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Daewoo Express Thokar Terminal image
Daewoo Express Thokar Terminal
Bus and coach company
4.10 (48.6K reviews)
Mulund Railway Station image
Mulund Railway Station
Railway services
👍👍 I went here with one of my friend.just outside of mulund station I also tried cocktail which was very thick just for 15/- at brijwasi fruit milk shake. You should definitely try this out.
4.10 (47.9K reviews)
Santa Justa Lift image
Santa Justa Lift
Transportation service
Cast-iron elevator with filigree details, built in 1902 to connect lower streets with Carmo Square.
4.00 (45.7K reviews)
Rajiv Chowk Metro Station image
Rajiv Chowk Metro Station
Transportation service
👍👍 rajiv chowk metro station fun facts Rajiv Chowk metro station is an underground metro station situated underneath Central Park at Connaught Place (CP). Rajiv Chowk metro station is said to be the heart of Delhi Metro. The metro station has a nice ambiance and is providing good facilities to passenge...
4.40 (42.9K reviews)
Vapi Railway Station image
Vapi Railway Station
Railway services
3.90 (31K reviews)
Terminal Buses Pto. Montt image
Terminal Buses Pto. Montt
Transportation service
Modern terminal for buses serving the south of the country, with shopping & dining, plus sea views.
3.80 (21K reviews)
Go Bus image
Go Bus
Transportation service
👍 Rated 4 ✨ because the overall of this company is well but there will be always better .. not all buses are comfort in traveling and not all stations based on excellent standards.. Note that this photos for one of the best bus that you can travel by and called elite b.b There is www types Classic ca...
3.80 (19.7K reviews)
Pool Sinar Jaya Cibitung image
Pool Sinar Jaya Cibitung
Transportation service
👍 just having a quick break, the bus is parking for 15-20 minutes before long drive to jogja.. the toilet is clean enough but the user i think quite barbaric.. there is canteen / snack depot just outside the gate..
4.20 (17.6K reviews)
Stazione FS di Roma Termini image
Stazione FS di Roma Termini
Railway services
Bustling, historic transportation hub with a diverse mix of shops, restaurants & services.
4.00 (17.5K reviews)
Caribe Tours image
Caribe Tours
Bus company
👍 We had mixed experiences with this bus service. We took caribe tours from Santo Domingo to Puerto plata and back. The ticketing process was pretty easy and quick. And the prices were about DR 500 Pesos per person one way and took almost four hours to get there. They have good seats with good leg spa...
4.30 (16.3K reviews)
Hassan KSRTC Bus Stand image
Hassan KSRTC Bus Stand
Transportation service
👍 It's a big bus stand in Karnataka state KSRTC . NEAT AND CLEAN , well maintained and connectivity for all districts are good.
4.30 (15.7K reviews)
Telefèric de Montjuïc (Barcelona Cable Car) image
Telefèric de Montjuïc (Barcelona Cable Car)
Mountain cable car
Cable car from Parc de Montjuïc to Castell de Montjuïc, offering panoramic city views.
4.30 (15.3K reviews)
The Peak Tram image
The Peak Tram
Transportation service
👍👍 This is the one of the best places and a must to visit if you ate in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark is also known as High Island East Dam Reservoir, so don't get confused. I have visited this place, but there is too less information regarding this place or how to reach here. But i...
4.20 (14K reviews)
Panoramic Domes image
Panoramic Domes
Transportation service
This 5.2-km.-long rack-style railway ascends to the top of the Puy de Dôme, a volcanic dome.
4.60 (13.5K reviews)
Pool Budiman Tasikmalaya image
Pool Budiman Tasikmalaya
Bus depot
4.40 (12.2K reviews)
Hentian Gua Musang (Baru) image
Hentian Gua Musang (Baru)
Transportation service
👍👍 Place was convinient but theres a lot of people smoke every where. Should inforced No smoking area and build 1 designated place for smokers. Adil saksama
$$ $$
4.00 (12.2K reviews)
Old South Carriage Company image
Old South Carriage Company
Carriage ride service
Narrated sightseeing trips on historic carriages pulled by horse, plus city-center walking tours.
4.80 (11.6K reviews)
Dhaula Kuan Bus Stand image
Dhaula Kuan Bus Stand
Bus and coach company
3.90 (11.5K reviews)
Park Station image
Park Station
Transportation service
3.60 (11.5K reviews)
Kiev Funicular image
Kiev Funicular
Transportation service
Storied funicular along Volodymyrska Hill connecting the upper Old Town & lower Podil areas.
4.60 (11K reviews)
Paseo Destino image
Paseo Destino
Shopping mall
Chic, modern bus-station complex featuring cafes, eateries, shops & a play area for kids.
4.60 (10.9K reviews)
Tbilisi Central Railway Station image
Tbilisi Central Railway Station
Transportation service
Modest shopping center at a railway station, known for its selection of electronics stores.
4.20 (10.8K reviews)
Sydney Airport image
Sydney Airport
International airport
Airport serving the Sydney region with connections to the city on a suburban railway line.
3.70 (10.5K reviews)
Compagnie du Mont Blanc image
Compagnie du Mont Blanc
Mountain cable car
Aerial cable car running up to the famed Chamonix-Mont-Blanc ski area.
4.70 (10.2K reviews)
Daewoo Terminal Multan image
Daewoo Terminal Multan
Transportation service
😐 Very bad staff. Someone stole my bag and they were involve. A guy was wearing my perfume who was loading bags.
3.90 (9.2K reviews)
Daewoo Express Faizabad Terminal image
Daewoo Express Faizabad Terminal
Transportation service
👍 Daewoo has good service but their buses have gone old as compared to other bus services. They are using good quality buses for long routes but the quality of buses are very poor for short routes. While other services have same quality buses for each route. This is the only thing that lags in Daewoo...
3.80 (9K reviews)
Coronado Ferry Center image
Coronado Ferry Center
Transportation service
Waterfront shopping center with art galleries, apparel retailers, fine dining & casual eateries.
4.70 (8.4K reviews)
Tibidabo Funicular image
Tibidabo Funicular
Tourist attraction
Built in 1901, this longtime funicular provides rides to sweeping city vistas & an amusement park.
4.30 (8.3K reviews)
Wendella Tours & Cruises image
Wendella Tours & Cruises
Boat tour agency
Boat tour company started in 1935, offering river and lake cruises plus private boat rentals.
4.70 (8.1K reviews)
Red Funnel Ferries image
Red Funnel Ferries
Ferry service
👍👍 The journey in ferries is around an hour also it will give you very qunique experience. The views is really amazing. Through out the journey you can experience the sea breeze. Also you can see huge ships, cruise, small boats..In cruise they have beautiful chairs to sit and relax this will give extra...
4.30 (8.1K reviews)
Port of Constanța image
Port of Constanța
4.20 (7.5K reviews)
Cititrans - Bandung (Dipati Ukur) image
Cititrans - Bandung (Dipati Ukur)
Transportation service
4.50 (7.5K reviews)
Stesen Bukit Bendera Pulau Pinang image
Stesen Bukit Bendera Pulau Pinang
Tourist attraction
👍👍 The furnicular railway train can bring you up to Penang Hilltop within minutes. You are advised to get fast lane ticket especially on weekends or holidays as normal ticket usually need to queue 2-3 hours to get to the train. The view from the front is nice. If you are going up, recommended to take...
4.20 (7.4K reviews)
New Bus Stand Gadag image
New Bus Stand Gadag
Transportation service
😠 You can't even book a ticket here the staff says no one is here, very unhygienic toilets, toilets are not at all clean people spit every were and through stuff there is no one to clean the bus stand and the moment you step in side the bus stand you can smell the urin smelll🤮and the people there kee...
3.60 (7.4K reviews)
Benha railway station image
Benha railway station
Transportation service
👍👍 Banha train station is one of the most important means of moving from one place to another quickly by train. Modern trains were used and the station has the availability of things to travel to other places. It is truly wonderful and very exciting. Thank you very much.
3.70 (7.3K reviews)
R K Ashram metro station image
R K Ashram metro station
Transportation service
4.30 (7.3K reviews)
Avenida de América Exchanger image
Avenida de América Exchanger
Transportation service
Bustling transportation hub with buses & subways, plus a small variety of shops & a cafeteria.
4.00 (6.9K reviews)
Station of Santa Teresa trams image
Station of Santa Teresa trams
Transportation service
Station for uphill rides in a vintage 32-person tram stopping at restaurants & attractions.
4.50 (6.7K reviews)
Terminal Mexibus Ojo de Agua image
Terminal Mexibus Ojo de Agua
Transportation service
3.60 (6.7K reviews)
Tren Central image
Tren Central
Subway station
👍 Nice and fast. But mornings never on time and each train is not properly cleaned after each end or start of trip. Sometimes the first train might be dirty from the night befor. Covid or not this should not be lacking service.
4.30 (6.4K reviews)
Shivamogga Bus Terminal image
Shivamogga Bus Terminal
Transportation service
👍 Clean well maintained bus terminal. Has connectivity across the state.
4.30 (6.1K reviews)
Los Angeles Union Station image
Los Angeles Union Station
Transportation service
4.40 (6.1K reviews)
Penang Sentral image
Penang Sentral
Transportation service
Modern, multilevel transportation hub with ferries, trains & buses, plus food & shopping outlets.
4.40 (6K reviews)
Namma Trip image
Namma Trip
Tour operator
4.70 (6K reviews)
Jabi Motor Park image
Jabi Motor Park
Transportation service
👍 Jabi Motor Park is located in Jabi Abuja. This is a major park in Abuja where one can get vehicle going to any part of Nigeria. It is right behind Conoil when you view from the road.
3.50 (5.7K reviews)
محطة قطار طنطا image
محطة قطار طنطا
Transportation service
👍 We can travel different place Alexandria, Cairo, Sidi salam
3.90 (5.6K reviews)
Tram 28 image
Tram 28
Transportation service
Classic yellow trams retaining original 1930s features like brass dials & polished wood interiors.
4.30 (5.5K reviews)
Port of Savona image
Port of Savona
Transportation service
Port servicing cruise ships as well as the home port of the major cruise line, Costa Cruises.
4.40 (5.4K reviews)
Central de Autobuses Uruapan image
Central de Autobuses Uruapan
Transportation service
😐 💔
3.90 (5.3K reviews)
Transporte APTPRA Santo Domingo-Punta Cana image
Transporte APTPRA Santo Domingo-Punta Cana
Transportation service
👍 The Website and available Information is a little confusing, so I will try to explain a little how this works. The Bus is either driving from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo with different exits in SD, or vice versa with different exits in Punta Cana. The two directions don't have the same stops. You al...
4.20 (5.3K reviews)

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