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Amphitheater of El Jem image
Amphitheater of El Jem
Historical landmark
Ancient Roman amphitheater, known for its preserved state, hosting rare artifact displays & events.
4.80 (6.8K reviews)
El Jem Museum image
El Jem Museum
Archaeological museum
This archaeological museum in a Roman villa–style building features local artifacts & nearby ruins.
4.70 (1.1K reviews)
Musée Archéologique El Jam image
Musée Archéologique El Jam
Archaeological museum
👍👍 A wonderful place, worth recommending! One of the best-preserved amphitheaters of the ancient world!
4.80 (86 reviews)
Restaurant El Hana image
Restaurant El Hana
👍👍 One of the most friendliest owners of a restaurant I ever been too. The food that I had was amazing.
4.60 (76 reviews)
Dar El Jem image
Dar El Jem
Coffee shop
👍👍 Un lieu alliant art et artisanat avec des pièces en mosaïque d'exception. Un travail artistique minutieux et de grande qualité. Si vous venez à El Jem pour son amphithéâtre, contournez-le et vous ne serez pas déçus. Vous pourrez même y prendre un café. 😉
4.70 (65 reviews)
Hôtel resto Dar Ammar image
Hôtel resto Dar Ammar
🫤 We had buffet lunch here as part of a bus tour to the amphitheater. The food was mediocre at best, the chicken was ok, the vegetarian pasta was terribly bland. The watermelon was great and fresh. However, food was not labeled well, so we had to guess what we were eating. The dining hall was very cra...
4.00 (151 reviews)
Restaurant Le Bonheur image
Restaurant Le Bonheur
😠 This is probably the worst Makloub i've ever ate just take a look at the fries, i didn't know how they managed to get them soggy and burnt at the same time! the salad inside is pretty inexistent, the meat wasn't that good the only thing i liked about this dish is the mayonnaise and the cheese. the o...
4.10 (40 reviews)
Restaurant Diar El Jem image
Restaurant Diar El Jem
👍 Das Essen wird hier direkt nach Wunsch vom Lamm, das ungekühlt aber frisch geschlachtet, abgeschnitten und direkt auf Feuer zubereitet. Dazu gab es Salat nach tunesischer Art, Pommes und Baguette. Geschmeckt hat es köstlich. Jedoch haben die vielen Fliegen sehr gestört. Preis pro Person ca. 8 Euro....
4.10 (36 reviews)
Restaurant Afe Les Mires image
Restaurant Afe Les Mires
👍👍 Had a lovely lamb and couscous, and a fish with rice, price was affordable and the staff was very nice! You can also park your car right beside the restaurant
3.60 (34 reviews)
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