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Shahgoli Pool image
Shahgoli Pool
👍 When you visit Tabriz, you should visit here. But its better not to go there on weekends because its too crowded. For me its just worth to visit once because its always full of people. If you are looking for peace and quite place in nature I don't recommend.
4.70 (337 reviews)
Tabriz Grand Bazaar image
Tabriz Grand Bazaar
Historical, architecturally notable market with classic goods like carpets, spices, textiles & tea.
4.50 (2.2K reviews)
Blue Mosque image
Blue Mosque
Historical landmark
Partially-reconstructed 15th-century mosque adorned with intricate, colorful tiles & calligraphy.
4.50 (1K reviews)
Shah goli image
Shah goli
👍👍 Main park of Tabriz. It's a beautiful place with big pool surrounded by old trees. Mornings it's peaceful with some people jogging there. Nights it's more attractive but crowded. sometimes crowded with probably not so good people.
4.50 (935 reviews)
Arg-e-Alishah image
Historical landmark
A colossal wall, formerly part of a vast medieval fortification that contained a mosque.
4.50 (691 reviews)
Laleh Park Hotel image
Laleh Park Hotel
Elegant hotel featuring warm rooms & suites, as well as a health club, an indoor pool & dining.
4.50 (559 reviews)
Laleh Park Shopping Center image
Laleh Park Shopping Center
Shopping mall
👍 I had salad in there and it was so good. I highly recommend for those who like salad
4.40 (1.9K reviews)
El Goli Park image
El Goli Park
👍👍 nice garden with many Activities like singing and Painting and others acts
4.70 (191 reviews)
Municipality Palace of Tabriz image
Municipality Palace of Tabriz
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Sa'at Tower also known as Tabriz Municipality Palace is building in Tabriz which is used as the city hall and main office of the municipal government of Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province, Iran.
4.50 (385 reviews)
Qajar Museum- House of AmirNezam Garrousi image
Qajar Museum- House of AmirNezam Garrousi
Historical place museum
Museum in an elegant 19th-century mansion dedicated to the history of the Qajar Dynasty.
4.40 (646 reviews)
Shahriar's House Museum image
Shahriar's House Museum
👍👍 The environment is very simple and beautiful and the gifts and poems of Master Shahriar are placed throughout the house and the decorations and fixtures of the house have been preserved unchanged from the past. The courtyard of the building is very lively and there are two statues of Master Shahria...
4.50 (320 reviews)
Azarbaijan museum image
Azarbaijan museum
Intimate museum exhibiting Iranian archeological artifacts & artwork such as pottery & statues.
4.40 (409 reviews)
Atlas Shopping mall image
Atlas Shopping mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 Nice, well managed, large market. There you can find known brands, dresses, shirts, home tools, super markets, and more. There is a kids game zone. For 2 years old up to 17 years old.
4.30 (888 reviews)
Pars Hotel image
Pars Hotel
Warmly decorated rooms in an upmarket hotel offering a restaurant & an indoor pool.
4.30 (759 reviews)
Saat Qabaghi Square image
Saat Qabaghi Square
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Very spectacular symbol in the heart of Tabriz city.
4.50 (201 reviews)
Constitution House of Tabriz image
Constitution House of Tabriz
Historical place museum
Museum chronicling an early-20th-century revolt through sculptures, newspapers & photos.
4.30 (603 reviews)
مجتمع تجاری ستاره باران image
مجتمع تجاری ستاره باران
Shopping mall
👍👍 One of the stylish and modern centers of Tabriz is located to the west of this city. this building has 3 business floors and 8 office floors and a two-story car park. Facilities include a food court, mother and baby floors, an indoor playground, restaurant and café.
4.30 (515 reviews)
Tabriz Railway Station image
Tabriz Railway Station
Public transport
4.30 (398 reviews)
Qonqa image
Historical landmark
👍👍 Beautiful historical landmark, one of thousands in tabriz😍this city is worth visiting people!!
4.40 (228 reviews)
The Iron Age Museum image
The Iron Age Museum
👍👍 Hello This museum belongs to the first and second millennium BC, there are 38 graves, children with toys, younger people with pottery, men with war tools and women with their jewelry, the body posture is gathered, that's why their religion was probably love worship, lighting and ventilation It was g...
4.50 (150 reviews)
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