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Experience the best that Karaj has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 14 places from Hospital category.

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Ara Veterinary clinic image
Ara Veterinary clinic
😠 Dr. Sabbagh are really scales. I wanted to take care of a support cat and it was decided to take a few diagnostic kits for the disease ‌ I paid 400,000 tomans and then when I went to ask a question in the room I saw two of their kits expired last year! Thank God to this work conscience! At the same...
3.80 (35 reviews)
بیمارستان چشم پزشکی نور image
بیمارستان چشم پزشکی نور
😠 I was sitting there waiting for my visit that suddenly the doctor's secretary yelled at a very little girl, who was crying out of fear, and threatened her to inject her if she keep crying!!! UNBELIVABLE!!!
3.50 (38 reviews)
کلینیک چشم پزشکی نورنگاه image
کلینیک چشم پزشکی نورنگاه
Ophthalmology clinic
😠 I have visited this clinic more than a few times. First of all, cash is not accepted on top of the cash register, but the card reader of the cash register is always broken, and they say to take cash from the ATM inside the clinic itself. I find it very interesting. There is a reason why the system...
3.50 (32 reviews)
Alborz Hospital image
Alborz Hospital
Specialized hospital
😠 Very awful, opium, a very rude lady was sitting as if she was a bride and came to show off to the groom with a very inappropriate make-up, which is itself a source of pollution. The emergency doctor, wearing comfortable pants and slippers, did not bother to raise his head at all. or examine the pat...
3.20 (275 reviews)
Kasra Hospital image
Kasra Hospital
😠 It was the worst hospital I saw in my life. It is a very awful hospital with very, very poor management. It is not even as good as a public hospital. Giving yourself a patient, even in an emergency, you should look for an anesthesiologist. The staff behaves very, very badly.
3.20 (118 reviews)
Kosar Hospital image
Kosar Hospital
Specialized hospital
😐 مزخرف از نظر تجربه پرستارها. یکی از فامیل هامونم میگفت باباش رو تازگیا برده بودن اینجا که کرونا داشت، پرستارا رسیدگی نمیکردن و بهشون پول دستی داده که کار کنن و به باباش رسیدگی کنن. واقعا افتضاح این وضعیت
3.20 (63 reviews)
Imam Khomeini Hospital image
Imam Khomeini Hospital
😠 بد ترين بيمارستاني هايي كه ديدم بيمارستان هاي امام خميني بود و كرج از تهران افتضاح تر و بد تر يعني سطحش افتضاحه فقط متخصص هاش كه تو درمانگاه هستن خوبن اونا هم سالي يه بار وقت ميدن من مريض كرونايي بودم به بيمار به چشم يه مرده متحرك نگاه ميكنن واسشون مهم نيست كه بميري يا بموني اصلا مسئوليت پذير نيست...
3.20 (46 reviews)
Rejaei Hospital image
Rejaei Hospital
😠 A slaughterhouse My mother had a stroke, in addition to not being taken care of, but not giving us an empty bed in the emergency room, and my mother slept on the cold floor of the hospital. Early in the morning, she transferred one of the patients to the ward, but my mother lay in bed. And the hosp...
3.00 (108 reviews)
بیمارستان ثارالله-مهرشهر image
بیمارستان ثارالله-مهرشهر
😠 خدمات فوق العاده ضعیف، از نحوه ي برخورد پرسنل تا دكترهاي كم سن و سال و بدون تجربه و .... البته سالهاست به همین شکل هم مدیریت میشه، درست بشو هم نيست متاسفانه
3.00 (46 reviews)
Takhte Jamshid Hospital image
Takhte Jamshid Hospital
😠 Unfortunately, they are just money. My 3-year-old daughter was hospitalized there for 6 days, the last one was not diagnosed correctly. After her discharge, it was like the first day. The laboratory is awful. Nothing works. We had heard before that they are sick and taken care of for more money tha...
2.90 (216 reviews)
Emam Ali (Bahonar) Hospital image
Emam Ali (Bahonar) Hospital
😠 یک ستاره رو هم دادم چون مجبور بودم و بتونم نظرمو بنویسم. من بیمارستان زیاد دیدم ولی بدترین و بی صاحب ترین بیمارستان و نفهم ترین و غیر انسان ترین پرسنلی که دیدم مال این بیمارستان بود. به رئیس بی کفایت و بی وجدانش سلام برسونین و بگین پرسنلت(از بالاترین تا پایین ترین)فقط دارن اونجا میدزدن و کاسبی میکنن...
2.70 (135 reviews)
Maryam Hospital image
Maryam Hospital
😐 Excellent hospital environment, very clean The cost without insurance is about 15 million for childbirth The staff are average, not too bad, not too great Excellent access to the parking space inside the street is always available Office workers are normal, not too bad, not too good, everything is...
2.60 (185 reviews)
Madani Hospital image
Madani Hospital
😠 Horrible experience in ER and doctors in that shift was irresponsible
2.60 (160 reviews)
Ghaem Hospital image
Ghaem Hospital
👍👍 Not bad , but it have very good personal information
2.50 (172 reviews)
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