Ivan Gold image
Ivan Gold
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A spiritual courtyard full of light, the entrance of which is from Tabarsi Street.
4.90 (98 reviews)
Imam Reza Shrine image
Imam Reza Shrine
Massive, ornately decorated complex with a mosque, the sacred shrine of Imam Reza & 3 museums.
4.80 (17.6K reviews)
Goharshad Mosque image
Goharshad Mosque
Built in the early 1400s, this ornate mosque features a colorful, ornate facade & intricate mosaics.
4.80 (589 reviews)
Gold Dome image
Gold Dome
👍👍 The dome of the shrine has two shells. The inner shell (ahianeh) that can be seen from inside the shrine is the oldest shell, and according to a legend, it existed before the burial of Ali bin Musa al-Reza, and at the end of the 9th century, the outer shell (self), which is the current golden dome,...
4.80 (229 reviews)
Steel Window image
Steel Window
Pilgrimage place
Pilgrimage site & Shia shrine with an imposing lattice wall & viewing of a sacred mausoleum.
4.80 (166 reviews)
Tomb of Mohammadreza Shajarian image
Tomb of Mohammadreza Shajarian
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Beloved traditional singer of entire history of Iran
4.80 (100 reviews)
Naqqareh Khaneh image
Naqqareh Khaneh
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Do you know what is the duty of the naqarah house? Naqara Khana, consisting of two words "Naqara" and "Khan" refers to the place where "Naqara" is played. It is possible to consider the Naqara Khana as a place where, at specific times, especially at sunrise and sunset, structures such as Naqara, Ku...
4.70 (117 reviews)
Tomb of Mehdi Akhavan Sales image
Tomb of Mehdi Akhavan Sales
Tourist attraction
👍👍 سلامت را نمی خواهند پاسخ گفت سرها در گریبان است کسی سر بر نیارد کرد پاسخ گفتن و دیدار یاران را نگه جز پیش پا را دید، نتواند که ره تاریک و لغزان است وگر دست محبت سوی کس یازی به اکراه آورد دست از بغل بیرون که سرما سخت سوزان است نفس، کز گرمگاه سینه می آید برون، ابری شود تاریک چو دیوار ایستد در پیش چشما...
4.70 (43 reviews)
Parizad Historical School image
Parizad Historical School
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Parizad School, a school in Mashhad that Parizad, Nadimah Goharshad dedicated for religious students. The building of this school was completed in 823 AH and has been renovated three times. In the past, this school was outside the boundaries of the Razavi shrine, but with the development of the shri...
4.70 (39 reviews)
Tomb of Ferdowsi image
Tomb of Ferdowsi
Tourist attraction
White marble tomb complex memorializing the celebrated poet Ferdowsi in a peaceful garden setting.
4.60 (2.5K reviews)
Tomb of Sheikh Bahai image
Tomb of Sheikh Bahai
👍👍 He was a philosopher, architect, mathematician, astronomer and poet.
4.60 (114 reviews)
Chehel Bazeh Park image
Chehel Bazeh Park
👍 A garden that has been opened for several years His environment is completely family It is very good for walking or spending a pleasant evening There are not many recreational facilities There is room for children to play They also made a space in it for children's goal play, which is very good Ther...
4.60 (94 reviews)
Tomb of Pir Palandouz image
Tomb of Pir Palandouz
Pilgrimage place
👍👍 این بنا در دوران شاه محمد خدابنده صفوی در سال 985 هجری قمری ساخته شد. در واقع این مقبره محل دفن شیخ محمد مقتدی کارندهی، که یکی از عرفای مشهور شیعه مذهب ذهبیه است، می باشد. شیخ کارندهی یا همان کاردهی، معروف به پیر پالان دوز در نیمه دوم قرن دهم هجری قمری در روستای کارده از توابع مشهد چشم به جهان گشود....
4.60 (60 reviews)
Quran Museum image
Quran Museum
👍👍 Excellent, attractive and informative Quran in the handwriting of Imam Ali (AS) Imam Hassan (AS) Imam Hussein (as) and other Imams and Infallibles The best work of this museum was and is the first deputy of the Imam of the Age (as) Donations from different countries and ... Dear you who have read t...
4.60 (36 reviews)
Mellat Park image
Mellat Park
City park
👍👍 A good park for jogging and running, it has various features like table tennis, paintball, amusement park, volleyball court. A big lake with beautiful ducks along with some beautiful cow statues. PS: Entrance with a metro station is smoky as teenagers feels it their place to smoke
4.50 (737 reviews)
Astan Quds Razavi Museums image
Astan Quds Razavi Museums
👍👍 Amazing but you will paid 60000 tuman to Login
4.50 (564 reviews)
Tomb of Nader Shah-e Afshar image
Tomb of Nader Shah-e Afshar
History museum
Imposing mausoleum, equestrian statue & museum honoring an 18th-c. Iranian monarch.
4.40 (1.5K reviews)
Koohsangi Park image
Koohsangi Park
👍👍 One of the best parks I've been to in Mashhad city. Large and fancy, plus, you could see (almost) the entirety of the city. You could play table tennis or soocer. There are games for children, too. I suggest to you that you climb to the top, and see the view.
4.40 (1.4K reviews)
Vakilabad Garden image
Vakilabad Garden
Park on over 173 acres with tree-lined paths, children's play equipment, picnic benches & streams.
4.40 (592 reviews)
Khorshid Park image
Khorshid Park
👍👍 It was raining at night with a moderate cold weather, once I reach the top of it I felt calm, relaxed and at peace. 😀 Top view of Mashhad from Park Khorshid. Perfect stairs are there to climb the peak, nice view and good for meditation.
4.40 (197 reviews)
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