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Discover the best places in Lahijan, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 58 places in the village.

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Lahijan Lake image
Lahijan Lake
4.70 (300 reviews) (~4.96 km from centre)
Sheytan Kuh image
Sheytan Kuh
Tourist attraction
Wooded summit reached by hiking trails past waterfalls & tea gardens for views of Lahijan Lake.
4.30 (1.2K reviews) (~4.12 km from centre)
Lahijan Sustan wetland image
Lahijan Sustan wetland
Nature preserve
👍👍 Beautiful oasis near Lahijan. You can hear all the different animals…
4.50 (235 reviews) (~4.73 km from centre)
Pol-e Kheshti image
Pol-e Kheshti
👍👍 Pol-e-Kheshti possibly belongs to Safavid dynasty. It connects two main areas of city to each other on the Langerud river. In the past, people were using boats on the river to travel, seeling stuff etc. I hope local authorities help to clean the flow and make this unique place a touristical spot.
4.50 (199 reviews) (~7.19 km from centre)
Bam-e Sabz image
Bam-e Sabz
Ecological park
👍 Green mountain range of Lahijan with Spectacular scenery 🏞️ Enjoy cable cars over Tea bushes. the ride only lasts 10 minutes. 🚡 A dazzling touristy spot in 4 seasons. Beautiful birds also come here. On weekdays it's not so packed with people. But, this complex needs renovation. Awesome feast for...
4.40 (243 reviews) (~4.14 km from centre)
Swans Farm image
Swans Farm
Tranquil countryside hotel with landscaped gardens, a pond & a maze, plus dining & a spa.
4.50 (171 reviews) (~4.37 km from centre)
Sheikh Zahed Gilani's Shrine image
Sheikh Zahed Gilani's Shrine
😐 This place is located in one of the highest place in Lahijan. This is the tomb of sheikh zahed which was very famous in his own era. If you go to Lahijan, it is OK to visit this shrine.
4.40 (227 reviews) (~2.15 km from centre)
Sheytankuh Waterfall image
Sheytankuh Waterfall
Tourist attraction
👍 Good
4.30 (335 reviews) (~4.65 km from centre)
Iran's National Tea Museum image
Iran's National Tea Museum
👍 It has a beautiful outdoor view. Specially couple of Tea bushes which are planted in the outside yard. In front of the museum, there was a billboard that explained the specification and history of tee in iran.
4.30 (239 reviews) (~4.89 km from centre)
Sika Restaurant image
Sika Restaurant
👍👍 great dishes and atmosphere. I were there tonight with my boyfriend. the quality of the food is excellent and the prices are reasonable. definitely recommend it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Be sure to try the Macaroni👍🏻❤
4.40 (136 reviews) (~5.71 km from centre)
Respina Hotel image
Respina Hotel
Upmarket hotel offering indoor pools, saunas & mountain views, plus a restaurant with a roof garden.
4.20 (231 reviews) (~0.68 km from centre)
Sasan Restaurant image
Sasan Restaurant
👍👍 در یک کلام عالی بود 🤤 خیلی محلی، خودمونی، خوشمزه و حس خوب کباب محلی و ترش فوق‌العاده بود و انقدر رفتار خوبی داشتن که لذت بردیم. کباب محلی نخوردین اونجارو ترک نکنید 😅
4.70 (61 reviews) (~3.81 km from centre)
Aghaye kabab image
Aghaye kabab
Barbecue restaurant
👍 One of the better Kabab places in Gilan. The restaurant is impeccably clean and nicely decorated. The food was even better. I found the chicken kabab marinade to be memorable and very unique. The Koobideh was as good as it can get. They also have a large offering of local dishes (mostly as appe...
4.60 (67 reviews) (~0.76 km from centre)
Miura Restaurant & Cafe image
Miura Restaurant & Cafe
👍👍 Great view. Delicious omlet and latte. We were in the roof garden. Also the music playlist was bomb! Loved it👌🏻
4.30 (114 reviews) (~5.37 km from centre)
Fajr Park image
Fajr Park
👍 A large park with a small lake inside.
4.30 (114 reviews) (~8.17 km from centre)
Kentucky House Plus image
Kentucky House Plus
👍👍 Perfect salad 😇😇😇 Arash.khososi find as we Hasan and Yusuf
4.10 (226 reviews) (~4.85 km from centre)
استخر لاهیجان image
استخر لاهیجان
Tourist attraction
👍 این استخر زیبا به وسعت 17 هکتار و محیط تقریبی 2 کیلومتر از جاذبه های گردشگری لاهیجان می باشد که در پایین شیطان کوه واقع شده است. در اطراف استخر فضای سبز و چند سرویس بهداشتی جهت پیک نیک مسافران و خانواده ها و نیز پیاده رویی زیبا و پهن جهت پیاده روی و ورزش وجود دارد.
4.70 (53 reviews) (~5.14 km from centre)
Lahijan Tourist Hotel image
Lahijan Tourist Hotel
😐 A fantastic place where near the lahijan lake and Sheitan kooh mountain Rooms are old but they were clean Breakfast was good and staff were helpful and polite
4.10 (193 reviews) (~5.33 km from centre)
بام سبز image
بام سبز
Tourist attraction
😐 It's a cool place, especially the cable car, but it doesn't have a good bathroom
4.50 (66 reviews) (~4.25 km from centre)
Roof of Langarud image
Roof of Langarud
Tourist attraction
👍👍 From the moment you enter Abchalaki Road, you will encounter green hills and spectacular views of the city. The highest point of the road is "Bam Shahr Langrod". A point where all the greenery and the beautiful texture of the city are imprinted under your feet. You can drink tea in this beautiful vi...
4.30 (89 reviews) (~7.57 km from centre)
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