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Experience the best that Tabriz has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 34 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Seyyed Hamzeh Mosque image
Seyyed Hamzeh Mosque
👍 مسجد سید حمزه در ابتدای ورودی خیابان عارف در نزدیکی چهارراه شمس تبریزی ( مشهور به سه راه ) و ورودی امامزاده قرار دارد . امامزاده سید حمزه در محله سرخاب و ضلع جنوب شرقی تقاطع خیابان ثقةالاسلام و خیابان عارف، در ضلع غربی بنای یادمان مقبرةالشعرا قرار دارد. مجموعه سید حمزه عبارت از صحن نسبتاً وسیعی است...
4.60 (110 reviews)
Tabriz Grand Bazaar image
Tabriz Grand Bazaar
Historical, architecturally notable market with classic goods like carpets, spices, textiles & tea.
4.50 (2.2K reviews)
Blue Mosque image
Blue Mosque
Historical landmark
Partially-reconstructed 15th-century mosque adorned with intricate, colorful tiles & calligraphy.
4.50 (1K reviews)
Municipality Palace of Tabriz image
Municipality Palace of Tabriz
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Sa'at Tower also known as Tabriz Municipality Palace is building in Tabriz which is used as the city hall and main office of the municipal government of Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province, Iran.
4.50 (385 reviews)
Shahriar's House Museum image
Shahriar's House Museum
👍👍 The environment is very simple and beautiful and the gifts and poems of Master Shahriar are placed throughout the house and the decorations and fixtures of the house have been preserved unchanged from the past. The courtyard of the building is very lively and there are two statues of Master Shahria...
4.50 (320 reviews)
Saat Qabaghi Square image
Saat Qabaghi Square
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Very spectacular symbol in the heart of Tabriz city.
4.50 (201 reviews)
The Iron Age Museum image
The Iron Age Museum
👍👍 Hello This museum belongs to the first and second millennium BC, there are 38 graves, children with toys, younger people with pottery, men with war tools and women with their jewelry, the body posture is gathered, that's why their religion was probably love worship, lighting and ventilation It was g...
4.50 (150 reviews)
Tabriz Firefighting Tower image
Tabriz Firefighting Tower
Historical place
👍👍 A fight firing tower, around 100 years old. Used to observe the whole city in the past.
4.50 (109 reviews)
Baghmisheh Forest Park image
Baghmisheh Forest Park
👍👍 Baghmisheh Tabriz Park is the largest park in the northeast of Tabriz, one of the big parks with recreational facilities. This park is located in the northeast of Tabriz and next to Fahmideh Square in Tabriz. This park has 2 phases. It has a playground, a golf course, and a playground. In general, t...
4.50 (57 reviews)
Azarbaijan museum image
Azarbaijan museum
Intimate museum exhibiting Iranian archeological artifacts & artwork such as pottery & statues.
4.40 (409 reviews)
Qonqa image
Historical landmark
👍👍 Beautiful historical landmark, one of thousands in tabriz😍this city is worth visiting people!!
4.40 (228 reviews)
Behnam House image
Behnam House
👍👍 A very beautiful collection of several historic houses. I came to this place on a rainy day, it was really beautiful. If it is restored, it will be Tabriz's most beautiful and historic places.
4.40 (153 reviews)
Jameh Mosque of Tabriz image
Jameh Mosque of Tabriz
4.40 (129 reviews)
Saib Tabrizi Forest Park image
Saib Tabrizi Forest Park
👍👍 It's my first time to go there it's very good full of trees, clean air.
4.40 (112 reviews)
Mashrote Park image
Mashrote Park
👍 One of the most interesting parks of tabriz, beside its major terminal It has a great view :-)
4.40 (94 reviews)
Nazirvand Mosque image
Nazirvand Mosque
👍👍 Very large mosque and relaxing
4.40 (44 reviews)
Tomb of Two Kamals image
Tomb of Two Kamals
👍👍 Dukmal tomb, which is the burial place of Kamal Khojandi (8th and 9th century poet) and Kamaluddin Behzad (10th century painter), is located in one of the gardens of Bilankoh neighborhood in the east of Tabriz city. This tomb was discovered by chance in 1342 while boys were playing on the dirt mou...
4.40 (39 reviews)
Constitution House of Tabriz image
Constitution House of Tabriz
Historical place museum
Museum chronicling an early-20th-century revolt through sculptures, newspapers & photos.
4.30 (603 reviews)
Parvin Etesami's House image
Parvin Etesami's House
Historical place
👍👍 Historical awesome home of a famous poet of tabriz- Azerbaijan sharghi- Iran
4.30 (166 reviews)
Qari Korpusi image
Qari Korpusi
Historical landmark
👍 Qari Bridge (Azerbaijani Turkish: قاری کؤرپؤسؤ) or Cheragh Bridge is one of the historical and famous bridges in Tabriz. The bridge is located on Thaqat al-Islam Street, on the Chai Square (Mehraneh River) River. The capitals of Koleghoochi and the old lights of this bridge were built in the late Q...
4.30 (129 reviews)
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