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Tivoli Gardens image
Tivoli Gardens
Theme park
19th-century amusement park with antique roller coaster & live entertainment program.
4.50 (77.6K reviews)
Sydney Opera House image
Sydney Opera House
Performing arts theater
Landmark, skyline-dominating arts centre for opera, theatre, music & dance, plus guided tours.
4.70 (77.2K reviews)
Teatro Colón image
Teatro Colón
Performing arts theater
This grand theater (circa 1908) known for acoustics hosts classical music, operas, ballets & tours.
4.80 (72.1K reviews)
Estadio Luna Park image
Estadio Luna Park
Performing arts theater
👍👍 A very nice park in Chicago!
4.60 (71.6K reviews)
Futuroscope image
Amusement park
Futuristic theme park with 3D & 4D cinemas, motion simulators & high-tech, multimedia attractions.
4.30 (70.3K reviews)
Astérix Park image
Astérix Park
Theme park
Theme park complex featuring family-friendly rides, shows & costumed comic-book characters.
4.40 (70K reviews)
The Centre Pompidou image
The Centre Pompidou
Cultural center
Architecturally avant-garde complex housing National Museum of Modern Art, library and music center.
4.40 (55.7K reviews)
Paseo La Plaza image
Paseo La Plaza
Performing arts theater
Plays, concerts & comedy performances, plus a canopied patio with restaurants & a Beatles museum.
4.60 (53.4K reviews)
Lviv National Opera image
Lviv National Opera
Opera house
Imposing theater, open since 1900, with ornate, columned facade, hosting opera & ballet productions.
4.80 (49K reviews)
Rabindra Sarobar image
Rabindra Sarobar
Small, shaded park fronting a lake, with an open-air stage & concrete bleachers, plus food vendors.
4.40 (46.7K reviews)
Teatro Massimo image
Teatro Massimo
Performing arts theater
This lavish auditorium was built in 1897 & remains Italy's largest with a seated capacity of 1,387.
4.70 (45.6K reviews)
National Taichung Theater image
National Taichung Theater
Opera house
Large concert venue boasting diverse performances, shops & eateries in a sleek, contemporary space.
4.50 (44.6K reviews)
Dalí Theatre and Museum image
Dalí Theatre and Museum
Art museum
19th-century theatre housing elaborate museum, designed by the artist himself, of Dali's artworks.
4.60 (41K reviews)
Raj Mandir Cinema image
Raj Mandir Cinema
Movie theater
Ornately decorated art deco/modern movie theatre owned by a jewellery dynasty.
4.50 (39.8K reviews)
Teatro Romano de Mérida image
Teatro Romano de Mérida
Historical landmark
Hilltop remains of a Roman arena & waiting rooms used for gladiator & animal fights.
4.80 (38.6K reviews)
Uluwatu Temple image
Uluwatu Temple
Hindu temple
Perched on a cliff, this ancient Hindu temple features ocean views & hosts traditional dance shows.
4.60 (38.4K reviews)
Royal Albert Hall image
Royal Albert Hall
Concert hall
One of Britain's great Victorian splendours, most famous for the Proms classical music festival.
4.80 (37.3K reviews)
Hinoki Village image
Hinoki Village
Tourist attraction
Nearly 30 buildings built during the Japanese rule of Taiwan are found at this cultural attraction.
4.30 (34.8K reviews)
Teatro Gran Rex image
Teatro Gran Rex
Performing arts theater
Grand 1937 theater hosting concerts by a variety of well-known domestic & international acts.
4.60 (33.9K reviews)
Municipal Theatre of São Paulo image
Municipal Theatre of São Paulo
Performing arts theater
Built in 1911 in Renaissance & baroque styles, this theater presents operas, concerts & ballet.
4.80 (30.9K reviews)
Amazon Theatre image
Amazon Theatre
Performing arts theater
Famed Renaissance theater built in 1896 during the city's rubber boom & hosting concerts & tours.
4.90 (30.9K reviews)
Accor Arena image
Accor Arena
Live music venue
Pyramid-shaped, 17,000-seat, indoor venue hosting major music, sports and cultural events.
4.40 (30.9K reviews)
Kingdom of Dreams image
Kingdom of Dreams
Performing arts theater
Visitors find themselves in the middle of live Bollywood-style performances at this theatre venue.
4.40 (30.5K reviews)
Círculo de Bellas Artes image
Círculo de Bellas Artes
Cultural center
Arts & cultural center with movie theater, live performances, exhibition halls & a cafe/restaurant.
4.40 (28.5K reviews)
Teatro Metropólitan image
Teatro Metropólitan
Event venue
👍👍 Beautiful auditorium and lovely stage. Food and alcohol was decent. Obviously the star of the show was Fluffy Iglesias. Any seat in the house gives a decent view.
4.60 (28.1K reviews)
Teatro alla Scala image
Teatro alla Scala
Opera house
Lavish 18th-century theater famous for Italian opera & ballets, plus a museum & music library.
4.70 (27.6K reviews)
Auditorio Telmex image
Auditorio Telmex
State of the art auditorium with modern design, hosting big-name bands, artists & orchestras.
4.70 (27.2K reviews)
Nandan, West Bengal Film Centre image
Nandan, West Bengal Film Centre
Movie theater
😐 Nandan is a cultural and flim center sponsored by govt I think. So basically it's a theater with food outlets around it. The food you would find here would most like be light snacks. This is also user as a picnic spot and hang out area. It's a cool place to be around for hanging out but not so much...
4.70 (27.1K reviews)
Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet image
Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet
Performing arts theater
Music & dance venue with a rococo auditorium that has unique acoustics due to its horseshoe shape.
4.90 (26.1K reviews)
Bhgawan Talkies image
Bhgawan Talkies
Movie theater
Popular, decades-old movie house offering classic films & concessions in simple interior.
3.80 (24K reviews)
Underground Naples image
Underground Naples
Archaeological museum
Tours of underground tunnels used as everything from Roman aqueducts to WWII air-raid shelters.
4.60 (23.8K reviews)
Oslo Opera House image
Oslo Opera House
Opera house
Striking, contemporary, harborside opera house & home to the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet.
4.70 (23.7K reviews)
Radio City Music Hall image
Radio City Music Hall
Concert hall
Circa-1932 art deco theater hosting the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes, concerts & more.
4.80 (23.5K reviews)
Taipei Arena image
Taipei Arena
Performing arts theater
Contemporary venue featuring ice skating, basketball games & concerts, plus shops & dining options.
4.40 (23.5K reviews)
Ciudad Cultural Konex image
Ciudad Cultural Konex
Event venue
Sprawling performance facility featuring indoor & outdoor theaters, an art gallery & pub.
4.60 (23.5K reviews)
Sight & Sound Theatres image
Sight & Sound Theatres
Performing arts theater
Christian theater produces inspirational musicals with biblical themes from Moses to Jonah & Noah.
4.90 (23.2K reviews)
Gabriela Mistral Cultural Centre image
Gabriela Mistral Cultural Centre
Cultural center
Cultural center housed in a modern building & offering theater performances, concerts & artworks.
4.60 (22.8K reviews)
Bolshoi Theatre image
Bolshoi Theatre
Performing arts theater
Lavish neoclassical repertory theater housing Russia's world-famous Bolshoi Ballet & Bolshoi Opera.
4.80 (22.6K reviews)
Place des Arts image
Place des Arts
Performing arts theater
Multi-venue complex used by jazz & comedy festivals & prominent groups like the Opéra de Montréal.
4.60 (20.9K reviews)
Shakespeare's Globe image
Shakespeare's Globe
Performing arts theater
Oak-&-thatch replica of the original Elizabethan theatre, showing Shakespeare plays in the open air.
4.60 (20.5K reviews)
Alcazar Cabaret Show image
Alcazar Cabaret Show
Performing arts theater
Theater presenting dance shows with colorfully costumed transgender performers & high-tech lighting.
4.50 (20.5K reviews)
Auditorium Parco della Musica image
Auditorium Parco della Musica
Concert hall
Futuristic concert complex with 3 pod-like auditoriums for arts events, plus an archeology museum.
4.60 (20.3K reviews)
AO Arena image
AO Arena
Massive indoor arena hosting big-name music and sporting events for a 21,000-capacity crowd.
4.40 (20.2K reviews)
Teatro Lope de Vega image
Teatro Lope de Vega
Performing arts theater
👍👍 We loved everything about the performance. Of course, we knew all the songs in English and it was the first time hearing them in Spanish. The Spanish version of the songs was outstanding and refreshing. Other than the fact that the popcorn was too salty, everything was perfect.
4.50 (19.6K reviews)
Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro image
Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro
Performing arts theater
Storied, Parisian-style theater from 1909 offering ballet & classical-music performances plus tours.
4.80 (19.4K reviews)
Harbourfront Centre image
Harbourfront Centre
Cultural center
Lakeside cultural hub with dance, modern art, craft & theatre spaces, plus many annual events.
4.60 (19.3K reviews)
Starlight Express theatre image
Starlight Express theatre
Performing arts theater
Contemporary theater specifically built for the eponymous 1980s musical with roller-skating actors.
4.70 (19.3K reviews)
City Museum image
City Museum
Constantly evolving art installation, playground & discovery center made from found objects.
4.70 (19.2K reviews)
Teatro Metropolitan SURA image
Teatro Metropolitan SURA
Performing arts theater
Renovated 1936 art deco theater presenting plays, music, comedy & other performances.
4.50 (19.2K reviews)
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts image
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Performing arts theater
Multi-venue complex home to many prominent groups like Metropolitan Opera & New York City Ballet.
4.80 (18.9K reviews)

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