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Transfagarasan image
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Amazing scenery, the drive up was spectacular as well, I'm sure it's super busy when the road is fully opened past the cable car. The road workers were clearing the snow on the roads today (7/6/23) so I'd guess it'll be open in a week or so
4.80 (18.9K reviews)
Zona Arqueológica de Tula image
Zona Arqueológica de Tula
Archaeological museum
Toltec archeological site including a pyramid & basalt columns carved in the shape of warriors.
4.60 (8.4K reviews)
Volcanic Park image
Volcanic Park
Theme park
Theme park with animatronic dinosaurs, train rides, a hedge maze, pedal boats & a petting zoo.
4.30 (7.3K reviews)
台灣水牛城 image
Taiwanese restaurant
Quaint zoo housing buffalo & other animals, with a BBQ restaurant & children's playground.
4.00 (6.3K reviews)
Pozos Azules image
Pozos Azules
Tourist attraction
Nature spot known for its striking turquoise lakes & gentle trails for walks & horseback riding.
4.30 (6.2K reviews)
Saguna Baug image
Saguna Baug
Resort hotel
Down-to-earth dorms & cottages in a basic rural resort with boating & horse riding, plus an eatery.
4.40 (5.7K reviews)
Restaurante Mirador La Paloma Bar. image
Restaurante Mirador La Paloma Bar.
👍👍 I fell in in love with this place. The locals and the vibe is great. Highly recommend
4.00 (5.6K reviews)
Restaurante Huancahuasi Javier Prado image
Restaurante Huancahuasi Javier Prado
Peruvian restaurant
👍👍 Pastasca soup was the best and picante de cuy no word to describe... the tastiest meal we ever had
4.50 (5.4K reviews)
Ziołowy Zakątek image
Ziołowy Zakątek
4.70 (5.3K reviews)
La Campiña de San Pedro image
La Campiña de San Pedro
👍👍 Bellisimo
4.30 (5.2K reviews)
NONNO ANDREA Azienda Agricola Biodiversa image
NONNO ANDREA Azienda Agricola Biodiversa
👍👍 The pumpkin patch is AMAZING! Our kids had so much fun, worth every penny. There is food, drinks, a ton of activities, snacks, games, performances, and races. Don't miss out!
4.60 (4.7K reviews)
Alpakarnia Alpakacafe Poczesna image
Alpakarnia Alpakacafe Poczesna
👍👍 Definitely worth going. Tickets are 30zl, so not that expensive. You can also buy food for the animals for 3zl, which is so much fun. You can see that the animals are taken good care of.
4.70 (4.5K reviews)
Bergerhof Restaurant, Café und Bauernladen image
Bergerhof Restaurant, Café und Bauernladen
Robust stews, schnitzel & fish dishes, served in a rustic barn or in a meadow with farm animals.
4.50 (4.3K reviews)
PN Farm House image
PN Farm House
👍👍 It was great get away place for all reasons. The service was excellent. The place was fabulous with natural ambience & zero luxury. Loved the garden area with hammocks. Quiet place amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Mr.Prakash took exceptional care about our stay. The only suggestion is that...
4.90 (4.2K reviews)
Agriturismo Fattoria Pasqué image
Agriturismo Fattoria Pasqué
Humble rooms in a laid-back farmstay offering dining & a bar, plus agriculture workshops.
4.40 (3.9K reviews)
Pousada dos Pescadores image
Pousada dos Pescadores
👍👍 Top
4.40 (3.9K reviews)
Agriturismo la Fiorida image
Agriturismo la Fiorida
Organic farm
Cozy rooms in an high-end hotel on a working farm, plus dining, a spa & an indoor pool.
4.50 (3.7K reviews)
Farmhouse Al Bosco image
Farmhouse Al Bosco
👍👍 Its so good place! And the food so yummy!
4.30 (3.4K reviews)
Saltt Restaurant & Bar image
Saltt Restaurant & Bar
🫤 So pros first, beautiful location and well constructed, a nice getaway for a day, good for one time experience. Beautiful place, and good to visit only for nice pictures. The road trip is also fun. Now cons, food here tastes okay but if you compare to the expenses here you deserve much much more th...
4.20 (3.3K reviews)
Agriturismo La Camilla image
Agriturismo La Camilla
Tranquil countryside hotel with unfussy rooms, plus a farmhouse restaurant & an equestrian center.
4.30 (3.2K reviews)
Villaggio della Salute Più image
Villaggio della Salute Più
Bright rooms & apartments with free Wi-Fi, plus a waterpark, a spa & an organic restaurant.
4.30 (3.2K reviews)
Restaurant Laguna Verde image
Restaurant Laguna Verde
👍👍 Tried it the first time at the beginning of July. Interesting position, exactly near the lake. You literally can say that you eat on water. Personnel was very careful with us, paying attention at our needs. Food was excellent. We had some sturgeon, snails and pike as main dishes. Very good, portions...
4.20 (3.1K reviews)
Paradise Country image
Paradise Country
Farm offering family encounters with koalas & wombats, tractor tours & gold-panning experiences.
3.90 (3.1K reviews)
Agriturismo Masseria Chinunno image
Agriturismo Masseria Chinunno
Laid-back farmstay offering simple rooms, a picnic area & horseback riding, plus an adventure park.
4.50 (2.9K reviews)
五山三水莊園民宿 image
Down-to-earth B&B featuring a garden & a tranquil lounge, plus airy rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi.
5.00 (2.9K reviews)
Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Kardynał" Łukasz Pawełoszek image
Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "Kardynał" Łukasz Pawełoszek
👍👍 Excellent fish and chips quality, amazing place! Highly recommended. Only short drive from Belchatow. Must go
4.50 (2.8K reviews)
山神的家|Futsuen福村玻璃屋|頂級玻璃屋民宿 一泊二食|深度大自然體驗|求婚慶生佈置|玻璃屋|Retreat|預約制 image
山神的家|Futsuen福村玻璃屋|頂級玻璃屋民宿 一泊二食|深度大自然體驗|求婚慶生佈置|玻璃屋|Retreat|預約制
👍👍 One of the best places I’ve stayed in Taiwan. Hospitality level is through the roof. Supreme quality cuisine w/o any preservatives. Awesome environment which provides the closest experience to nature. Highly recommended with family and close friends. Will certainly visit again soon. Thank you Fina,...
4.90 (2.7K reviews)
Rosemary Hill image
Rosemary Hill
Wedding venue
Country-style rooms and a thatched cottage on a farm with mountain bike trails and a tree maze.
4.50 (2.7K reviews)
Salto del Mortiño image
Salto del Mortiño
👍👍 The cascada is very interesting as well as the hike to the flag with beautiful views of the waterfall
4.50 (2.7K reviews)
Cascina Caremma image
Cascina Caremma
Rustic, restored farmstay offering a casual restaurant, plus a relaxed spa with an indoor pool.
4.10 (2.7K reviews)
Bawali Farmhouse image
Bawali Farmhouse
Resort hotel
😐 Was quite tastefully decorated. But very poor maintenance. Water was leaking inside the poor. Lots of electrical problem. Blankets and bedsheets were not neat. So in that manner overpriced. Rajbari and Farmhouse are of different owner. Food was good but service was late. Staffs were cooperative
4.20 (2.7K reviews)
Montana Garden image
Montana Garden
👍👍 We had lunch here. Very nice location. The restaurant and accomodations are surrounding a lake with swans and ducks. Had pork ribs with polenta, they were very good and service was fast, even though the place was full. Recommend!
4.40 (2.6K reviews)
FUN PLANET | Water Park | Adventure Park | Amusement Park Nagpur image
FUN PLANET | Water Park | Adventure Park | Amusement Park Nagpur
Water park
😠 Pathetic service..& Rude behavior's your prime responsibility to take care of Hygiene People come here from far destination to enjoy with their family... But Pool was so dirty in water many cocrochs & insect even when I was told to staff they clearly ignored & Arugue with us Also in amusm...
4.20 (2.5K reviews)
La Collina image
La Collina
🫤 I was expecting a lot from this beautiful place but I regret to say that both me and my partner were very disappointed. The charcuteries were low quality and seemed to have been bought from the supermarket … The carbonara taste was really good but unfortunately the pasta was cold and raw. The cacio...
4.20 (2.4K reviews)
NuaGoa Nature Retreat Private Limited image
NuaGoa Nature Retreat Private Limited
Resort hotel
👍👍 Lovely place, so spacious and very green all around. Had a really relaxing weekend and lots of fun with friend. Internet does not work for some operators which is good as you are not on the phone that much. Food was really good, not very spicy and oily. The entire space has a very relaxing vibe ,...
4.60 (2.4K reviews)
Agriturismo La Torrazza image
Agriturismo La Torrazza
👍👍 Nice food and location . The cost is lower but the food quality is over the expectation. I will suggest to test and for sure you will be back . There is also additional location close to Agrate , the name is Da Peppino and the food is in line. Good job ! Guys
4.30 (2.4K reviews)
Hostería Tonusco Campestre image
Hostería Tonusco Campestre
Rustic rooms in a laid-back hotel with an outdoor pool, a spa & rooftop hot tubs, plus a 24/7 bar.
4.70 (2.4K reviews)
Aanandi Farm & Resort image
Aanandi Farm & Resort
Resort hotel
👍👍 Best place to go around with family n friends.. they have enough of game activities included in package with play area, swimming pool, which is best fit for 1 night stay. Well maintained and very cooperative staff.. Everyone in my family liked the place. Good food with variety of options..
4.20 (2.4K reviews)
Restaurante Huancahuasi Lurin image
Restaurante Huancahuasi Lurin
Peruvian restaurant
👍👍 Great food and service. Thanks!
4.30 (2.3K reviews)
Il Borgo Ariccia image
Il Borgo Ariccia
Wedding venue
😠 This was a very disappointing venue, it’s appearance is run down with broken outdoor furniture, unkept landscaping , with a pool that is dirty and not fit to use. The room although clean was furnished with old and very used furniture. The mistake we made was heading straight to reception and not vie...
4.20 (2.3K reviews)
Ankit Vista Green Village image
Ankit Vista Green Village
Resort hotel
Pared-down property on 6 hectares of gardens, offering eateries, a pool & a yoga/meditation room.
4.00 (2.3K reviews)
Thanima Farm Life image
Thanima Farm Life
👍👍 We booked a day out package with Thanima. We were given instructions about how to arrive, etc and were asked about food preferences a day before arrival. We arrived around 10 am and in reception we had to pay the remaining balance amount after deduction of initial advance. We were assigned a guide w...
4.80 (2.3K reviews)
Fazenda Piana image
Fazenda Piana
Country club
👍👍 Top!!!!!😍
4.50 (2.3K reviews)
El Manto image
El Manto
Wellness hotel
Recreational center built around a canyon with hot springs & a waterfall, plus food, a spa & rooms.
4.50 (2.2K reviews)
Quiet water. Agriturismo. Balak S. image
Quiet water. Agriturismo. Balak S.
👍👍 Wunderschön gelegen und gut Gegessen.
4.60 (2.2K reviews)
Farmhouse Cascina Solive of Bariselli Brothers image
Farmhouse Cascina Solive of Bariselli Brothers
Posh B&B on a winery offering stylish rooms, wine tastings and a refined restaurant with a terrace.
4.50 (2.2K reviews)
Ziogas Western City image
Ziogas Western City
Equestrian facility
👍 A very nice place for activities outside Thessaloniki city. You can ride a horse, have archery or just having a drink. It makes you feel being in a real Western City in US. Very good for families with young children. Worth a visit.
4.80 (2.2K reviews)
Royal Castle Farm Stay image
Royal Castle Farm Stay
😠 We visited this farm stay with my friends team for a reunion & we wondered, how they get such 5 star rated reviews & count! Finally, it revealed.. The Manager's & staff team making fake accounts for posting fake reviews to increase the count (we can get it clearly while checking the review post).i...
4.90 (2.2K reviews)
Gut Hügle Erlebnishof image
Gut Hügle Erlebnishof
Bright all-apartment hotel on a scenic farm with a restaurant, a lounge & a cherry orchard.
4.00 (2.1K reviews)
Wigierska Kolej Wąskotorowa image
Wigierska Kolej Wąskotorowa
Tourist attraction
4.20 (2K reviews)

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