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Saraye Sa'd-o-Saltaneh image
Saraye Sa'd-o-Saltaneh
Historical landmark
Bazaar complex with a courtyard & ornate vaulted halls, housing handicrafts stores & coffee shops.
4.70 (1K reviews)
Aminiha Historical House image
Aminiha Historical House
Historical place
Built in 1858, this hosseiniyeh is famous for its Islamic architecture & adornments.
4.60 (269 reviews)
Shazdeh Hossein Shrine image
Shazdeh Hossein Shrine
👍👍 Nice place to visit in Qazvin, especially for religious tourism.
4.50 (428 reviews)
Negarossaltaneh Cafe image
Negarossaltaneh Cafe
👍👍 There is One of the best. If you are going to Qazvin don't miss it. Excellent situation, prefect architecture and spectacular decorations added to their special quality of services. Go there and make your day.
4.60 (185 reviews)
Dehkhoda Breakfast image
Dehkhoda Breakfast
Breakfast restaurant
👍 It is located in the middle of Qazvin and serves typical Iranian breakfasts mostly based on eggs. One nice thing about this place is its menu with several choices on the number of eggs you want to be added to your food. Also, you can enjoy a free cup of tea on your meal. Staff were very young and fr...
4.70 (124 reviews)
Chehel Sotun Palace image
Chehel Sotun Palace
Tourist attraction
Persian pavilion in the middle of a park & built by Shah Abbas II for receptions & entertainment.
4.30 (498 reviews)
Nemooneh Restaurant image
Nemooneh Restaurant
Persian restaurant
👍 They have different kebabs and Persian foods, but their special is a local dish (from Qazvin) called Gheyme'h Nesar. It's a mixed rice with meat stew, almond and pistachio and orange peel pieces. The meat was perfectly cooked with good flavor and full of spices. The quality of food was great. In gen...
4.20 (1.1K reviews)
Anthropology Museum of Qajar Bathhouse image
Anthropology Museum of Qajar Bathhouse
👍 It is a good museum. About the relatives who lived in Qazvin. It is about their daily routines. The sculptures are very natural. Of course, in some museums that I went to in some other cities of Iran, the sculptures were natural.
4.50 (155 reviews)
Qazvin Grand Bazaar image
Qazvin Grand Bazaar
Traditional market
👍👍 Traditional bazaar and very friendly shopkeepers. Enjoy the atmosphere but keep in mind that the prices are comparable with the prices in Tehran. In Bazaar neighborhood you can find some other places to visit. Try to park your car a bit far (10 minute walk) from the Bazaar because of the crowded str...
4.30 (307 reviews)
Ancient Jameh Mosque of Qazvin image
Ancient Jameh Mosque of Qazvin
👍 Qazvin Jame Mosque or Jame Atiq Mosque or Jame Kabir Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Iran and the oldest Jame Mosque in Iran. Its first building was built on fire temples from the Sassanid era, and based on reliable reports, this first structure was a fire temple, which was changed to a mosq...
4.40 (196 reviews)
Armani Restaurant image
Armani Restaurant
👍👍 great quality, low prices, there is wonderful service
4.30 (279 reviews)
Azadi Square (sabze mey'dan) image
Azadi Square (sabze mey'dan)
👍👍 It's amazing !!!
4.40 (168 reviews)
Mellat Park image
Mellat Park
👍👍 very beautiful. This park is located in the best part of Qazvin, which leads from one side to Tawheed Street and from the other side to Modares Boulevard. Very beautiful and green environment with very old trees is one of the characteristics of this beautiful park. Many travelers stay in this par...
4.20 (222 reviews)
Cantor Church image
Cantor Church
Russian Orthodox church
😐 Cantor Church known as "Bell Tower" also known as Russian Church was built by a Russian company in Qazvin at the end of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar period. This church is orthodox. Like other churches, this small church has a cruciform design and its altar faces east. The architectural plan of the churc...
4.10 (358 reviews)
Eqbali Restaurant image
Eqbali Restaurant
👍 Food is average, but still, you can enjoy it
4.00 (768 reviews)
Nemooneh Restaurant image
Nemooneh Restaurant
👍 The food was really really good, but the prices was so expensive and the place was so crowded.
4.10 (222 reviews)
Ersie Optic Café image
Ersie Optic Café
Coffee shop
👍👍 The place is amazing. It is located on ‘Saad al-Sultaneh’ one of the ancient arcades on Qazvin that is made in Qajar time. Which is one of the historical provinces in Iran. The Cafe is one of the best in that area. The walls are painted by hand and its a really nice art which present Qajar period of...
4.20 (110 reviews)
Shams traditional Restaurant Cafe image
Shams traditional Restaurant Cafe
👍 قیمه نثارش عااالی بود. قیمه نثار بی‌تردید معروف‌ترین غذای شهر قزوین است. اگر به قزوین سفر کنید و مزه لذیذ این غذا را نچشید، لذت بزرگی را از دست داده‌اید. قیمه یعنی گوشت تکه شده و نثار یعنی چیزی که به کسی پیشکش کنند. این غذا از قدیم توسط بانوان برای مهمانان پخته می‌شد و امروزه نیز معمولاً در مراسم، م...
4.40 (69 reviews)
Alghadir Park image
Alghadir Park
👍👍 One of the great and fine parks of Qazvina has a mosque where it is also a joyful concert. It is a joyful place with a series of electric appliances with a buffet, a coffee shop and a toy for sale, which is played on its own. Trampoline is an electric train and ... Name The board has a topset and a...
4.10 (131 reviews)
Shah Mosque image
Shah Mosque
👍👍 A beautiful ancient mosque next to Negarossaltaneh
4.40 (65 reviews)
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