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Experience the best that Karaj has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 24 places from Cafe category.

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Carbon Cafe image
Carbon Cafe
Coffee shop
👍👍 Nice coffee shop, food nice and and fresh. And importantly clean
4.50 (33 reviews)
Wonka cafe image
Wonka cafe
Coffee shop
4.50 (32 reviews)
Vintage Cafe Restaurant image
Vintage Cafe Restaurant
👍👍 Steak was very good and well cooked.
4.40 (163 reviews)
Gavan Café image
Gavan Café
👍👍 One of the best cafe’s in mehrshar, karaj. There is enough parking space in the street. Takes approximately 20 minutes for them to prepare your order. Interior design is beautiful with a touch of pop art sense. Food quality is fine. Coffees and smoothies are served with more care. all in all a great...
4.40 (47 reviews)
کافه رستوران رنجی image
کافه رستوران رنجی
👍👍 One of the best and most beautiful cafes I've ever been to, beautiful environment, friendly staff and unique quality!!!! Fantastic cocktails and I think you should definitely go once in your life and enjoy them!
4.40 (35 reviews)
Darchin Cafe image
Darchin Cafe
👍👍 The waffle is unbelivebly delicious . It's like the best thing I've tasted in my life. The enviornment is good for both work meetings or hanging out with your friends on a saturday afternoon . Make sure to try the desserts with tea . They provide tea in pots so it's not just one cup you can have ar...
4.30 (448 reviews)
October Cafe image
October Cafe
👍👍 The best cafe in the town if you are into coffee. They serve multiple lines of coffee and most of them are single origin. You can buy coffee seeds too. There are some mixed teas and chocolates. This cafe does not serve food, but they serve some snacks. There's a bookstore upstairs. The sellers will...
4.30 (90 reviews)
Jutta cafe image
Jutta cafe
Coffee shop
👍👍 So many things happened here! It's a really cozy place for the locals. And the owners are a sweet and nice old couple 😊
4.30 (35 reviews)
Atom Coffee Bar image
Atom Coffee Bar
👍 Hello friends . I have changed my mind several times. After every change that the atom has, it becomes better or worse. Now the coffees were good. The prices were a bit high (not much). The salted caramel cake was not good (I can even say it was bad considering the price). Last time the salted caram...
4.30 (35 reviews)
Day Cafe image
Day Cafe
👍👍 Best café ever! Lovely food, nice music, artistic atmosphere and adorable behaviour; all and all in Day Café.
4.20 (76 reviews)
Ti shi ni cafe image
Ti shi ni cafe
👍👍 It is a cozy and cool cafe, it has good decor and design, the behavior of the staff is excellent, most importantly, it has a very good view, especially the sunset by the window, it is definitely recommended.
4.20 (36 reviews)
Sarashpaz Restaurant & Cafe image
Sarashpaz Restaurant & Cafe
👍👍 This cafe is my favorite place for breakfast. I've tried so many cafés but I've never found a good place like this! You can find all types of breakfasts in the menu for all tastes. The quality and taste of items are incredibly good. The mix plate item has a reasonable price, and it's enough for 2 pe...
4.10 (516 reviews)
Venhan Cafe image
Venhan Cafe
👍👍 One of the best cafe in karaj. The food is outstanding also service is so good.
4.10 (63 reviews)
Plus Café image
Plus Café
👍 Pros: + This is an old well known Cafe and Restaurant in Azimieh. + They have a nice and big place and good staff. + They have Iranian and international food and drink Items on the menu. Cons: - Food is OK but a little overpriced. - It's hard to find a parking location in the peak times.
4.00 (216 reviews)
Lounge Cafe image
Lounge Cafe
😠 They ruin the place. Cafe located in the north of a park which gives a great opportunity but except the location everything was below standard. Nobody wear a mask there!!! I was there Friday morning for breakfast, it took 50 minute for 2dishes. At the cashier they don’t give you check, they calculat...
4.00 (130 reviews)
Cafe shokolat image
Cafe shokolat
👍👍 This place have high quality coffees...
4.00 (42 reviews)
Eskan Alborz Resturant image
Eskan Alborz Resturant
👍 The service quality was good and the atmosphere is cozy The environment is completely cafe-like, and I went in the evening, it was not yet dinner time, but it was relatively crowded The restaurant is on the first floor and has a number of stairs The prices are almost high. It's a good place to have...
4.00 (41 reviews)
Darkoob Cafe image
Darkoob Cafe
👍 A very warm and friendly environment, which is doubled by the presence of siblings who own the cafe. I recommend their sandwiches and salads.
4.00 (38 reviews)
Deniz Cafe Resturant image
Deniz Cafe Resturant
👍👍 Very good and beautiful cafe, the most tasty things are breakfasts :) but there is no much drinks and food. Milkshakes also was so-so but now they fixed this and now they are so good, i like it. Very good atmosphere, splitted comfortable cabins for every guest, too many features. 1) volume regula...
3.90 (196 reviews)
Cafe Blanch image
Cafe Blanch
👍👍 one of the best places in karaj. very nice view of city on the second floor. smoking is free
3.90 (125 reviews)
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