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Shapur Khast (Falakol aflak) Castle image
Shapur Khast (Falakol aflak) Castle
Huge castle dating to the 3rd century, overlooking the river & city from a hilltop perch.
4.50 (1.5K reviews)
بام خرم آباد image
بام خرم آباد
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Favourite Khorramabad location! Bonus if you take a pot of Chai Karak to enjoy with the view. Mix of mountain and jungle scenery makes for a scenic drive.
4.50 (366 reviews)
پارک کیو image
پارک کیو
👍👍 Beautiful and eye caching park, it has a natural lake that some people were swimming.
4.50 (210 reviews)
Keeyow Lake image
Keeyow Lake
Calm lake fed by natural springs with native & migratory birds, pedal boats & a shoreline path.
4.30 (498 reviews)
Keeyow Lake image
Keeyow Lake
Tourist attraction
👍👍 این دریاچه در نزدیکی میدانی به همین نام در قلب شهر خرم آباد خودنمایی می‌کنه.با منظره ای بسیار زیبا وجذاب خاطر هر بیننده ای رو در لحظاتی به خود مجذوب کرده و آرامش بی نظیری رو برای بازدید کننده به ارمغان میاره.معمولا در اکثر فصول داری آب قابل توجهی هست.دورتادور دریاچه فضای سبز هست و محلی برای پیاده‌رو...
4.90 (48 reviews)
Brick minaret image
Brick minaret
Archaeological site
🫤 This minaret was built during the era of Ahl-e-Bouyeh.The building hight is 30 meters and with 99 stairs we can go up to the roof, which is now closed. The caravans went up the minaret and used it to find their route.To make the minaret visible at night, fire was lit on its roof.
4.30 (81 reviews)
Shariati Park image
Shariati Park
👍👍 نماز خانه - سرویس بهداشتی - سکوی مخصوص چادر مسافرتی - فضای سبز مناسب - روشنایی پارک مناسب - امینت بالا - پارکینگ برای خودرو
4.60 (47 reviews)
Besat Mall image
Besat Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 Funmaster is a very nice family entertainment center!
4.10 (114 reviews)
Honar cafe image
Honar cafe
Coffee shop
👍👍 خب خدمتتون عرض کنم ک امروز ک برا اولین بار ب این کافه رفتیم اولین چیزی ک تو ذهنم بود گفتم یادم نره برگشتنی براشون کامنت بذارم!ما اسموتی و کیک بستنی سفارش دادیم؛خیلیییییییی خوشمزه و با کیفیت و پر ملات بود😋 از کادر پذیرایی نگم ک چقد خوش برخورد و محترم. موسیقی زنده و گیتار و پیانو و خوانندگیشونم بیستت...
4.50 (47 reviews)
Upscale restaurants cultural-historical collection for Gap image
Upscale restaurants cultural-historical collection for Gap
Historical society
👍 just by walking distance to the Falak Ol Aflak historic citadel in the heart of old town of Khorram Abad city , there is a traditional Bath (Hammam ) which is now altered to restaurant & Cafe . You will be amused & amazed by the architecture and interior ambiance . spend there for a coffee break or...
3.90 (187 reviews)
سنگ نوشته خرم آباد image
سنگ نوشته خرم آباد
Historical place
👍👍 Too bad it was left unattended
4.10 (81 reviews)
Khorramabad Tourism Hotel image
Khorramabad Tourism Hotel
👍👍 It's not a luxary hotel but the service is kind, the rooms are clean and the rooms are between a beautiful garden that is nice and unique. Also you don't need to pay much money for this hotel.
3.80 (146 reviews)
Gerdab Sangi image
Gerdab Sangi
Historical landmark
👍 Gerdab Sangi is construction from sasanian era its built for divide the water of the spring that located under the building
3.80 (139 reviews)
Khorramabad Airport image
Khorramabad Airport
👍👍 international
4.40 (35 reviews)
Ario Barzan Kebab House image
Ario Barzan Kebab House
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 We ordered Kobide and Vaziri and were really satisfied with the quality.
3.80 (109 reviews)
رستوران ته دیگ image
رستوران ته دیگ
👍👍 پرسنل حرفه ای و مودب کیفیت و طعم غذاش هم خیلی خوب بود سریع اماده شد در کل نکته منفی ندیدیم
4.10 (36 reviews)
Rocky Park image
Rocky Park
👍 It's a good place.. it's good for a family gathering.. it's also suitable for dates because it's not in the middle of the city or outside the city.
4.00 (42 reviews)
Lorestan University image
Lorestan University
👍👍 با سلام این دانشگاه خیییییلی بزرگه هزار تا ساختمان مرکزی داره هر کی بخواد دنبال یه امضا بره،باید ۱۰۰۰ کالری بسوزونه اگه یه راه از سمت مسکن مهر واسش باز کنن خیییییلی خوب میشه.
4.10 (31 reviews)
Nahavandi Barbecue Restaurant image
Nahavandi Barbecue Restaurant
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 واقعا عالی بود من کباب کوبیده و جوجه سفارش دادم. طعم هر دو به یاد ماندنی بود. کباب کوبیده اصلا زیادی چرب نبود و کاملا مشخص بود که از گوشت تازه تهیه شده و نه از دنبه و نون خشک، برعکس بعضی نظرات که تو گوگل خوندم کاملا هم پخته شده بود و طعم خام نداشت. اگه دنبال غذای خوشمزه هستید این کبابسرا را پیشنهاد...
3.70 (74 reviews)
Azadi Hotel image
Azadi Hotel
👍👍 I was needing good internet connection for a overseas conference with Japan. They hotel kindly let me use their internet for free even that I did not stay there, and they made me tea. Amazing services, initiated by the staff. They price for such a good hotel in Khorramabad is also very reasonable. O...
3.50 (128 reviews)
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