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Negro El 11 - Fast Grill image
Negro El 11 - Fast Grill
😠 Comida vergonzosa, como haber tirado en el cesto de la basura $4.500 más $400 de estacionamiento. Ordenado 4 lomitos de chivito uruguayo, carne dura, quemada y sin sabor, la guarnición de papas fritas seguramente eran recalentadas del día anterior. Devueltos los 4 sándwichs que nos cambiaron por 4 p...
1.50 (239 reviews)
Red Grill Stuttgart image
Red Grill Stuttgart
😠 Wir haben vor dem Musical Aladin das spezielle Angebot 3 - Gang Menü für 29 Euro gebucht. Das war ein absoluter Reinfall... Suppe wurde kalt gebracht und war sehr fad und geschmacklos.. Der Lachs war zwar heiss aber der Rest wie das Gemüse und Kartoffelstampf war schon kalt als das Essen nach langer...
1.90 (201 reviews)
Grill House Étterem image
Grill House Étterem
😠 HORRIBLE place, a SCAM. The seafood salad was just DISGUSTING, the drink was oversweetened. Even the bread was bad. Absolutely nothing tasted good. And when I was paying with my bank card they charged me twice as much, coz as they explained: "in our menu we put two prices: one for when you pay with...
2.20 (527 reviews)
Alsandebad Grill Stuttgart image
Alsandebad Grill Stuttgart
Turkish restaurant
😠 Never ever again!!! The person i talked on the phone has cursed me even though my order has delayed 1 hour approximately. Extremely unprofeesional staff. dont order anything from here.
$ $$$
2.20 (210 reviews)
Grill Cafeen image
Grill Cafeen
😠 Wenig einladend, Müll und Zigarettenkippen vor der Haustür. Aus der Monopolstellung könnte man so viel mehr machen. Pommes waren okay. Beim Bezahlen war kein Wechselgeld da, so kann man auch zu Trinkgeld kommen.
2.30 (153 reviews)
Λάδι & Ρίγανη image
Λάδι & Ρίγανη
Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
2.30 (148 reviews)
Mesón La Cueva de Juan Pedro image
Mesón La Cueva de Juan Pedro
Bar & grill
$$ $$
2.40 (599 reviews)
Chicken N Bull image
Chicken N Bull
Fried chicken takeaway
😠 I saw a review that explains exactly what happened to me. Seems like it is an usual thing at this place: "More than an hour later, still haven't received my order. Not even greeted on the phone when i call, and got yelled at for being 'impatient' by an employee instead of him providing help. He was...
2.40 (172 reviews)
Restaurant image
Fast food restaurant
Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads, with health-conscious options.
2.50 (132 reviews)
Şadırvan Et Mangal image
Şadırvan Et Mangal
😠 Hesap 190 tl :D 2 kisilik ayarlayalim deyip menu gostermeyip onune 2 kola bir karisik izgara bir salata bir kase yogurt (Hic bir sekilde gitmeyin 1 yildiz bile fazla izgara guzel bile degildi verilen para ile 4 kilo et alinip izgara yapar yenir veya adam akilli bir yere gidilip hem guzel yemekler he...
$$ $$
2.60 (402 reviews)
Çavuş Ocakbaşı image
Çavuş Ocakbaşı
😐 Amazing place, yet we have been charged way too much just because we were tourists. Check the prices in advance
2.60 (362 reviews)
Pizzeria Presto Sinn image
Pizzeria Presto Sinn
Takeout restaurant
$ $$$
2.60 (267 reviews)
Kaivohuone image
Night club
😠 Nice night club, cheap greedy management. When already in was approached by bouncer requiring to check in my jacket (3EUR). I'm fine, thank you. No, it's a rule, everybody has to pay. So I found a guy that would put it in his backpack he was checking in. Was approached again: where is your jacket? I...
$$$ $
2.60 (248 reviews)
Ankara Villa Hostel image
Ankara Villa Hostel
😠 Tavsiye etmiyorum. Jandarma asb sınavı için gittim. 2 günde olsa dayanırım ne olacak dedim ama dayanamadım 1 saat içinde ayrıldım pansiyondan. Tozdan nefes alınmıyor odanın küçüklüğü insanı boğuyor sadece yatak var. Yemek yemek için bile bi alan yok yatakta yemek zorundasın. Her şeyi geçtim en azınd...
2.60 (179 reviews)
Grilli Ilmarisenkatu image
Grilli Ilmarisenkatu
😠 Tosi suuri pettymys.Tilasin makkaraperunat kaikilla mausteilla. Rasiassa oli vain ketsuppia. Hampurilainen oli lämmitetty mikrossa, oli kuiva ja mauton. Palvelu oli huonoa ja laiskaa. En suosittele. Jos olisin tajunnut lukea arviot en olisi tilannut sieltä ruokaa.
2.60 (143 reviews)
Fuego Adventure Grill image
Fuego Adventure Grill
😠 Horrible service. Took them 90 minutes to get the food, where we had 5 small kids at the table. Were not even sorry. Food was less than OK. Burger was horrible. Unsure what type of meat they were using. Fries were horrible. Price is way too high for the food and service. Even the manager was not he...
2.60 (97 reviews)
Traditional Grill Berat image
Traditional Grill Berat
😠 Liars. Stay away! Don't go there even if it's the last place open in the whole city!
2.60 (66 reviews)
Parrilla "el pileton " image
Parrilla "el pileton "
😠 Cero recomendable este lugar. Tuvimos muy mala experiencia, desde el trato del personal que nos atendieron muy mal haciéndonos pasar un mal momento en familia, la parrilla era solo grasa y carné en mal estado. No había ningún tipo de variedad, de achuras solo había tripa gorda.. sinceramente una bu...
2.60 (59 reviews)
Light-filled bistro offering hearty pub fare & spirits, plus outdoor seats with scenic views.
2.70 (324 reviews)
Memphis - Restaurant Diner image
Memphis - Restaurant Diner
American restaurant
Hearty burgers, ribs & steak in a casual American-inspired diner that serves cocktails.
$$ $$
2.70 (242 reviews)
Lou Cigalou image
Lou Cigalou
👍👍 Au détour de notre visite du village, nous nous sommes arrêtés prendre un rafraîchissement, le jeune homme du bar, sympa(contrairement à bcp d'autres avis !) , Nous à même proposé de l'eau pour Scooby (chien), et du coup sommes restés pour manger, et là rien à redire plat excellent pour le prix, une...
2.70 (160 reviews)
SidrAstur image
😠 Never been in such an unprofessional restaurant. Food was very poor And the staff well. The guy that looked like he was the head man brash and very rude. The waiting staff trying to clear the table before everyone had finished eating. Myself I had Beef kebab well more like chewing a boot. And then...
2.70 (117 reviews)
Chick-O-Land image
Fried chicken takeaway
👍👍 Food arrived quickly, was hot and sorted my slightly specific order requirement no problem. Chicken wings were forgotten but rang up, really polite and sent them straight out, arrived 10 minutes later with a few extra in the box. Seem to get a bad rep lately but I've been going for around 20 years n...
2.70 (113 reviews)
Star Pizza & Kebab image
Star Pizza & Kebab
😠 This restaurant is completely horrible, DO NOT order from here, I purchased their chicken fillet burger and it came with mould on it - customer service was disgusting. After simply requesting a refund, they continuously called me a liar, even after sending evidence of the burger, hung up the phone,...
$ $$$
2.70 (96 reviews)
Sydney's Grill image
Sydney's Grill
Zoo eatery offering a variety of casual grilled eats, ice cream & snacks, plus shaded patio seating.
2.70 (52 reviews)
Courtepaille image
French steakhouse restaurant
😠 PITIFUL A dismissal would be deserved! 1 star because it's impossible to give you 0. Beyond bad food (risk of getting sick with the quality of the meat) and above all DEplorable hygiene!!! (All the food is touched with the hands, the aromatic herbs are taken from the bowl with the fingers then scatt...
$$ $$
2.80 (219 reviews)
Anatolie Shoarma Grill Restaurant image
Anatolie Shoarma Grill Restaurant
Turkish restaurant
😠 don't order here if you're hungry and want to eat good food 😡
2.80 (139 reviews)
Le Baracuda image
Le Baracuda
😠 Je donne une étoile juste pour laisser un avis Personnel non souriant et ni accueillant, pas un boujour. nous avons fait une commande pour 3 personne 2 coca et un jus de fruit. Nous avons demandé un verre d'eau en plus qui nous a été refusé la réponse : non difinif, pour le verre d'eau acheté une bo...
2.80 (132 reviews)
Pizzeria Mama Mia image
Pizzeria Mama Mia
Pizza restaurant
😠 Around 1:30 a hamburger dish (a hamburger with some fries and a salad) and a portion of hot wings ordered via home delivery, sounds pretty simple right? uhhhh wrong.. Initially, the app indicated that this would take 39min, Great, it is busy with the Vasteloavend. But after this the app said it...
2.80 (132 reviews)

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