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Discover the best places in Zanjan, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 52 places in the city.

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رستوران هفت چنار image
رستوران هفت چنار
👍👍 ما اولین بار بود رفتیم زنجان هم رستوران عالی داشت و هم کادر بسیار خوبی و غذایی با کیفیتی و قیمت خوب من حتما پیشنهاد میکنم حتی یکبار هم که شده این رستوران رو تجربه کنید
4.80 (144 reviews)
Rakhtshooi Khaneh image
Rakhtshooi Khaneh
👍 In the morning it's better to visit. Totally for once visiting is not bad.
4.40 (524 reviews)
API Pazz Restaurant image
API Pazz Restaurant
👍👍 It was very good in all aspects🌺
4.80 (113 reviews)
Zanjan Saltmen Museum image
Zanjan Saltmen Museum
👍👍 Zanjan Archaeological Museum is one of the famous museums in Zanjan, which has several fossils attributed to several salt men. That is why some people know this museum as the Museum of Salt Men. I suggest that if you travel to Zanjan, visit this museum along with buying the famous knives of Zanjan.
4.40 (385 reviews)
Hosseinieh Azam Zanjan Mosque image
Hosseinieh Azam Zanjan Mosque
👍👍 It's really amazing place
4.50 (220 reviews)
Polo Restaurant image
Polo Restaurant
👍👍 The best quality food ever! I love the food in this place. I recommend you to eat here if you are in this town. Thanks Polo restaurant for the best food and service!
4.30 (644 reviews)
Abedini’s Dizi image
Abedini’s Dizi
👍👍 Food was so tasty, we all enjoyed it. Staff was so friendly and helpful. I loved the place and the atmosphere.
4.60 (134 reviews)
Dadamaan Hotel image
Dadamaan Hotel
👍👍 The place is very cozy. I really enjoyed. The rooms were very clean It is a traditional place with all the facilities Delicious breakfast with hot and cold foods The staff were very friendly I recommend those who love traditional places to try
4.50 (147 reviews)
Zanjan Great Bazaar image
Zanjan Great Bazaar
👍👍 Searching can gives you smile in your own face if you find yourself going for browsing it continually a memorable experience and we all all love the purchasing. Traditional Searching:In traditional shopping, you just go for your preferred shopping mall and judge the brand much like your choice and...
4.30 (303 reviews)
Sadaf Restaurant image
Sadaf Restaurant
Persian restaurant
👍👍 One of the luxurious restaurants in Zanjan 😍💪🏾
4.20 (219 reviews)
Zartosht Restaurant image
Zartosht Restaurant
😐 This restaurant is amazing! The food is delicious and the atmosphere is so cozy and inviting. The service is always friendly and attentive. The prices are very reasonable and the menu has something for everyone. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great meal and a relaxing atmosphere.
4.30 (139 reviews)
Zolfaqari Historical House image
Zolfaqari Historical House
👍👍 The historical monument belongs to the Zulfiqari family from the Afshar clan, who were the rulers of Zanjan for a long time. The architecture of the building belongs to the late Qajar and early Pahlavi period and is a combination of European and Iranian architecture.
4.70 (57 reviews)
Zanjan Three Star Match Factory image
Zanjan Three Star Match Factory
History museum
👍👍 three star match factory , it's Rebuilding for tourism
4.30 (114 reviews)
Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences image
Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences
👍👍 This is one of the most prestigious universities in iran for gratuated study in basic sciences.
4.80 (50 reviews)
Zanjan Boutique Hotel image
Zanjan Boutique Hotel
👍👍 I went to this hotel three times and I was very satisfied all three times. Very nice hotel with professional and knowledgeable staff. This hotel is like a museum, each room is related to a historical period in Iran. The design of the rooms is done with all the details. The hotel environment is very...
4.30 (111 reviews)
Sabzemeydan image
👍👍 بی نظیر بسیار زیبا دیدنی وسط شهر چنین وسعتی فضایی برای عموم تامین شده خیلی جذابه حتما در بازدید از زنجان اینجا رو ببینید
4.30 (99 reviews)
Jame'a Mosque of Zanjan image
Jame'a Mosque of Zanjan
👍👍 Zanjan Grand Mosque, also known as "Seyed Mosque", is located in the heart of the historical fabric of Zanjan. This mosque is connected with Qaisaria Bazaar from the west side, Seyed Mosque alley from the east side, and Imam and Sabzeh Maidan streets from the north. Before the construction of Imam...
4.30 (89 reviews)
Zanjan Stone Caravanserai and Traditional Restaurant image
Zanjan Stone Caravanserai and Traditional Restaurant
👍 One of the best restaurants of Zanjan. It's kababs are very well.
4.00 (235 reviews)
جغور بغور اسکندر image
جغور بغور اسکندر
Traditional restaurant
👍 The food was very tasty. I would have liked more food. The atmosphere of the family lodge was cool and clean It's a pity there was no toilet (instructing me to use the mosque's toilet) The price of Jughurbaghur Mehr 1402, each press is 120 tomans Distance to the public parking lot of the municipalit...
4.70 (42 reviews)
Haj Dadash Restaurant image
Haj Dadash Restaurant
👍 Awful music but brilliant food. I wish the bread was fresh 🥲
4.00 (170 reviews)
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