Emarat Pedari Traditional Hotel image
Emarat Pedari Traditional Hotel
👍👍 We stayed in the around 150 old years house for 2 days that was the great traditional and comfortable accomodation. It created for us a memorable experience that we will never forget that is because they behaved in respecful and friendly manner toward us. there are such two beautiful yards with grea...
5.00 (114 reviews)
بوتیک هتل روزبهان Ruzbehan boutique hotel image
بوتیک هتل روزبهان Ruzbehan boutique hotel
👍👍 It was a great experience in this beautiful sonnati hotel. I confidently can give 10/10 for staff and food for me as international traveler, the way they manage their hotel, shows the correct face of Shiraz cheerful & humble people.. Fabulous experience with beautiful quiet nights and amazing morni...
5.00 (53 reviews)
Sati House Hotel هتل سنتی ساتی image
Sati House Hotel هتل سنتی ساتی
👍👍 so friendly and cozy, the staff team at the Sati were helpful and welcoming, the standard of service was excellent too.
5.00 (38 reviews)
Almas Yazd Traditional Hotel image
Almas Yazd Traditional Hotel
👍👍 Good new renovated traditional hotel in middle of Yazd old city. Nice atmosphere and staff!
4.90 (386 reviews)
Hotel Homa image
Hotel Homa
👍👍 We had a reservation . Unfortunately we couldn't make it that day but tye owner is a nice guy . We visited the place and he helped us find another place. Over all this place is awesome and very well decorated. The rooms are uniquely decorated and the fact that they are in caves with all modern facil...
4.90 (195 reviews)
Shahrazad hotel image
Shahrazad hotel
👍👍 Shahrzad Hotel was friendly, We all dream of a romantic, Iranian getaway, and this one just might be it. The hotel occupies a restored old building just less than half a mile from The historic citadel of the city of Yazd. With nice rooms, you'll find yourself right at that point of enjoying the secl...
4.90 (191 reviews)
Hotel Pouya image
Hotel Pouya
4.90 (121 reviews)
Ravi Boutique Hotel image
Ravi Boutique Hotel
👍👍 By staying at the Ravi hotel, you can make your journey to Shiraz even more enjoyable. Ravi's staff is such that you feel intimately connected to them after a short time. During our honeymoon trip, my wife and I chose Shiraz and stayed at the Ravi hotel. Ravi's dishes are prepared by skilled chefs a...
4.90 (71 reviews)
Shiraz Traditional Hotel image
Shiraz Traditional Hotel
👍👍 I had some memorable and good moments during my stay at this hotel. The calm and beautiful environment of this hotel is indescribable. All the facilities of this hotel were very good, also the behavior of the hotel staff was really good. I suggest you stay in this hotel during your trip to Shiraz...
4.90 (58 reviews)
Ziba Traditional image
Ziba Traditional
👍👍 Beautiful traditional hostel by very clean and professional room in heart and city center of shiraz, by awesome staff.
4.90 (50 reviews)
Ferdows Kooshk image
Ferdows Kooshk
👍👍 The experience was mesmerising! I've been to many places in Iran but here was entirely different. Our hosts were really friendly and respectable. The rooms are cosy and clean. The atmosphere peaceful and lovely. If you're looking for a haven to ease your mind this is the place! Enjoy!
4.90 (45 reviews)
هتل بوتیک کرمانشاه Kermanshah Botique Hotel image
هتل بوتیک کرمانشاه Kermanshah Botique Hotel
👍👍 It's great place to stay because the atmosphere is really comfortable and beautiful and the prices are great too. The staff is nice and professional. Also it's close to the bazar and city center.
4.90 (43 reviews)
رز هاستل image
رز هاستل
👍👍 هاستل تمیزیه تو اهواز. چنتا اتاقشم خوابگاهه و تخت داره. و مسئولش بسیار مهربانه.
4.90 (39 reviews)
Wadi House image
Wadi House
👍👍 I was there for 3 nights! It was an awesome experience! cozy traditional house with numerous sights especially for photography! hospitality is extremely good. Also I strongly suggest you to try their delicious foods.
4.90 (38 reviews)
Isfahan Bazaar Traditional Hotel image
Isfahan Bazaar Traditional Hotel
👍👍 Excellent service, cozy house, beautiful yard, warm hospitality, clean rooms, great location to access the Square, kind and helpful staff, buffet breakfast and all other good things made us feel like our home. Thank you Mr. Zandi for this memorable stay...
4.90 (37 reviews)
Mahsultan traditional house image
Mahsultan traditional house
4.90 (34 reviews)
Mahoor Tourist Resort image
Mahoor Tourist Resort
👍👍 مکانی بسیار عالی .قیمت منو مناسب .مکانی پر از آرامش .کیفیت غذا بسیار عالی . شهری زیبا واقعا جای دنج و درجه یکه .پیشنهاد میکنم حتما تجربش کنید
4.90 (33 reviews)
مجتمع اقامتی آمن image
مجتمع اقامتی آمن
👍👍 مجتمع بسیار تمیز و مرتب. واحد ما به حیاط راه داشت که یکی از حسنهای این واحد بود. مرکز خرید و سوپر نزدیک. مجتمع مروارید نزدیک. برای دریا و مراکز خرید دیگه باید با تاکسی برید. یکی از کوچه های قشنگ صدف. واقعا همکاری و مدیریت نیروها عالی بود و برای هر چیزی سریعا پاسخگو بودند. توی همه این سالهایی که کیش...
4.90 (32 reviews)
Yaloo Hotel image
Yaloo Hotel
👍👍 A fantastic hotel in the heart of Kashan desert with all facilities. My friends and I have enjoyed staying at this traditionally designed hotel several times. Moreover, beside the facilities and excellent food and hospitality, you would enjoy many other atractions such as roaming the desert, camel r...
4.80 (184 reviews)
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