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Sobhy Kaber image
Sobhy Kaber
Egyptian restaurant
Traditional Mediterranean meat feasts & sides in an elegant, spacious restaurant with outdoor seats.
$$ $$
4.30 (72.5K reviews)
Caru' cu bere image
Caru' cu bere
Architecturally notable Romanian restaurant with wood paneling, stained-glass windows & a patio.
$$ $$
4.40 (43.8K reviews)
TAN ZUO MA LI Kaohsiung Shidai Branch image
TAN ZUO MA LI Kaohsiung Shidai Branch
Barbecue restaurant
👍 Tan Zuo Ma Li is one of the most famous and popular Japanese style grill restaurants in southern Taiwan, counterpart of Umai in the middle of Taiwan. It’s really difficult to get a reservation, especially for holidays, so make sure to plan in advance. The decor is wide-spaced, luxurious and classy...
$$$ $
4.80 (40.1K reviews)
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad image
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
Barbecue restaurant
Upbeat gastropub with North Indian, Mediterranean & European food & sports screenings.
$$$ $
4.20 (34.9K reviews)
Tan Zuo Ma Li Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Flagship Restaurant image
Tan Zuo Ma Li Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Flagship Restaurant
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 Great service and friendly servers. Many sauce and powder (salt) options available. Nice interior design and free drink options. As you order your food, you can smell delicious wafts of roasting meat float over to your table. It’s a mouth-watering delicious smell. This review resulted in a nice free...
$$$ $
4.80 (33.8K reviews)
Graal Rubi image
Graal Rubi
$$$ $
4.10 (29.6K reviews)
Carneiro do Ordones image
Carneiro do Ordones
Lamb & picanha cuts of rump beef are cooked over charcoal at a large, bustling specialty restaurant.
$$ $$
4.60 (29.6K reviews)
Graal Três Garças image
Graal Três Garças
Buffet restaurant
😐 It is a good point on Dutra highway to stop and grab something to eat. Unfortunatelly it's quality is going down the hill and the prices are going uphill. I have just stopped there because I was stucked on traffic.
$$$ $
4.10 (28.4K reviews)
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | Gachibowli, Hyderabad image
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Barbecue restaurant
Mutton & lamb appear alongside rabbit & octopus on the BBQ at this relaxed yet bustling joint.
$$$ $
4.20 (28.1K reviews)
Fogo de Chão image
Fogo de Chão
Barbecue restaurant
Upscale Brazilian chain for all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside plus an extensive salad bar.
4.70 (27.7K reviews)
Barbacoa Santiago image
Barbacoa Santiago
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 Still as good as always!! We really enjoy stoping here for a meal. Ordering a quesadilla is a must! We also really liked the Aguas frescas.
$$ $$
4.40 (27.7K reviews)
Shawarma House image
Shawarma House
Takeout restaurant
Unfussy outpost serving Middle Eastern bites such as shawarma, falafel & grill plates, plus burgers.
$$ $$
4.30 (26.5K reviews)
Palmshore Restaurant Ramapuram image
Palmshore Restaurant Ramapuram
Arab restaurant
👍👍 Extraordinary place for non vegetarians in specific.. the meat was fresh and well cooked.. my favourite here is their chicken tandoori and the dragon chicken! Do try their coconut pudding.. Excellent service, especially Gaurav and Appam while serving were very polite and calm! Great experience and s...
$$$ $
4.50 (26.3K reviews)
Big Pitcher - Indiranagar image
Big Pitcher - Indiranagar
Cool, sizable hangout for bar bites and house-brewed beers, plus pub quizzes and stand-up comedy.
$$$ $
4.30 (26.3K reviews)
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | Marathahalli, Bangalore image
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | Marathahalli, Bangalore
Barbecue restaurant
👍 The ambience is good. Going in a large group is preferable here as you can explore many food items and enjoy the experience. Many items are available for starters. Starters will be served right on the table. There is a live counter to try out different types of exotic meat. Main course is average. I...
$$$ $
4.20 (26K reviews)
Flechazo Madhapur image
Flechazo Madhapur
Buffet restaurant
👍👍 Almost i have visited more than 5 times this place, every time i like the food here. If you are looking for buffet menu with good taste then this place is perfect. you will love all the stater items here. almost around more than 10 variety of starters you will get here. if you are non veg lover the...
$$ $$
4.00 (26K reviews)
The Black Pearl Marathahalli image
The Black Pearl Marathahalli
Buffet restaurant
👍 Went into this restaurant for the first time. I liked the theme very much. It reminds us of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Food is fine when it comes to content, not to say awesome. The starter here is good. Drinks we get alcohol and non-alcohol, you like it better. Vegetarian food is also good...
$$$ $
4.10 (25.5K reviews)
Fogo de Chão Moema image
Fogo de Chão Moema
Barbecue restaurant
Upscale Brazilian chain for all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside plus an extensive salad bar.
4.80 (25.2K reviews)
Barbecue restaurant
😠 The food was good and the service was great. But I am giving a single star review because of an incident. I witnessed the person who was moping the floors stick his hand into the ingredients containers and eat the food. With the other hand he was still holding the mop which he was holding just a few...
$$ $$
4.20 (24.7K reviews)
Fogo de Chão Jardins image
Fogo de Chão Jardins
Barbecue restaurant
Upscale Brazilian chain for all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside plus an extensive salad bar.
4.80 (23.9K reviews)
EAT N PLAY image
👍👍 Very nice place in Rajamundry to enjoy, play, party and eat. So many good place to play different type of games and good food joints to enjoy variety of food. Robo Restaurant is one of its kind of restaurant where robots serve the food to your table. Amazing experience. Must visit.
$$ $$
4.30 (23.6K reviews)
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | T. Nagar, Chennai image
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | T. Nagar, Chennai
Barbecue restaurant
Stylish, energetic restaurant specialising in customized vegetarian & meat BBQ grills.
$$$ $
4.20 (23.6K reviews)
Bar BQ Tonight Clifton image
Bar BQ Tonight Clifton
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 Lovely place, the food was finger leaking good! The view from the top is absolutely beautiful, the place is so busy but uou still get your order in under 15 minutes! Highly recommended!!
$$ $$
4.30 (23.3K reviews)
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | BTM Layout, Bangalore image
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | BTM Layout, Bangalore
Barbecue restaurant
A huge round grill is used to prepare your selection of dishes at this restaurant for Indian grub.
$$$ $
4.30 (23.1K reviews)
Shawarma House image
Shawarma House
Takeout restaurant
👍 the breakfast platter as we saw in a friends post looked very tempting to us so one Friday morning we went to have the breakfast there. The breakfast quantity was enough for 3-4 people. We ordered there Falafel platter as well so all this was fulfilling for a family of 5.
$$ $$
4.30 (22.7K reviews)
Al-DAAZ image
Spacious & well-lit restaurant with a low-key ambience offering a multicuisine menu.
$ $$$
4.10 (22.1K reviews)
Mian Jee Restaurant image
Mian Jee Restaurant
Toll road rest stop
👍 A stop over for passengers, cars, buses and all vehicles travelling from Lahore to Islamabad , Peshawar and all the itte the other stations on the M1 and M2 Motorways. It boosts of a few restaurants, tea stalls, BBQ grills, mosques, petrol stations, sitting terraces to the comfort of the travellers....
$$$ $
4.10 (21.5K reviews)
Barbeque Nation- Park Street, Kolkata image
Barbeque Nation- Park Street, Kolkata
Barbecue restaurant
Each table has a grill for customers to create their own barbecued international cuisine.
$$$ $
4.50 (21.4K reviews)
Coal Barbecues image
Coal Barbecues
Barbecue restaurant
Meats, fish & veggies are cooked on tabletop grills at this lively, family-friendly BBQ restaurant.
$$ $$
4.20 (21.3K reviews)
Fogo de Chão Vila Olímpia image
Fogo de Chão Vila Olímpia
Barbecue restaurant
Upscale Brazilian chain for all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside plus an extensive salad bar.
4.80 (20.9K reviews)
Barbeque Nation image
Barbeque Nation
Barbecue restaurant
Tableside cooking & buffet specials are prepared at this popular national chain barbeque venue.
$$$ $
4.20 (20K reviews)
Palmshore Restaurant Ashok Nagar image
Palmshore Restaurant Ashok Nagar
Outlet for small Arabian, Indian & Chinese barbecue restaurant chain known for its grills.
$$ $$
4.60 (19.8K reviews)
The Black Pearl Koramangala image
The Black Pearl Koramangala
Barbecue restaurant
Themed bar & global eatery offering diverse dishes & a buffet amid pirate decor & nautical accents.
$$$ $
3.90 (19.8K reviews)
Empire Restaurant - Arekere image
Empire Restaurant - Arekere
Fine dining restaurant
😐 It was actually disappointing experience. As we entered the restaurant there was a damp smell of the cleaning cloth used for cleaning tables, lost half appetite. And then there were flies around the restaurant. We ordered starters and main course and told them specifically that get the starters firs...
$$ $$
4.20 (19.6K reviews)
Sal e Brasa Recife image
Sal e Brasa Recife
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 Top show
$$ $$
4.50 (19.5K reviews)
La Cabrera steakhouse/parilla image
La Cabrera steakhouse/parilla
Barbecue restaurant
Easygoing Argentinian restaurant specializing in grilled meats, with wood-lined decor & a terrace.
$$$ $
4.40 (19.1K reviews)
El Español image
El Español
Spanish restaurant
Late-night outpost providing steaks, seafood & classic Spanish meals in an informal dining room.
$$ $$
4.30 (18.5K reviews)
Barbeque Nation - JP Nagar image
Barbeque Nation - JP Nagar
Barbecue restaurant
😐 Everything was good, The food was tasty but according to me they need to gear up with the starters. Desserts were very tasty. The staff members were helpful, they were frequently asking for whatever changes we want to make in the dishes ( we asked for some changes and they worked on it and provide u...
$$$ $
4.20 (18.5K reviews)
Pod Wawelem Kompania Kuflowa image
Pod Wawelem Kompania Kuflowa
Polish restaurant
Child-friendly venue with a softplay family room, a garden with castle views & menu of local dishes.
$$ $$
4.30 (18.2K reviews)
Palmshore Restaurant image
Palmshore Restaurant
Middle Eastern restaurant
👍👍 Perfectionist Palmshore, A table for 4 and it was all awesome overall. Customer service at top notch with staff care for you from entry to exit. Hotel ambiance maintained well, both ground and first dinning hall is well maintained. Caring staff and reasonable price. Starters had a mutton soup, an o...
$$ $$
4.60 (17.7K reviews)
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | Velachery, Chennai image
AB's - Absolute Barbecues | Velachery, Chennai
Barbecue restaurant
Chain restaurant known for its grilled food which draws influences from international cuisines.
$$$ $
4.20 (17.2K reviews)
Barbeque Nation - Banjara Hills image
Barbeque Nation - Banjara Hills
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 (Genuine review)Barbecue nation is best for family gatherings.. The service done by people who work there is something appreciated.. They serve you with smile despite heavy orders .. Loved it ! Reviewing genuinely .. we are from chennai came there in vacation. Loved the food 😋, Nice experience.. so...
$$$ $
4.20 (17K reviews)
Restaurante Três Pinheiros image
Restaurante Três Pinheiros
😐 Very nice restaurant & good foods but price high.
$$$ $
4.10 (16.9K reviews)
Barbeque Nation- Southern Park Mall, Saket image
Barbeque Nation- Southern Park Mall, Saket
Barbecue restaurant
👍 Barbeque Nation feels high fi 😂😂, yeah it is.. I went to BBQ Saket twice, The first experience was awesome but the second time ok ok bcz they didn't add mojito drink when we asked they said it is not in combo you have to purchase separately. Here is a detailed review In total we had 2 hours to fin...
$$$ $
4.30 (16.3K reviews)
Terry Black's Barbecue image
Terry Black's Barbecue
Barbecue restaurant
Spacious, casual stop for pit-smoked meats & housemade sides from famous 4th-generation pitmasters.
$$ $$
4.70 (16.3K reviews)
AL-BEK image
👍 Have been here many a times. A very beautiful place with attractive interior's. And to be honest, I totally love this place. The foods are just mind-blowing and of course value for money. A very cost effective place. Would surely recommend this place.
$$ $$
4.00 (16.3K reviews)
Harbiye Falls image
Harbiye Falls
Open air museum
👍👍 Nature is spectacular and the water is soo refreshing. The place is nice, my experience with the restaurants there was not good at all, but the place is amazing
4.20 (16.2K reviews)
Bahama Breeze image
Bahama Breeze
Caribbean restaurant
Laid-back chain eatery featuring Caribbean entrees & tropical cocktails amid beachy decor.
$$ $$
4.50 (16.1K reviews)
Tan Zuo Ma Li Tainan Zhonghua Branch image
Tan Zuo Ma Li Tainan Zhonghua Branch
Yakiniku restaurant
👍👍 Many dishes you can choose and aside from barbeque, you can enjoy also sushi and other side dishes you prefer to eat. Fresh meat, and delicious food, surely will come to eat again here. They have a great service, you can order food on their tab phone provided by the restaurant. I like the atmosphere...
$$$ $
4.70 (16.1K reviews)
Laojing Gokujo Yakiniku Chongde Branch image
Laojing Gokujo Yakiniku Chongde Branch
Yakiniku restaurant
Minimalist restaurant featuring Japanese-style grilled meats & seafood, plus hot pots & sushi.
$$$ $
4.80 (16.1K reviews)

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