prison Light breeze is not a time to pass around the castle of laughter (Isfahani prom) On the day when everyone was laughing, the vote for the monarchy was one hu...
4.50 (67 reviews)
Qorban Restaurant image
Qorban Restaurant
Fine dining restaurant
👍 kase Kebab was delicious but greasy. the prices were affordable. I liked Chenje the most
3.90 (687 reviews)
Alvares Ski Resort image
Alvares Ski Resort
Ski resort
Low-key ski area with a beginners' run, equipment rentals & a restaurant, plus nearby hot springs.
4.20 (116 reviews)
Recreation Center of Fandoghlou image
Recreation Center of Fandoghlou
Resort hotel
👍👍 من تیر ماه از این جنگل زیبا بازدید کردم و هوا خیلی خنکه و مه غلیظ و قطرات ریز بارون هم هست. مجموعه دارای آبخوری و سرویس بهداشتیه. اما مغازه اطراف نیست و مواد مورد نیازتون رو از قبل همراه داشته باشید. چندتا منقل در محوطه هست که برای کباب درست کردن عالیه. به شدت توصیه میکنم
4.60 (53 reviews)
University of Mohaghegh Ardabili image
University of Mohaghegh Ardabili
4.40 (69 reviews)
Seyed Agha Restaurant image
Seyed Agha Restaurant
👍👍 One of the best traditional restaurant in Ardabil Also with sweet smell and clean
4.30 (83 reviews)
مجموعه تفرجگاه بولاغلار نیر image
مجموعه تفرجگاه بولاغلار نیر
Tourist attraction
👍👍 This lush village with many natural springs really fascinated me during my trip by my bicycle to Ardabil province.
4.20 (90 reviews)
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