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Discover the best places in Marginea, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 72 places in the village.

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Magura Ocnei Monastery image
Magura Ocnei Monastery
👍👍 Very nice Monastery, the monks are very welcoming. Please drive slow as the road for most part is wide enough for 1 car.
4.80 (843 reviews) (~7.21 km from centre)
Cafeneaua Literară image
Cafeneaua Literară
Italian restaurant
😐 I've been there before and had good services. Decided to chose this place again for a family event. Unfortunately we got sick after having pizza&pasta in there. I thought I finally found the best place in the area, but we won't go back in there. Sorry.
$$ $$
4.60 (996 reviews) (~9.77 km from centre)
Pridvorul Haiducilor image
Pridvorul Haiducilor
Bed & breakfast
4.60 (330 reviews) (~6.99 km from centre)
Porțile Ocnei image
Porțile Ocnei
Indoor lodging
Bright accommodations in a relaxed guesthouse offering mountain views, dining & free breakfast.
4.40 (1.2K reviews) (~7.94 km from centre)
Creanga Tourist Complex image
Creanga Tourist Complex
👍👍 Nice, clean, and very kind and punctual service
4.40 (1K reviews) (~7.78 km from centre)
Monument on Magura Hill image
Monument on Magura Hill
4.60 (253 reviews) (~7.07 km from centre)
Hotel Complex Havana image
Hotel Complex Havana
Casual rooms in a relaxed hotel offering free breakfast & parking, plus a restaurant/bar.
4.40 (593 reviews) (~6.84 km from centre)
Aroma Restaurant Cașin image
Aroma Restaurant Cașin
👍👍 I can say that it is a luxury restaurant, few assortments, but of quality. I can say that every time I come home, I will come to eat at your place, seeing that I am from the same village. Top
4.80 (125 reviews) (~8.08 km from centre)
Restaurant La Michele Târgu Ocna image
Restaurant La Michele Târgu Ocna
🫤 The service was quite disappointing! Had to wait a long time to be served, even though there were literally 4 people at the restaurant. Food was....meah!
$$ $$
4.30 (2K reviews) (~7.36 km from centre)
Pensiunea Golden image
Pensiunea Golden
👍 Evadare intr-o zi caniculară. La prânz fiind si duminica s-a cam aglomerat. Poate in cursul săptămânii sa fie mai liber.Unii ignoră ca piscina nu este doar a lor și fac cam ce doresc, ignorandu-i pe cei din jur(dar nu poti face selecția clienților de asta dau 4 stele). Dar ceva mai bun la acest pret...
4.50 (272 reviews) (~8.3 km from centre)
Creangă image
Relaxed quarters in a low-key guesthouse featuring a restaurant/bar, plus spa access.
4.30 (1.3K reviews) (~7.28 km from centre)
Flori de ghiveci image
Flori de ghiveci
Garden center
👍 A varied and well-kept range of flowers. You can't leave there empty-handed
4.70 (137 reviews) (~2.21 km from centre)
Mănăstirea Răducanu image
Mănăstirea Răducanu
👍👍 Mănăstirea Raducanu – Buna Vestire, numită ulterior şi „Biserica Buna Vestire” sau „Răducanu”, a fost construită de marele logofăt Ion Buhuş şi un târgoveţ bogat, Pavăl, la sfârşitul secolului al XVII-lea şi începutul secolului al XVIII-lea, în oraşul Tg. Ocna. Biserica Răducanu este un monument rep...
4.70 (136 reviews) (~7.02 km from centre)
Apartament Daria image
Apartament Daria
4.90 (94 reviews) (~7.47 km from centre)
Piscina Parc Magura image
Piscina Parc Magura
Entertainment agency
👍👍 Surprise , surprise ! Newerland in middle of nowhere. Definetly worth a weekend.
4.40 (316 reviews) (~7.22 km from centre)
Salon Alexander image
Salon Alexander
Wedding venue
👍👍 Ok
4.70 (120 reviews) (~9 km from centre)
Pensiune IanAlin image
Pensiune IanAlin
Eastern European restaurant
$$ $$
4.50 (195 reviews) (~7.46 km from centre)
Casa la Conac (Targu Ocna) image
Casa la Conac (Targu Ocna)
Boarding house
👍👍 Este un complex, exista conacul, clădire ce datează din anii 1911, Conac boieresc, stil Moldovenesc, restaurat complet, transformat în pensiune în anii 2011,camerele toate cu baie, cabina dus, TV, mobilă din lemn masiv de culoare marou închis, ceea ce dă o notă de eleganta, parcare, loc de joacă pen...
4.90 (80 reviews) (~7.55 km from centre)
Pizza Boy image
Pizza Boy
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Doner Box 🆒️👍 Pizza 👍👍👍
$$ $$
4.40 (201 reviews) (~9.76 km from centre)
Terasa Europa image
Terasa Europa
Bed & breakfast
🫤 Murdară. Ne-a cazat în lenjerie neschimbată de la clientul anterior. Cică e pensiune. E oribil. Nu recomand. 200 de lei pe noapte pentru o mizerie de cameră.
4.50 (147 reviews) (~6.58 km from centre)
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