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  • 5Marco C. 3 years ago
    Emaj is a very good local tour guide. We spent half day (3 hours) with him in the old town, and hyenas tour at night. Emaj knows Harar very well. Not only the main attractions like gates, wall, market places, he also showed us beautiful small alleys, and hidden places like inside of a bakery, old cinema etc. which we never could have wandered into. This helps us a lot to learn the culture and living style of locals. He speaks very good english, and told us a lot of information including history, culture, and daily life of Harar people. Emaj can also help reserving traditional guesthouses and accommodations. He can also organize elephant sanctuary tour, transportation from Dire Dawa airport to Harar etc. We highly recommend Emaj to organize and guide your tour if you are planning a trip in Harar.

  • 5Augusto E. 3 years ago
    Harar is a very intriguing place with its bustling markets, narrow streets and its nightly visits of the hyenas. Having Emaje as our tour guide made our trip an unforgettable experience. Emaje was very flexible in setting up a plan which met our interests and schedule. He organized our airport pickup from Dire Dawa, showed us all the insider secrets of Harar (including some delicious food spots which we would have never dared to try on our own), and made sure we were always feeling safe and comfortable. In addition to our tour of Harar, he took us on a day trip to visit an amazing camel market near the town of Babile, as well as to the old town of Koromi. I strongly recommend including Harar in your trip to Ethiopia, since it is a quite unique place. But I recommend even more having Emaje as your guide. His ability to speak multiple languages, negotiate with locals, and always stay cool and friendly, ensured that we always felt comfortable in a place that is still very new to tourism.

  • 5Nahom A. 1 year ago
    Emaj Harar tours is one of the best tour company for Harar and around destinations. Warm welcoming from this young ambitious man aimed to take the tourism sector in to the next level throughout technology and quality of service. I highly recommend Emaj Harar tours. You won't regret.

  • 5Esayas A. 9 months ago
    Really thank you so much Emaj! You make my time in Harar unforgettable! I Recommended you for all my friends if they plan coming to harar! thank you so much again!

  • 5Jasmin B. 1 year ago
    Emaj is a really nice, welcoming and knowledgeable guide! He made sure we saw everything we wanted to and even took us to places that weren't super touristy. My friend and I had such a great time in Harar because of him - thanks a lot :)

  • 5Sara W. 3 years ago
    Yes i I agree Harar tours and a guide Emaj is highly recommended, I had unforgettable memories because I was with well experienced tour guide Emaj! knowledgeable easygoing person . 1st day I went to the camel market which was great and also vally of marvel. 2nd day I went to the coffee and chat farm and koromi village which seems 800 years back Harar and nice landscape there also. 3rd day this was my last day in Harar and I did a city tour in the city for the whole day and I went to see the hyena feeding in the night. Ahh Really thanks a lot Harar tours! I hope to see you soon!

  • 5Anna Karena W. 3 years ago
    Can’t recommend Harar tours enough; Harar is a wonderful crazy place, which would require a lot of time to figure out by yourself. Harar tours was very helpful in getting us into (and out of town) despite frequent road blocks. Even though our time in Harar was limited we got to see the many different sights this ancient world heritage town offers and learned some things about it that aren’t written up in any guide books. Thank you very much Harar tours!

  • 5Andy D. 1 year ago
    I had an amazing time in Harar because of Emaj just in 2 days he showed me a lot interesting place in Harar and around I highly recommended Emaj He is the best young good looking guy, every 19 minutes he make sure that I am fine and feel ok, I can't Recommended enough Thank you Emaj I had a Gorgeous days in Harar

  • 5Anwar T. 3 months ago
    EMAJ Harar Tours, a company is one of the best incomparable, trusted, negotiable, and well-organized service offer, based on the visitors perspective, tour agencies in the ancient city of Harar, according to the measurement quality of the tour services offered states, what makes it highly recommended among others, Emaj is a wonderful guide and manager of the tour agency, EMAJ is well informative, knowledgeable and over ten years, experienced tour guide in the City of Harar, do not hesitate to contact him throughout the content below +25152747434

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