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Parque Ibirapuera image
Parque Ibirapuera
Scenic park with museums, a planetarium, auditoriums & recreation areas with bike paths & courts.
4.80 (269.7K reviews)
Alun-Alun Bandung image
Alun-Alun Bandung
City park
Synthetic grass covers this popular city square & meeting spot with views of the main mosque & city.
4.60 (114.5K reviews)
Parque Centenario image
Parque Centenario
City park
Scenic green space offering an amphitheater, a lake with ducks, murals, sculptures & a fountain.
4.50 (101.5K reviews)
Zócalo de Puebla image
Zócalo de Puebla
City park
Vibrant public square with a fountain & benches, surrounded by eateries, shops & a historic church.
4.70 (92.6K reviews)
Parque Metropolitano Simón Bolívar image
Parque Metropolitano Simón Bolívar
Large, busy city green space with a walking/biking path, a lake for boating & a kids' playground.
4.70 (75.8K reviews)
Gandhi Maidan image
Gandhi Maidan
Historical landmark
Large, tree-lined field for jogging, recreational cricket & city festivals, with a Gandhi statue.
4.30 (74.9K reviews)
Olympiapark München image
Olympiapark München
Huge Olympic park complex with a stadium, guided tours, sea life center, rock museum & concerts.
4.70 (65.9K reviews)
Zócalo (Plaza de la Constitución) image
Zócalo (Plaza de la Constitución)
City park
Small, bustling public square surrounded by restaurants, vendors & historic buildings.
4.60 (62.3K reviews)
Alun Alun Malang image
Alun Alun Malang
City park
Popular square in the heart of downtown featuring shade trees, walking paths & a central fountain.
4.50 (60.5K reviews)
Parque Barigui image
Parque Barigui
City park
Urban park with sports courts & lakeside trails for hiking/biking, plus a skating rink & BBQ grills.
4.80 (59.8K reviews)
The High Line image
The High Line
Popular park 30 feet above street level on an old rail line, with river & city views.
4.70 (56.2K reviews)
Bungkul Park image
Bungkul Park
City park
Busy, popular green space with a skate park, play equipment, shade trees & food vendors.
4.60 (54.8K reviews)
Prato della Valle image
Prato della Valle
Massive public square featuring a central island surrounded by 70+ statues of historic residents.
4.60 (52.6K reviews)
Coyoacán Center image
Coyoacán Center
City park
Fountain-filled gardens, street food stalls & craft markets in an area laid out in the 16th century.
4.50 (50.8K reviews)
Parque La Mexicana image
Parque La Mexicana
City park
Urban green space with paved trails, play equipment & water features, plus sculptures & restaurants.
4.70 (49.8K reviews)
Bicentenario Park image
Bicentenario Park
City green space with a dog agility course & sports/picnic areas, plus walking paths & a playground.
4.80 (48.7K reviews)
Parque La Carolina image
Parque La Carolina
City park
Biking, soccer & basketball are popular in this vast park featuring a pond with paddle boats.
4.50 (48.1K reviews)
Parque Hundido image
Parque Hundido
City park
Low-key city park set below street level featuring walking paths & an off-leash dog area.
4.60 (47.2K reviews)
Parque da Independência image
Parque da Independência
City park
Landscaped park with topiary gardens, monuments & museums, plus a water fountain display.
4.60 (47.1K reviews)
Parque Tanguá image
Parque Tanguá
City park
Green space at the site of an old quarry offering 2 lakes, a waterfall, gardens & a cafe.
4.80 (44.4K reviews)
Américo Renné Gianetti City Park image
Américo Renné Gianetti City Park
City park
Historic park with a tropical feel offering lakes with boat rentals & other recreational facilities.
4.50 (43.1K reviews)
Parque de los Niños image
Parque de los Niños
City park
Grassy waterfront park with a promenade, kids’ play structures, shade trees & picnic areas.
4.50 (41.4K reviews)
Jardin Majorelle image
Jardin Majorelle
👍 Beautiful gardens and well worth a visit. Really clean, tidy and such vibrant contrasting colours. We really spent some time just sitting and appreciating the unique cactus and stunning design, but it’s fairly small so you can walk around quite quickly. Lots of photo opportunities and the small pond...
4.40 (40.9K reviews)
Glorieta de los Insurgentes image
Glorieta de los Insurgentes
City park
Busy transit hub & popular meeting place, centered on "El Sereno," a statue of a watchman.
4.20 (40.7K reviews)
Quinta da Boa Vista image
Quinta da Boa Vista
City park
Municipal park featuring a zoo & an archaeological museum housed in former royal palaces.
4.60 (40.7K reviews)
Parque Portugal - Lagoa do Taquaral image
Parque Portugal - Lagoa do Taquaral
City park
Popular city park with a lagoon, plus a planetarium, amphitheater, historic tramway & a stadium.
4.70 (40.2K reviews)
Bosque Maia image
Bosque Maia
Urban green strip with walkways through junglelike areas, plus water features & cafe terraces.
4.50 (39.4K reviews)
Parque Eduardo VII image
Parque Eduardo VII
Sloped, scenic park featuring tree-lined walking paths, manicured lawns & distant water views.
4.60 (39.1K reviews)
Parque da Lagoa - Solon de Lucena image
Parque da Lagoa - Solon de Lucena
City park
A tree-shaded path & waterside lawn circle a lake in this popular park with an eatery & kiosks.
4.60 (38.6K reviews)
Instal·lacions dels Jardins del Túria image
Instal·lacions dels Jardins del Túria
Green space where there was once a river, featuring sports courts, play equipment & a bike path.
4.60 (38.2K reviews)
Brooklyn Bridge Park image
Brooklyn Bridge Park
This urban oasis features shaded picnic tables, hibachi-style BBQ grills & river views.
4.80 (38.1K reviews)
Daan Forest Park image
Daan Forest Park
City park
Large city-center park offering grassy picnic areas, a playground, footpaths & ponds with wildlife.
4.50 (36.9K reviews)
New Holland image
New Holland
City park
Cultural hub with cafes, on a formerly navy-controlled island, with red-brick buildings & arches.
4.70 (36.2K reviews)
Araucano Park image
Araucano Park
City park
Spacious public park with rose gardens, basketball & tennis courts, plus a playground & skate park.
4.70 (35.9K reviews)
Alameda de Santa María image
Alameda de Santa María
City park
Designed for the 1884 World's Fair, this Moorish-style iron kiosk is a neighborhood gathering place.
4.60 (34.4K reviews)
Passeio Público image
Passeio Público
City park
Set on 17 acres, the country's oldest public park offers hiking/biking trails, a lake & pedal boats.
4.50 (34.2K reviews)
Barrancas de Belgrano image
Barrancas de Belgrano
City park
Public park with landscaped valleys & historic statues including a replica of the Statue of Liberty.
4.60 (34.1K reviews)
Boston Common image
Boston Common
City park
Storied, nearly 50-acre urban park that hosted British troops during the American Revolution.
4.70 (33.2K reviews)
Plaza de Armas of Trujillo image
Plaza de Armas of Trujillo
Historical landmark
Busy, landscaped plaza featuring a central sculpture celebrating the 1820 independence of Trujillo.
4.50 (32.4K reviews)
Zenea Garden image
Zenea Garden
Benches surround this simple, romantic park with a historic fountain, flowers & a quaint gazebo.
4.60 (32.2K reviews)
Forest Park image
Forest Park
Opened in 1876, this 1,300-acre park includes 3 museums, a zoo, athletic fields & golf courses.
4.80 (32K reviews)
Parque Francisco Villa (Parque de los Venados) image
Parque Francisco Villa (Parque de los Venados)
City park
Traditional green space offering a variety of flora & fauna, a playground & a deer statue.
4.50 (31.8K reviews)
Lumphini Park image
Lumphini Park
City park
Central urban park featuring manicured lawns, playgrounds & an artificial lake with boat rentals.
4.50 (31.8K reviews)
Samanes Park image
Samanes Park
City park
👍👍 Since January 27 they reopened, it is important to bring repellent as there are many mosquitoes. Nice place to relax, do many activities and do sports.
4.60 (31.8K reviews)
Alun-Alun Jember image
Alun-Alun Jember
City park
Busy central park dotted with palm trees & home to a playground, basketball courts & events.
4.50 (31.7K reviews)
Parque do Sabiá Complex image
Parque do Sabiá Complex
City park
Sprawling park complex featuring a basin, a stadium & other sports facilities, a zoo & more.
4.70 (31K reviews)
Parque de El Poblado image
Parque de El Poblado
Green square & central meeting spot with food vendors, artisan craft stalls & surrounding nightlife.
4.40 (30.1K reviews)
Seven Wonder's Park, Kota image
Seven Wonder's Park, Kota
Tourist attraction
Park featuring smaller versions of various world wonders, such as the Eiffel Tower & Taj Mahal.
4.50 (30.1K reviews)
Parque Berrío image
Parque Berrío
City park
👍👍 Berrio ! Berrio ! Berrio ! Best Paradise on the Burning Earth of Bustling Medellin !
4.10 (30K reviews)
Plaza Constitución image
Plaza Constitución
City park
Broad paved square overlooked by an imposing 19th-century rail station, with benches & food stalls.
3.60 (29.2K reviews)

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