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Sobhy Kaber image
Sobhy Kaber
Egyptian restaurant
Traditional Mediterranean meat feasts & sides in an elegant, spacious restaurant with outdoor seats.
$$ $$
4.30 (72.5K reviews)
Graal Paloma image
Graal Paloma
👍 Best place to stop but prices are too expensive I understand they are beside of a road and getting food there might accurate higher prices.
$$$ $
4.20 (32.8K reviews)
Graal Maristela image
Graal Maristela
😐 Good place to rest and take a bit before continuing the trip.
$$$ $
4.20 (26.8K reviews)
Siga La Vaca image
Siga La Vaca
🫤 Disappointing in a word. We went on a Monday at 8.30pm and it was quite empty, therefore the food was either dry or not at its best. I even think we got the same piece of steak the second time we went back. First time was fine, second was so overcooked and not enjoyable. Good concept, they just don'...
$$ $$
4.20 (25.6K reviews)
Graal Topázio image
Graal Topázio
👍 Too expensive for regular snacks Toilets are ok, clean most of the times I stop in this place. If you are up to an expresso coffee, that’s ok.
$$$ $
4.10 (25K reviews)
Ribs Restaurant "At Arsenal" image
Ribs Restaurant "At Arsenal"
Meat dish restaurant
Rib specialties served in a popular chain outlet set in an underground, old-world setting.
$$ $$
4.70 (24.8K reviews)
Yakiniku Smile New Taipei Sanchong Branch image
Yakiniku Smile New Taipei Sanchong Branch
Yakiniku restaurant
Informal Japanese restaurant serving grilled meats & seafood amid streamlined surroundings.
$$ $$
4.80 (21.2K reviews)
Graal Oliveira image
Graal Oliveira
👍 For a road side place to eat, it is alright. It is the stop place for most bus companies on long trips. Has lots of pricey options, but they are good. It's like a little supermarket merged with a restaurant. Bathrooms are large, somewhat clean and free.
$$$ $
4.00 (20.8K reviews)
La Choza de Manuela image
La Choza de Manuela
Steak house
Airy, no-frills venue with a large menu of steaks, seafood stews & grilled fish, plus Spanish wines.
$ $$$
4.40 (19.9K reviews)
Palmshore Restaurant Ashok Nagar image
Palmshore Restaurant Ashok Nagar
Outlet for small Arabian, Indian & Chinese barbecue restaurant chain known for its grills.
$$ $$
4.60 (19.8K reviews)
Tapelia image
Seafood restaurant
Contemporary Spanish cooking & specialty cocktails are offered in a relaxed setting with TV sports.
$$ $$
4.80 (19.6K reviews)
La Cabrera steakhouse/parilla image
La Cabrera steakhouse/parilla
Barbecue restaurant
Easygoing Argentinian restaurant specializing in grilled meats, with wood-lined decor & a terrace.
$$$ $
4.40 (19.1K reviews)
El Español image
El Español
Spanish restaurant
Late-night outpost providing steaks, seafood & classic Spanish meals in an informal dining room.
$$ $$
4.30 (18.5K reviews)
Quintal do Espeto (Tatuapé) image
Quintal do Espeto (Tatuapé)
👍 An amazing place to go with your family and friends to celebrate good moments listening to the best of our sambas and Brazilian popular music. A negative point is: becomes too expensive after the pandemic…..
$$ $$
4.30 (18.2K reviews)
Graal Sem Limites image
Graal Sem Limites
😐 Lots of space to park your car, big restroom makes this road stop/gas station a good place to rest for a while before getting back on the road. There is a restaurant and a snack bar also in here,very expensive but with lots of options to choose from, you can get coffee, energy drink,juices and fizzy...
$$$ $
3.80 (17.8K reviews)
Park Mirakulum image
Park Mirakulum
Amusement park
Amusement center with themed areas including a petting zoo, a maze, a water park & trampolines.
4.80 (17.7K reviews)
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | Velachery, Chennai image
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | Velachery, Chennai
Barbecue restaurant
Chain restaurant known for its grilled food which draws influences from international cuisines.
$$$ $
4.20 (17.2K reviews)
H Grill image
H Grill
Sprawling beer hall offering draft brews, hearty eclectic fare, regular live music & a terrace.
$$ $$
4.20 (15.6K reviews)
Churrascaria Ponteio Morumbi image
Churrascaria Ponteio Morumbi
Barbecue restaurant
Classic Brazilian BBQ fare & a salad buffet in a roomy eatery with a shuttle service.
$$ $$
4.50 (15.6K reviews)
Batel Grill image
Batel Grill
A large, modern steakhouse for the whole family with a wine cellar & lots of hot/cold buffet dishes.
$$$ $
4.70 (15.5K reviews)
Yakiniku Smile Taipei Zhongxiao Branch image
Yakiniku Smile Taipei Zhongxiao Branch
Yakiniku restaurant
No-nonsense restaurant serving charcoal-grilled meats & seafood, plus ice cream.
$$ $$
4.80 (15.3K reviews)
Recanto Gaúcho image
Recanto Gaúcho
Spacious, family-friendly restaurant serving all kinds of grilled food & kabobs, plus a full buffet.
$$ $$
4.70 (14.7K reviews)
Guadalajara Mexican Grill image
Guadalajara Mexican Grill
Mexican restaurant
Festive, colorful cantina with a decorative mural dishing up Mexican chow & jumbo margaritas.
$$ $$
4.70 (14.5K reviews)
Şile Saklıgöl image
Şile Saklıgöl
👍👍 It's just amazing place to spend time with your family, beautiful, peaceful and clean, if you are a type of person who enjoys barbecue and making grills, you don't need to take anything with you. Everything is available for you and they are giving you whatever you need. Just make sure you have your...
$$$ $
4.00 (14.4K reviews)
Sujinho image
Brazilian restaurant
Perfect for late-night dining, this classic restaurant is known for its grilled porterhouse steak.
$$ $$
4.40 (14.3K reviews)
Posto e Churrascaria Beija-flor Betim image
Posto e Churrascaria Beija-flor Betim
Gas station
Diesel fuel
4.30 (14.1K reviews)
Don Julio image
Don Julio
Popular destination for classic steaks, local dishes & a long wine list in an intimate ambiance.
$$$ $
4.50 (14K reviews)
Graal Ourinhos image
Graal Ourinhos
👍👍 Ok
$$$ $
4.00 (13.9K reviews)
Asadero Acatlán de Juárez image
Asadero Acatlán de Juárez
Taco restaurant
Taco standards served in a popular, utilitarian destination that has picnic benches & a terrace.
$$ $$
4.50 (13.7K reviews)
Churrascaria e Pizzaria Anália Franco image
Churrascaria e Pizzaria Anália Franco
Barbecue restaurant
A lively steakhouse & pizzeria that offers gourmet mixed-grill dishes, plus a hearty, varied buffet.
$$ $$
4.00 (13.5K reviews)
Churrascaria Coqueiro Verde - Parque 10 - Carne de Sol image
Churrascaria Coqueiro Verde - Parque 10 - Carne de Sol
👍👍 A secret tip for perfect BBQ, it's far from the touristic attractions, but the food is superb. Choose the Carne de Sol! It's definitely worth a visit if you're in Manaus! Neide foi muito atenciosa, obrigado!
$$ $$
4.90 (13.5K reviews)
Grill-9 Restaurant image
Grill-9 Restaurant
Simple ambience keeps the focus on authentic shawarma, mandi & grilled meat dishes.
$$ $$
3.80 (13.2K reviews)
Moya Hotel Restaurante image
Moya Hotel Restaurante
Eclectic roadside hotel with Don Quixote–themed rooms & suites, plus a restaurant & a 24/7 cafe.
4.00 (13.1K reviews)
Restaurante Venta Quemada image
Restaurante Venta Quemada
👍👍 A tipical spanish restaurant food for eat in the middle of route between Granada and Murcia. Very concurred. Fast service. Good meat. Cheap
$ $$$
4.30 (12.8K reviews)
Churrascaria Recanto Gaúcho image
Churrascaria Recanto Gaúcho
Barbecue restaurant
Spacious, family-friendly restaurant serving all kinds of grilled food & kabobs, plus a full buffet.
$$ $$
4.60 (12.4K reviews)
Fogo de Chão Morumbi image
Fogo de Chão Morumbi
Upscale Brazilian chain for all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside plus an extensive salad bar.
4.90 (12.4K reviews)
Restaurante Comer Quilmes image
Restaurante Comer Quilmes
👍 Where in Quilmes neighborhood and a little bit of hungry this is the place to go. They have a good variety of plates to taste.
4.30 (12.4K reviews)
Don Asado Rio Lerma image
Don Asado Rio Lerma
Uruguayan restaurant
😠 0 Starts. The food gave me and my boyfriend very bad food poisoning. We ate here yesterday 06/11, later on in the day we both had multiple episodes of diarrhea, needing to use restroom constantly. Also ZERO service provided , but we’re trying to be nice still tipped it 5% ; however, the waitress was...
$$ $$
4.50 (12.2K reviews)
Suprema Grill image
Suprema Grill
Comfortable, all-you-can-eat steak & pasta joint, with a buffet offering salad, sushi & hot dishes.
$$ $$
4.70 (12.2K reviews)
Baran Et Mangal image
Baran Et Mangal
Kebab shop
Heaping plates of traditional Turkish comfort food are served at this unpretentious BBQ restaurant.
$$ $$
4.50 (12.2K reviews)
Graal Ouro Verde image
Graal Ouro Verde
$$$ $
4.00 (12.1K reviews)
Los Talas del Entrerriano image
Los Talas del Entrerriano
👍👍 Massive amounts of meat here, very local/traditional place. Be ready to share your food, servings are more than generous. Delicious in every aspect, all the meat is cooked with fire, the traditional way. Nothing else than Argentinian folk music comes out of those speakers. Can't get a bit hot in sum...
$$ $$
4.50 (12.1K reviews)
Sal e Brasa Steakhouse image
Sal e Brasa Steakhouse
👍👍 Excellent service. Great Rodozio. Great buffet with many choices. Highly recommended.
$$ $$
4.60 (12K reviews)
Boizão Churrascaria e Pizzaria Santa Amelia image
Boizão Churrascaria e Pizzaria Santa Amelia
Spacious, no-frills setting with long tables & a patio, dishing up grilled meats & comfort foods.
$$ $$
4.50 (12K reviews)
Chimarron Churrascaria image
Chimarron Churrascaria
👍👍 Great barbecue! A variety of options besides meet. Large space inside. Warm staff and friendly Its a must have stop visiting Friburgo
$$ $$
4.70 (12K reviews)
Churrascaria Jardins Grill image
Churrascaria Jardins Grill
A spacious, modern, steakhouse offering a buffet of sushi, salmon, pasta & more.
$$$ $
4.70 (11.9K reviews)
Churrascaria e Pizzaria São Judas Tadeu São Paulo image
Churrascaria e Pizzaria São Judas Tadeu São Paulo
Barbecue restaurant
Unfussy destination with a familiar vibe serving hearty steak & pizza dishes, with buffet options.
$$ $$
4.10 (11.8K reviews)
Argentinean Brasas image
Argentinean Brasas
Argentinian restaurant
😠 I do not understand how this place has 4.1 rating. See below picture. 1. Old bread rebaked hard as a rock. 2. Steak that is supposed to be medium raw. 3. Sushi buffet where I went 3x asking for new pieces they are making to be added but they keep telling me to wait 5 min and it has been 20min! Absol...
$$ $$
4.00 (11.7K reviews)
Tendall Grill image
Tendall Grill
Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
$$ $$
4.30 (11.7K reviews)
Fogo de Chão Center Norte image
Fogo de Chão Center Norte
Barbecue restaurant
Upscale Brazilian chain for all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside plus an extensive salad bar.
4.80 (11.5K reviews)

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